I f you need xtra cash/no scam/honest

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  1. kerrymygirl

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    If you need a couple extra bucks. Check out consumer research products. Companies like Kraft,P&G,clothing all kinds pay people to give your opinion on their new products they are testing. Pay can range from about $25.00 up for an hr. or less. Will not make you Bill Gates but may help some of you for a few extra $$$. We had 1 here lately pd. about $100. for an hr. They are sort of fun at times. I even put my mouth under attack this last time it was citric and I do not do citric. Girl who was next to me had fm. She needed someone to help her so I was able to do that too. I do not know about some of you but where ever I can get out I meet someone who has dd or knows someone who doe`s. Wake up Doc`s!!! By the way usually pay cash in blank envelope.

    Good Luck and Huggss to all, we need them & Give yourself a pat on the back while your at it anyone who lives this way and survives each day should.

    Bet you thought it was a MlM, I just go & test when I can.
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    polls for products? THAT I could do!
    Hugs, Bambi
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    loook up craigslist online it is not a com it is an organization i hope that this helps, you click on your city, and you go to et cetera jobs and sometimes they have market research stuff and clinical trials and stuff . . .

    I am good at finding this stuff . . .

    I also look at local college newspapers online also . . .

    love you all to the bottom of my irregular heart!
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    Alot of times it is under marketing in yellow pages. You have to call and ask if they do research I went through everyone in book. Also there are mystery shopping which you evaluate a store. Only problem is you have to have a good memory hmmmm.

    Bigger cities pay even better fl. they can get away with low pay for everything. Atlanta does alot and pays well.
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  5. Antenbunny

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    I went to craigslist and couldn't find any info. I also went to Kraft. Any other suggestions?
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    As I mentioned it may be under market co. or consumer research. These co. hire a outside agency to bring in people to test new products of all sorts. You can not contact the main co. because they hide usually behind a window and watch you but you do not always know who you are testing for. I just did a taste test. I also was given hair sprays to test for 2 wks. I did one for a frozen veg. co. they would not let you know who it was, we asked. They call you ahead of time once you find a co. and pre qualify you. Then if you do the marketing research co. will tell you when to come in and test. I will look in my new phone book and see what the consumer research co. I go to is listed under if you need more help, let me know.
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    You can also check the yellow pages and newspapers for Market Research Companies. If the newspaper ads are alphabetized you can also look under the Ps for Part Time. Just sift those carefully and don't get caught in a multi-level-scam.

  8. kerrymygirl

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    Bumping for people who need some extra cash for meds or whatever. It is sooo easy and usually no more than 1 hr.

    Take Care!
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    Is the testing done at home with products they send you or do you go someplace to test things?
    thanks in advance
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    As I mentioned I did 1 on hairspray. I took that home and then came in & returned results. Usually the Co. sponsering sits behind a glass and watches your reactons to product. Almost every product is tested 1st by consumer before put on market so it can be just about anything. Alot are on food taste tests. Doe`s not take long normally and pay can be decent in cash. Just need to do a little homework to find in your area.( Refer above.) You should not have to pay to do this just sign up. All they normally want is your name and do need a phone for them to call you when studies come in. Can be fun. I did 1 on computers yrs. ago and was totally comp. illiterate, still am. Pay was great. Clothing 1`s are fun too. Did 1 on shell to see if they should keep their logo, noticed they kept it. You are apart of whether a product makes it or not, cool.