I feel like a Rubik's cube! "Fired" by my doctor!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Saoirse3, Sep 11, 2012.

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    In the continuing saga of trying to find a decent doctor in Alaska (which is somewhat like panning for gold in your bathtub), I went to a "new" doctor who had taken over the practice. I mentioned last week that said doctor was the one who said "Your time is up!" and walked out. Not before she decided to DOUBLE DOSE my blood pressure medicine! I was taking two meds for BP, Norvasc and Losartan. She also gave me Fentanyl patches. I couldn't handle the Fentanyl, made me way sick and I was swelling up. A little research and BINGO! Norvasc is NOT to be used with Fentanyl. Well, she decides to chuck the Norvasc (by this time I was off Fentanyl for a week) but give me a DOUBLE dose of Losartin. I took it Sunday and within an hour I thought I was going to die. The chest pain, dizziness, muscle aches, swelling and gasping for breath was a nightmare. Finally, I just passed out.

    I called Monday to make an appointment, but guess what. She TOO had left the practice! I was left with a doctor who was about the same age as Hippocrates who told me that he had "heard about me" and "did NOT want to be my doctor! Too many problems!" I said "Well, I didn't ASK for them! Nor did I ASK for you! My insurance wants me to have a PCP, but since you don't want that role, I will stay with my internal medicine specialist!" And he said the usual "Fibromyalgia. All in the head. You are NEVER going to be with pain. Learn to deal with it!" I was furious. The poor girl at the front desk said "When does he need to see you again?" I said I would see him "when hell froze over, I got pregnant with quintuplets, and was named Queen of Scotland! Let's see THAT happen when I'm 60!"

    So I guess I'm on my own with this DD! The diabetes, liver disease and spine issues I have covered. I KNOW there's an answer out there, there HAS to be. Mother of Pearl, we conquered polio! And a Scot NEVER gives up, NEVER surrenders! For anyone who wants to "borrow" it, I LOVE our clan motto. "I shine, not burn". Yes WE do! Each and every one of us!

    Soft hugs,
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    Oh Stacey, that is the worst story I have heard in a long time. I am so sorry. How extremely frustrating these doctors can be. Unbelievable! How rude! Why is he a doctor? I feel for any of his patients. The sick need to see doctors, not the easy, well people! Geesh! I do love that clan motto. Never heard it before. My father was half Scottish. Our last name was Campbell. I wonder what our clan moto is. LOL Seriously, hang in there. If you can survive that kind of doctoring, you can survive anything! Hugs, MicheleK
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    Your crest is a boar's head with the words "Ne Obliviscarus" or "Forget Not". I don't think you'll forget you have THIS DD! lol! Your clan and mine, in the long gone days of the Scottish clans, didn't get along AT ALL! LOL! When I went to Scotland, in fact, I thought it was hysterical that my family even refused to eat Campbell's soup! "It's SOUP, for Pete's sakes!" I got so many cold stares from my clan (MacKenzie) I thought they were going to throw me in the dungeon!

    Yes, I agree heartily that doctor's who can't accept the challenges of medicine shouldn't be practicing. This state is a hotbed for doctors who came here because of malpractice, last in their class, or looking for the "easy" patients. But every once in a great while, you find one who is at least willing to listen and actually DID go to a pretty good school. My internal medicine doc and my spine doc are two of those. At first my IM tried to impress me with his Tufts degree. I countered with my University of Kentucky degree in journalism and my certificate in Celtic Studies from NUI and said "So, which language should I write about you in - English or Gaelic?" And he just started laughing and laughing and said "Okay, you win this round!" He's my age and both of us were in the Viet Nam war, so we can swap stories. He's a good guy, so at least I have ONE! And my spine doc is a great guy too, he knows his stuff. So, I guess as long as I have them, I'll just carry on. After all, I AM a Highlander! lol!

    Soft hugs,
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    Our sagas go on. I haven't even found ONE doctor that I trust as yet. Are you seeing Dr. H. now for your spine. Don't know if you remember my mentioning that my daughter worked for him down here for a bunch of years.

    I am sorry that your other docs treated you in such a disrespectful way. It's inexcusable.

    I was just working on my genealogy and noticed what you said about your Scottish ancestry. I am Scoth-Irish and have traced my maternal grandfather's side to Donegal, Ireland. My maternal grandmother is a Burriss, from Scotland I think. GB66

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  6. MicheleK

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    Thank you very much for letting me know a little about my ancestors clan. That is too funny that your family wouldn't eat Campbell's soup. When I was young I absolutely hated having the name Campbell because all the boys would walk behind me singing the Campbell's soup song, only they put my name after the mmm...mmm. good. It was so embarrassing at that age. LOL

    Have you read Diana Gabaldon series?

    I never knew that Alaska was a hotbed for doctors who had gone through malpractice. Scary up there! (and cold) Hugs
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    I finally find a great pain doctor who believes in fibro and mps and is willing to treat me as long as I follow his rules, I did and things were great. Then some dip of a former patient decided that since she was in jail for stealing and adjusting her scripts so to say and the doctor {My great doctor} She said that he sexually assulted her and she got a couple of other former patients {all who were in jail for simialar crimes and all had been dismissed by said doctor .They all ganged up on him and he was charged with 8 counts of sexual assult four were felonies and the rest misttomeaners. My great pain doctor goes to court and is found guilty of one count of sexual harassment. He had a second trail and was found not guilty . He lost his medial license and I don't have a great doctor anymore.

    Now after 5 yrs he has appealed the court to get the mistomoner dismissed as it has been found that the whole thing was a set up for him becasue he dismissed them as patients. I Hope that the judge dismiss's all the charges and he can get his license back.
    Sadly I can't go to him as he is not on the medicare plan I am on. NOt one of teh apporved doctors. So I am stuck seeing a rehumy who really does not believe in fibro or any chronic pain disorders , he also hate's to prescribe narcoitic pain meds. He thinks I will have no more pain if I would just have both knee's replaced. Not going to happen , unless he is willing to pay for teh surgery, doctor, hospital, anestiest, ect. because I don't have the money to even have one knee replaced. And I am terrified that I will have a huge crash,flare from hade's and be up a creek with out a paddle.
    I am so sorry that your doctors have been so unethical in your treatment and just not treating you. . They should be reported to the AMA for the treatment you recieved. Also some one should give them a boot to the head for being so not informed and upto date on medical practice's. I hope that you can find a doctor soon who will give you the treatment you deserve and should get.
    Gentle Hugs.

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