I E-mailed an Employment Discrimination Attorney Today

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    It really hit the fan guys. I was ambushed by my supervisor and the CFO last Friday. I was led to believe that I was going to attend a meeting about my telecommuting. It wasn't. I was presented with a memo, charging me with insubordiantion!!!! One of the things my supervisor cited against me was that I asserted my rights under the ADA.

    The CFO fell for my supervisor's lies hook, line, and sinker. My supervisor had been e-mailing the CFO about me for months. I kept documentation as well, but I never thought to go the CFO because our issues were personal, not professional.

    I e-mailed an employment discrimination attorney because this is clear-cut discrimination. The company doesn't even have any written Human Resources policies or an Employee Handbook. How can you accuse me of a charge when you don't even have written rules that define insubordiantion or state how an employee is to be discplined for the infraction? I was never even allowed to defend myself. Don't worry. I have documentation that I will present with my response. We'll see what happens when they receive my response. I also will not have another conversation with them without having some kind of representative present.

    Anyway, things are not all bad. I called my old News Director and asked him about an open producer job. I hope he will call me back soon. He's a good guy. He knows me and knows I'm good at what I do. I also got to telecommute yesterday (It was WONDERFUL!!!!) and my supervisor is off on Wednesdays. I have two days a week that I don't have to be bothered with her. Thank God for that!!!!!

    I just wanted to let you guys know what was going on. I hope everyone else is doing okay.

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    Then I would be getting paid a lot more than the minor ducets I'm making now!!!!! :)
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    Trials and Tribulations or Passions and Pains.

    I've always been a fan of alliteration!!!
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    The attorney I e-mailed no longer takes employment discrimination cases, but she did refer me to the Florida Bar's Referral Service. I called them today, and I immediately called the attorney they suggested.

    The attorney basically told me that I should file an EEO complaint and write a response to the discplinary action. She told me that I do have a couple of things that EEOC should take a look at, including a Whistleblower case (which I didn't even think about).

    She basically said that how I handle this situation pretty much depends on the result I want. If I accuse my supervisor of any wrongdoing, it would make things more confrontational. The lawyer said that winning ADA cases are extremely difficult because the determination of a reasonable accommodation is subjective.

    I hope to be long gone from this job in the next month. I can hold off, but not too long, on writing my response until right before I leave. I'm not filing an EEO complaint. I've gone through those before. They are less than fun, and it's not worth it to me on this job.

    You have to pick and choose your battles, and in this instance, filing an EEO complaint isn't a battle I want to fight. Why do that when I have no desire to stay there? It would be a waste of my precious time and energy.
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    I get what you're saying, but the only way I could be brought up on slander or libel charges was if I named the company and/or if I named the individuals involved. They would also have to prove that I intentionally set out to ruin their and the company's reputation. Believe me, as a journalist, you learn what lines not to cross. You're taught about slander/libel in Media Law classes in collge. It's drilled in to you. I am still entitled to speak my mind, unless the First Amendment is repealed.

    The purpose of this board is for people to express what they're going through and get advice on how to handle the situation. Many people on this board have been through what I'm going through. Had I not posted my situation, I would not have gotten a lot of great advice and support.