i experienced a new "symptom" and wonder..

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    if anyone else has had this problem. Ok, some of you may or may not know what i've been diagnosed with - FM, acid reflux, and that's all i know for sure at this point. Anyway, i woke up this morning with the feeling of having to urinate (as usual) and when I tried to go, it hurt kinda bad and wouldn't come out. I sat there a while kind of freaking out about it, and eventually I was finally able to urinate, though only a small amount at a time. Then for the rest of the day, the urge to urinate would come on so suddenly, and then I would barely make it to the bathroom-having a hard time holding it till i got there! This is so strange for me. I normally urinate a lot throughout each day (i drink a lot of water and tea), but have never had this kind of problem. If it keeps doing it, i guess i'll have to go back to the doctor, I just saw him the other day for a med check. So, anyone have this problem, know what it is, and know what to do about it? Oh yeah, this week I've also had a wicked pain flare, mostly in my elbows, arms, and hands, and today my hands started feeling numb at times. I've experienced this before I was diagnosed with FM, and am scheduling a massage with my awesome massage therapist as soon as he can get me in. I'm way overdue for one, so I'm wondering if that's why my arms are flaring. Any help with the urine problem is greatly appreciated from anyone.
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    a urinary tract infection.....cranberry juice (without sugar, corn syrup, etc) is the best thing for it....a recent study actually showed that ti works better than the meds traditionally prescribed for these....you can also get cranberry supplements, but i would probably go with the juice so you can be sure you a re getting a good amt......if this doesn't help after a couple of days, though, I would still go to the Dr, bc it can progress to a kidney infection and that's a lot worse.....if you get low back pain and a fever, that's also a sign you should get to the Dr....otherwise, I'd try the cranberry juice first
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    I had the same feelings....like I would have to go but nothing much came out. Then I'd have times when the urge to pee would hit me SO FAST.....I actually did pee my pants a few times! It finally went away....but once in a while I still have it happen, but nothing like when I was freshly diagnosed!! It is CRAZY!!! Are you having any lower back pain with it? That might be UTI/kidney infection......but if you get it tested and it comes back normal.........it's just another one of the MANY crazy fibro symptoms.

    I was still working when it was 1st happening to me.....doing home health care.......there were a few times I had to call my client and explain that I was running late, when actually I had to run home and change my pants!!! It really sucked!

    Good luck, check on the urinalysis, but it may just be FMS!! Sorry to say!
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    i will try the juice. i haven't had any lower back pain, but sometimes i get a constant dull cramp in my lower abdomen. i don't know if this is in my bowel area or bladder area. but i will try the juice and go to see my doc if it doesn't get better. it's the craziest thing i've ever experienced! all these stupid things! just when you think you know all the parts of your body that this FM is affecting, something new comes along.
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    I wasn't having lower back pain either, I did go get a urinalysis though, and it came back normal. So I just chalked it up to another crazy symptom!

    I hope the juice helps......just don't be too alarmed......if the juice won't help then get the urinalysis, and like I said if that's normal, then it's just another crazy symptom too add to the list, unfortunatly!! Ho-Hum..

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    I certainly wouldn't diagnose you, but you may have a urinary tract infection. The inability to go with the feeling of needing to, the pain and also the not being able to control it suddenly is pretty normal when having a UTI.

    You should drink lots of water. LOTS. It helps flush things out. (they actually say several gallons in the first 24 hrs of the onset of symptoms)

    Empty your bladder completely.

    Drink Cranberry juice if you have it, if not orange juice, they both make your urine more acidic and help kill off bacteria and relieve symptoms.
    Cranberry pills as mentioned above as well.

    Avoid alcohol, caffeinated and carbonated drinks.

    You may find a bath soothing, but no bubble baths or bath oils.

    If it really hurts when you go, you can pour warm water over yourself and it will take away some over the burning sensation.

    Avoid sex.

    Colloidal silver is actually a natural antibiotic. ( I have no idea if anyone actually has that around the house...I don't)

    If you continue to feel this way or get a fever, severe pain up in your kidney area, call your dr. right away.

    To me this doesn't sound like part of a flare. Many people do have cystitis however (UTI's) that have FM.
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    Hi! Sorry you are experiencing this. It seems to never end! Just wanted to mention this. Im not in the medical field at all but sometimes I do feel I know more than some Drs. do because Ive been living with this for over 14 years. If you are still experiencing this symptom you might want to go to your primary care Dr. and have them do a urine test to see if you have a bladder infection or UTI. If you come back negative then you might want to research Interstitial Cystitis. I have this and it is very common for FM sufferers to have this as well. I didnt have a bladder/UT infection but my test came back positive for blood in my urine and I entered the world of IC and believe me it isnt any fun. Look it up and see if you have some of the symptoms and discuss it with your Dr. I hope that this isnt the case and that you do have an infection which can be cleared up with antibiotics. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope you get relief soon. Peace, Susan