i fainted while out today.reply for skeesix

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  1. pinkquartz

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    i know i am feeling under a lot of stress but was still shocked today when i fainted while out shopping with my helper.
    as i also had pain in left arm and chest i had to call out my doctor when i got home.
    [my doctor shares their practise with her husband, in case anyone wonders why doc has changed gender].
    He came out and was mostly reassuring, the arm pain is a trapped nerve, the chest pain is that thing with inflammation between the ribs [ can't remember what its called].
    the fainting was caused by my high BP doing a sudden drop in BP. He did explain it all to me , but i can't remember anything he said in medical terms.

    i don't have the wired feeling......i know i do feel overwhelmed...i do have a lot of different problems like being in debt and needing to move, needing a new mattress and wheelchair etc etc.
    i spend everything i can on treatments and tests not covered by NHS.

    Howver i am woken up by noisey shouting, screaming children every day and that has become a real issue for me.
    Mainly though I can't cope with my friend who had the stroke being here in this tiny flat with me all the time.
    nd i feel guilty for feeling this way.
    I have asked him to look for a room.....but i know he wants to say here with me and i don't have the energy to search for a place big enough for us both , which might be a solution.
    Though i'm not sure because there is so much old history between us.....we did well as friends when he lived in the city and came and stayed for weekends.
    This much i can't handle. Even though in another way i am glad not to be alone.
    this is all going round and round in me all the time.
    i feel totally bewildered.
    I seem to be so over sensitive ....or is he being selfish....
    i am just pouring this out...got no one to talk to just now...can't phone anyone got no privacy to make a call


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  2. shazz

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    The living arrangements can drive you nuts and cause you stress like you would not believe.
    Personally, I think this is too much stress for you.
    We all need our space, but yet we don't want to be totally alone either all the time.
    Search your heart, then search your brain for an answer.
    I often react instead of act. I now it's hard to think straight alot of the times, but you are going to have to get some quiet time to decide. If you are like me the guilt will be terrible if you tell your roomie to move, but sometimes things just have to get hashed out and you will feel better afterwards. I avoid confrontations at all costs which is sometimes detrimental to my well being.
    Maybe the two of you can come up with a solution that is best for both of you? Who knows, he may be feeling the same way you are.... You never know until you ask.
    Gonna go before I start rambling and get lost here on the original thought. I am glad healthwise it was nothing serious. I haven't out and out fainted but I have myself trained to know when I need to sit down before I do. I hope I never just faint dead to the floor, I am afraid I would break something good.

    Chin up,

  3. tansy

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    whether we are ill or not. Your accomodation is too small for you both and I'm sure that doesn't help. Living in a city means I'm bothered by noise too, so I know how you feel about being woken from what little sleep you do have.

    This is too much stress for a fit person let alone someone as ill as yourself. I do so hope you get it sorted soon.

    By the way have sent off for the saliva test kit, thanks for providing the source for that. I'm having my DHEA, cortisone and hormones checked, reactions to heat have brought to a head the problems in that area.

    The physical stress of dealing with the heat makes my blood pressure and sugar levels drop, all the water I drink at these times goes right through me just at the very time I need them. Sounds a lot like your fainting episode, more stress than your body can cope with.

    I know your friend feels he needs to be there but you need to take care of yourself, do what YOU need to do and don't feel guilty about any of the choices you make. In the end they will be the best ones for both of you.

    Take care now.



  4. teach6

    teach6 New Member

    Please read my post on orthostatic intolerance. It sounds like it may be what is causing your problems. The post is long so you may want to print it out so you can read it in parts.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  5. pinkquartz

    pinkquartz New Member

    I can tell you I was glad I was sat in my wheelchair and therefore did not break anything.

    I have spoken to the friend about how I need my space and he has responded by getting angry, behaving so I feel he feels rejected and then telling me i can f**** off and if he goes i will never see him again.

    This happened 2 days ago and i feel he knows that now he has had the stroke and a seizure that i cannot force him to leave.
    I feel really trapped.
    He is someone i do really care about , but like you guys say I need my space.

    I feel that this is stressing me out so much that its going to force something to happen.
    He says terrible things to me and afterwards denies saying them.
    I don't know if that is because of his stroke or what.
    But i know i feel that the impact on my health is getting serious.

    I am writing this only cos he is in bed......i can't believe this is me, doing this.....he would be very angry if he knew i was expressing how i feel.

    I wish i could remember just what the doc said, funny that Barbara has posted about orthostatic intolerance....thank you for pointing it out to me.
    I will have to ask my friend to print it out as i can't be anywhere near the printer cos of having quite severe chemical sensitivites.

    I can't seem to explain to him that me needing my space is not a rejection of him....there's no way i want to lose him as my best friend. I just need to be alone sometimes.

  6. pinkquartz

    pinkquartz New Member

    thanks for replying.
    i do in fact use earplugs.....i am very noise sensitve but then again the neighbours are very noisey and very close up......just a few feet away !

    i do try and negotiate some time and space but he is not the kind of personality to do this in a happy way most days.
    so i get upset and drained trying to impose some space for myself....however i will continue to do what i can and if we don't work something out soon then i hope i can be strong enough to make a tough choice. however i feel that we will be able to resolve this soon its just hard meanwhile.

    i am neither extrovert or introvert , i think . i like to be alone and i like to be with people.
    but my friend is in a very weird space after having a stroke and now a seizure and basically he is depressed and not really ok.........and for someone as sick as i am its a bit too intense.

    i can feel for you if you grew up without enough space, are you in a place that is good for you now ? i hope so.

  7. tansy

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    As kids we drove our parents crazy with our bickering and fighting. Neither of us was going to accept being the underdog.

    Then at 18 I left home to go to college, the cycle was broken and we get on so well now. We are each other's best friend and understand one another inside out.

    Can't manage a holiday physically or financially so going to stay with her for a few days whilst the rest of her family are away so the household is not too hectic for me.

    There'll be no explaining to do, Ill be allowed to cope with what I can when I can.

    She is one person I know I could live with and still cope with my DD. Sure it has a lot to do with the tussles we had in childhood too.


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