I feel like sometone beat me up

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  1. I have had fibro for a while and I have not felt nowhere near as bad as I do now. It seems like everything is going wrong not only am I having the fibro problems which my dr added morphine for. But now I am having kidney problems, kidney stones kidney infections. Also having yeast infections. My blood sugar is out of control can't seem to get it back to normal levels. Any advice any of you have would be appreciated, also any prayers would be appreciated. Gentle Hugs Pam.
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    My suggestion is to post this on the Fibro board here as you will probably get many more responses. The Fibro board here is very good. Good luck.
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    Hi there! Like twocats suggested, on the Fibro board you'll get many more responses.

    Sounds like on top of the Fibro pain your body is trying to fight off some infections - no wonder you feel so crappy. Also a kidney infection itself can be very painful.- let alone stones! Are you on antibiotics for that? That could be causing your yeast infection. I also know that it's very common for your blood sugar levels to be higher when you are sick, in pain or have an infection.

    Is your Dr. helping you with all of this? I sure hope so.
    Know that all of us who read this, WILL keep you in our prayers. We're all here for each other.

    BTW- what med are you on for kidney infection?

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    My doctor put me on the Yeast Free diet many years ago. Meat, eggs, vegetables and yogurt, and distilled water. Herbal teas, non caffienated. The books are "The Yeast Connection" and "The Yeast Syndrome".........................I was 24 and had never felt so good in my life after a couple of weeks. He said my "yeast syndrome" was caused by antibiotics I had taken a lot of for strep throat, but drugs, alcohol and bad foods "fed" the problem.
    Good luck. I am now 54 and having a terrible time with RA. So after all these years, I am back on the yeast free diets, and even cutting out eggs and nightshade veggies just to start.
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    Welcome to the board. Sorry to hear you are having so many problems.

    If you would like to socialize a bit, get away from the topic of the DDs (darned
    diseases), you can visit the chit chat board. Good place to talk about all kinds
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    Good luck

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    I will pray for! Sorry I can't give you no advice. I wish I had some for you!
    God Bless!