I feel like I have been beaten up this weekend

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    My Daughter, grandson 16 months old ,&SIL all stayed here for the weekend.
    My SIL had drill this weekend so they stay here with my hubby and I for the weekend.

    My grandson does not like to go to sleep and will fight it for a long long time. His mother has to hold him down so that he can't run and play.She will sing to him and pat his back but he does not want to relax and sleep. She made a BIG mistake when she let her hubby bring the baby in to their bed to sleep and now she can't get him to sleep with out a fight.

    so the little guy had a tough time I didn't hear him when he woke up at 2 am but my hubby did. He was running a fever and has done the whole weekend but it is only at night about 12 midnight or later. Duuring the day he is a grouch but will play and laugh with you.

    I baby sat him and picked him up after he got in to my knife drawer and he was kicking and screaming but I could not drag him away as it hurt worse than picking him up did.
    He is a big Boy weighs about24 lbs now. And I don't pick him up much as it is painful for me and I am not to lift more than 20 lbs at a time.

    He was a good baby most of the time I had him and he layed by me and was talking baby talk to me and asking me mommie , daddie go? But we had a good time once I thought that I should feed him . He is a good eater as I fixed him some chicken nugets, with frys and corn and he ate 4 of the 6 chicken nuggets and all of the corn and most of the frys and a glass of milk too, But this sleeping this was getting old...

    I feel bad for my daughter as she is expecting again in January and she has been so sick with this baby and is always tired now. And my 16 month old grandson is not one who is a quite child he is a bizzy boy and has things to do and play with. He is constantaly on the go and I feel bad that he will not sleep with out a fight. But I don't know what to tell her to do and what she could do to help ease him to sleep.

    They went home last evening and I am so tired that I just can't fall alseep. And I am really achey this weekend too. I over did it at my wather arobics class's and have been paying for it all weekend and then add the baby to that and I just ache all over.

    EVen though I hurt I really did love having them stay with us andI love getting the open mouth kiss's he gives to me.
    He will sit and cuddle with me and loves watching TV on the discovery channel and he just chatters along with the programs it is so cute .

    I am feeling much older than my age, and then to have my oldest daughter tell the youngest how to raise this granbaby was so stressfull as my youngest is the mommy of the baby and the oldest has no kids of her own and does not know how to get babies to sleep . And of course my SIL was angry at her remarks and there was some stress with the hubby and my oldest .

    I guess that I am just not used to little ones any more and when my were little I just put them to bed and they went to sleep I didn't have to fight with them unless they didn't feel good or were too wound up that night and then it was hard to get them to bed and to sleep but it was so long ago that I don't remember what it was that I did to get the kids to sleep when they were his age.

    HOw I hate this fibro fog as I don't / can't remember what I did to help my kids relax to go to sleep when they were toddlers but that was over 21 years ago. And it is the 21 yrs old that is the mommie of my grandson.

    There has just been so much stress at the house this past week. My daughter does not like it that I take pain meds yet she will call me at 1 am to ask me if she can take a advil after she has taken a perocet 2 hours ago.

    Yes she can and I have told her that many times but it never fails I just fall alseep and she will call and wake me UP and I don't go back to sleep till the wee hours of the am and then I will sleep most of the day.And that is not want I need to do. I still have a house to clean up after the kids left and I am wide awake and acheing down to my bones .

    When I get to tired I have trouble sleeping adn gettting my body to relax and that is how I am tonight and this aching is getting on my nerves adn I can't stand this pain that seems to be in to my bones.I guess that is what you get when you over do it and not get enough rest to recover from teh over doing.

    I don't know if I will go to the water arobics class to night I will depend on how I feel later on I guess. Well I have to go to bed as I can't sit in this chair any more.

    Thanks for letting me vent.