I feel absolutely drained

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    For the last few weeks I feel that my battery is flat. I have tried jump starting it with all sorts of potions but it refuses to jump into life. Everything is too much effort, even talking and eating is hard work! My body especially my arms feel like muscle ache, my hands and wrist ache just holding a book. My brain is so cloudy that I am making so many mistakes in this message that it's hurting my brain to put them right. Last night I was chairing at church and I was aware that my words didn't sound right and when I was singing the hymns I kept singing wrong words. Luckily I was up the front and only a few people could hear that I could'nt read very well. I am also dyslexic which I have worked very hard to overcome. (thanks to the computer with built in spell check) My cloudy brain is making me even more dyslexic! I am losing my confidence in public speaking which I normally enjoy. I find this being 100% knackered feeling very depressing I just want to close my eyes and drift away. I am very fortunate to have a wonderful husband and a lovely garden to sit and drift away in.
    A friend has just arrived so will close here. Sorry for any mistakes but haven't got the time to put them right.
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    Carole, sorry to hear you are feeling so drained. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I'll be thinking of ya'.

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    Sorry to hear you are not doing well. It is so hard to deal with at times,but you will get better.The roller coaster ride will soon stop and let you off for a little while and then we're back on.Good you have an understanding husband{that's half the battle}. I hope this does not offend you, me calling the symptyms we deal with daily a roller coaster ride.I have not found a better word yet.Hopefully you will be out of this slump soon and take it easy{do not over do it}.We have to listen to our bodies. I tend to over do myself when I am feeling better, it's like I got a bonus or something. Take care, enjoy your friends visit.

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