I feel like a weight has been lifted off me.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by xxcazxx, Sep 19, 2003.

  1. xxcazxx

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    I feel like a weight has been lifted off me.
    I now know I do have Fm for sure and in some kind of strange way I feel better, I still suffer with all the pain, but knowing that I actually have Fm has given me some glimmer of hope my doctor can actually treat my symptoms. He has started me on a drug called Dothiepin, it’s a mild antidepressant, but the doc says it relieves pain. Now that a specialist has confirmed Fm at least my doc can have a go. This is the 2nd message I have posted on here and would like thank everyone who replied for making me welcome.

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    Hi Caz,
    I haven't had the chance to welcome you to the board so I will do that first. It is good to have you here.

    I have been sick since spring 2001 with CFIDS/FM symptoms and have not been diagnosed as yet. My GP does suspect FM but at the time I had the FM tenderpoints tested for I didn't have any. If I was to do it today I'm sure they would find them. My puppy finds them for me all the time as she & I play. Her little paws have a way of digging into them when she pushes on me. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

    My GP offered to give me an anti-depressant too. She said it would change my brain chemicals and help me to sleep which would also alleviate pain. I didn't sleep worth diddly last night and am very very sore and achy today.

    I keep trying natural rememdies but am running out of them. They work for me for short periods of time and then stop working. My hubby is buying me some valerian capsules today and will try those tonight.

    Glad you got a diagnosis. There is a lot to learn about the complexities of this illness so I hope you will make it your personal mission to read as much as possible about it. It lessens the frusteration when you understand things in a greater way is my experience.

    There are a lot of knowledgeable people here that will help you with any questions you may come up with. The articles here are very informative too.

    Because our systems seem to have a magnesium deficiency are you taking magnesium? It really helps with the pain too.

    Well, again I welcome you and look forward to seeing you around the board.

  3. achy

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    I had the same reaction. At least it was confirmation that something WAS wrong..a turning point....a place to begin.

    This is a great support group. I would be lost without it. If you evern need info about anything you can type it in the search box..soetimes it takes some digging, but i'm always amazed at the info.
    The coping corner has some really helpful articles on how to deal wiht this DD on a day-to-day basis. Eunices articles are great.

    Sorry you have a reason to come here, but glad you found us.
    Wishing yu a warm fuzzy hello
  4. xxcazxx

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    Ill keep in touch.
    The time difference is a bit of a pain as well, but ill try
  5. xxcazxx

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    Hi I’m from the Uk and I’m new to this web thing.
    I only got interested in it because I wanted to find out more about FM, I’ve printed loads of stuff of about it and its FM I think I have. As with most people with this condition I have had trouble with my doc actually finding anything wrong with me. He diagnosed me with arthritis Christmas last year after all the blood tests I’ve had it only showed up once and then he said it doesn’t mean I have it, and when the blood tests came back negative on previous occasions he said it doesn’t mean I do not have it (safe bet eh). I also have had a full body bone scan that did pick up activity in my neck but that is a touch of arthritis they said. Now my two sisters have complained about having the same symptoms for years as I have, one of them has a different doc to me and it was her who thinks my sis has FM. When my hubby looked it up on the web I couldn’t believe it and so I’m here. I get pain most days in different parts of my body some days it’s my hands and fingers, sometimes my toes, and legs, arms shoulders, neck etc. I get so tired sometimes well most of the time , just hanging out washing tiers me out for the rest of the day
    Tonight I was just sitting down and the pain in my toes just my right foot became very intense, this then moved down to my ankle and leg, extreme pain and then it eases off still pain mind you but not as bad. It’s like this most of the time sometimes-bad days sometimes good some days nothing at all. Last point and ill stop jabbering on i did suffer from suspected glandular fever when I was 20 I’m 39 now. Thanks for listening PS my hubby has typed this as I just talked because I didn’t know what to say and cant type that well he said just talk and say what you feel.

  6. Hinemoa

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    It's always good to get a dianosis. The docs can know what they're working toward...and...you feel validated, "WOW, I really am sick." Like that engraving on an old headstone, "See, I told you I was sick."

    I'm wondering if the medication you were prescribed is the same as our DOXEPIN it is frequently prescribed for CFS/ME patients.

    Whatever, we are glad you're here, don't worry about the time difference, we have people from other countries. Just post when you are awake and we'll find you.


  7. Madelyn

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    It's wonderful to find out what you have, because it's awful when you don't know what's wrong with you. It's a relief.
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    Hi Caz
    I know what you mean by feeling better my just having a label for all those nasty aches. I knew I had FM by just reading FM web sites and my docotor casually said she thought it might be FM. However it was well over a year later before a specialist officially diagnosed FM. I have had trouble with a painful body off and on for around 13 years but last year I was just one big pain.
    Your hubby sounds really caring and helpful. It makes such a difference when you have love and support. My hubby is a great help but he couldnt type for me.
    Welcome to this site.