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    Just wanted to share with everyone that for the past 3 days I have felt so energetic and alive. I was getting so frustrated with being so sick everyday,it seemed like everthing was just getting worst and I was totally exhausted from trying everything from A to Z to get some relief from this DD-if thats what it really is. I started doing alot of reading on Candida (yeast overgrowth).I have seen it mentioned quite a few times here but never really thought much of it. The more I read about it,the more that I begin to realize that this was something to try and deal with. So 3 days ago I went and bought some grapefruit seed extract,it sounded very promising to help with this issue.
    I also purchased some flax oil(cold compressed) and began taking these two. I cut most of the things out of my diet that thrives on yeast,sugar being the most obvious one. The second day I felt like I had been reborn.Everything is gone,my nervous system feels like it is back to normal,my pain medication has started to work again,nothing was helping anymore so I figured that I must of hit bottom.The pain is still there,but not as bad.I feel happy,no I feel WONDERFUL!!!I hope and pray that this will keep going,because I am tired of the let downs myself. I am on cloud 9 and never want to come down!!!! Just wanted to share with everyone. Have a great night-I'll probably be out running a marathon or something-hehehahahehehehe
    YEAPY FOR ME!!!!!-Donna
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    That is so fantastic! I started the Curves diet 5 weeks ago (basically the same as Adkins-no sugar,white flour,etc.) and I feel much better. My hair is shiny, my skin looks younger,...! Two days ago, the pain came back in a milder form and I had to take a nap today for the first time in 5 weeks. BUT, I am still much improved!

    Yea for you!
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    I hope this is the answer for you. I can relate to the frustration. Im so happy to see someone finally who is HAPPY on this forum.

    Horray for you. Good luck.
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    Doesn't it feel great to feel GREAT??? :)

    Please forgive me, and I promise I am not trying to rain on your parade, but... you may experience "die-off" symptoms within a few days. Don't be alarmed by this and continue what you're doing! This is just the toxins and dead organisms being flushed from your system. When I was de-toxing from yeast, I felt very tired and kind of "punk" for a few days. I also had some rectal burning from the yeast being passed in my stool, and a few mild headaches.

    Keep at it! This too shall pass. :)