i feel like chronic complainer- always feel like crap

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hayley8564, Feb 19, 2006.

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    does anyone here feel like nobody believe we have this much pain/fatigue all the time. I feel like all I do is complain and I am trying to break that habit. I wish more Dr's would recognise this condition and find a damn cure. It's no wander I am depressed- I'm fed up with all the discomfort associated with FM. Does anyone fear that they will get addicted to pain meds?? I do. I have to take everyday. Anyone tried Mobic or Celebrex? I have stomach trouble so many of these hurt my stomach. Just frustrated.Any help is appriciated.
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    We all are where you are. My poor husband is the one who hears it all. God is good. I have noone to talk to but my hubby and my sister who is now fighting crohns and having more problems than me. When someone asks how I am, I just say fine. It doesnt matter. They will never understand. Just be sure that you tell your drs how you really feel when you go. Fibro is a terrible disease to have because we look healthy. I will pray for you to find understanding. You know we are all here for you every day and night if you need to talk..I cant stay on for too long at a time but we are your friends and someone is always on. God bless

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    Hi, Yes, this is miserable, isn't it. I call it my misery factor. Just like a putting a number on how bad the pain is, I can number my misery. And yet I can't even totally describe what this miserable feeling is. I think "crap" fits pretty well.

    It is so much more than you just take a pain pill and be on your way. I lay in bed, heating pad on, curled up in fetal position, wrinkles in my brow, feeling so sick, and still I cannot describe it. I don't think flu describes it either.

    Once someone said to me, "I know what that fatigue is like. I rode 20 miles on a bike and then fell asleep on a dock." I kept my mouth shut. That certainly isn't the same.

    I wish I could tell you how to get over this. I try to rest a lot. All I can tell you is you are not alone and I wish someone would really come up with some better answers. Take care of yourself as much as you can, rest, watch tv, or ??? A hug to you. E.
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    I know how you feel. I don't worry about getting addicted to pain medicine because if I were not in pain I wouldn't need them. If I were healthy and no longer needed them, I'm am sure I could handle any withdraw from them. I know the depression can e so bad at times. Just know we are here for you!

    Take Care an I hope you are feeling better!
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    Seems (if I tell the truth) I never have much good to say~ About me that is.
    When people ask "how are you?' or "how have you been feeling?' I tell the truth, which is always this or that aches,hurts,etc.
    Then 2 seconds into the conversation I feel as tho I'm a whiner.
    so I just shut up,..I kinda catch myself and end the topic of health.

    Fibro does have a certain reputation as being a
    disease where nothings usually found,so she must be just faking her symptoms.

    as for fear of addiction~
    I still have'nt found a dr. to treat my pain.
    For me,..I fear having this pain everyday till I die.
    I'd risk the chance of addiction if I had it.
    If a pill could lessen my pain for 3 hrs a day,
    Hell yea! I'll take it!
    wether its addicting or not~
    I'm looking for some quality of life.

    Sorry for the slight rant.
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    That's what I tell my friends when they ask "how are you?" Every day is filled with an all over constant ache, but some days it's more severe and then I'm dizzy and uncoordinated, fogged and irritable.

    I wouldn't be concerned about addiction, if you need the medication and it helps, then you are not seeking it for the "high" you get from it. That's addiction. We become "dependent" on the med for comfort.

    Nothing really stops the pain, just dulls it until it's bearable. I take Darvocet and arthritis strength acetomeniphen as needed. Hope you find something that works for you.
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    But Hayley, that's why we all come here. We come to complain and commiserate with each other. We pick up tips about meds, doctors, and other things too.
    You are not a complainer - you are ill and we want to know when you are ill and when you feel good.
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    Hi Hayley,
    Yes, I feel badly most of the time, but I don't complain about it. The most I will say is for my son or husband to get me a pain pill. They know I keep them upstairs, here under my printer stand.

    Sometimes I'm in such pain, I can barely make it up here to get one myself.

    I just took a pain pill as it is coming around the sides of my trunk and up around my back.

    I'm on the combo pills of Arthrotec and that has helped me for about 9 years. If I forget to take it, I really know it. But even that, Prozac, Xanax, isn't enough at times.

    We have had a mild winter, but it has been a really hard one for me. About the most pain I've been in so far for years.

    I never have taken more pain pills than what the doc gives me and that is 4 a day. The most I have taken is 3 in one day.

    The Lortabs hurt my stomach for about 5 days or so, at first, and then they stopped and I can even take them on an empty stomach now and they don't bother me. Don't make me constipated either.

    That's okay, frustration is allowed. :):):)

    Hoping you will feel better. I use music to try to distract myself from the pain and FM.

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    And complaining, venting, getting it off the chest, etc. is supposed to be healthful.

    But friends and relations don't want to hear it, so we have to do it here, w/ a professional, at a 12 step meeting, etc. I've heard some say they write letters ranting and raving...then they tear them up.
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    Like the rest of us, I know exactly what your talking about. I was just thinking about it the other day. I know I complain alot and I'm pretty sure people get tired of hearing about it. I'm trying to make a concious effort to keep it to myself, but sometimes it's hard. I have a twin sister, she's really the only one who listens and understands even though she's got MS and is much worse off then I am. It helps to come here too and have support from people who are feeling the same way. I've tried Mobic and Celebrex as well as Daypro, and Lodine and so far none of them have made any kind of real difference. The only thing I'm really afraid that I could become dependant on is the sleep meds the doctors keep pushing on me. I try not to take them too often.