I Feel My Whole Body Is Full Of Infection

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by greatgran, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. greatgran

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    For months I have been feeling really bad, of course the sinus infection then the reaction to the antibiotic didn't help. Today it suddenly dawned on me what my body feels like I have infection all thru my body and my sinus problem never really left just improved somewhat.

    I thought you had to have an elevated white count and a fever to have a bacterial infection but after doing some reading I have found this is not true in a lot of cases. Especially for us with CFS. As bad as I hate to I am going back on a different antibiotic ,praying I won't have a reaction and see if it helps. Before I became afraid of them they always made be feel better but then in a couple of weeks or longer the symptoms were back.

    This leads me to believe that in my case CFS is caused by an underlying infection. I am going to try the antibiotic that my doctor gave me for my sinus infection and then if this helps I am going to try to talk to him about infection the cause of CFS, not that I will get anywhere. But with my CRP being so high and my white count is over 8 , which is normal but a little on the high side.

    Just another theory and probably leading for another disappointment. I do hope this antibiotic will agree with me.

    As for my sinues I have been doing the nasal irrigation for weeks which has helped but I am still having problems .

    Just venting but could I be on to something.

    Thanks and God Bless
  2. teller7

    teller7 New Member

    I really agree with you that our underlying problem is ongoing infections. But just tell that to the doctors and they look at you like you're nuts. Mine said it's impossible to have an infection for that long (6 years). I want to say - Well if you would believe in and study up on ME/CFS you'd thing so. Doctors frustrate me to the point of wanting to scream back at them. He even sent me to OHSU in Portland and they say I have Parkinson's so I'm on sinemet. It does help with the tremors and some with the balance but not the fatigue and feeling like I have the flu constantly. But they won't even listen. So I guess we're just hung out on the line to dry so to speak by ourselves. WHEN WILL THEY GIVE IN AND RECOGNIZE THAT WE HAVE A DEBILITATING HORRIBLE DISEASE!!!!!!
  3. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Sure can relate to the darn doctors.. I have to ask for every test that is beyond a CBC . I do think its infection but is it viral, bactrial and what to so. I am so afraid of antibiotics and not sure to try them or keep on struggling with this feeling. No one knows how this disease is unless they have it..

    Thanks and God Bless,
  4. ryder442

    ryder442 New Member

    I am gad I fond tis website. I have been suffering for about 6 years now. I havent been able to figure out what was wrong with me. I was very healthy my whole life prior. I had a car accident about the same time this all started and the doctors have been blaming my symptoms on my neck injury. I never could believe it. Every morning my body feels like I was body slammed all night. I never feel rested. My body aches like I have the flu. Doctors thought I was nuts. Then finally a doctor said I had Fibro. 1st time I heard of it and didnt pursue it right away. Sounded crazy. I thought I'll get better and kick this myself,.... wrong!
    Recently I have gotten to the point I cant bare it and applied for a study on the drug Cymbalta. Suppose to test it at high dosages of 120mgs. I hope this gives me some relief.
    The whole CFS is interesting to me. I grew up near Lyndonville NY where I guess one of the leading doctors who first recignized this disease started the treatment for it. I wonder if that is what I have. I grew up in the country playing in the woods all my life even as an adult I spent a lot of time outdoors. Could a tick bite be causing all this? I have been bitten countless times in my life. I dont know what to think, I am very frustrated and unsure where to turn. Being a man the diagnosis of Fibro is not easy. I'm told women suffer from it not men. I just want this pain and tired feeling to go away. I miss and cant remember what it feels like to awake rested and not in pain.
  5. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Glad you are here ryder and I can so relate to the way you feel. I doubt my Dx all the time and clueless and to what to do. Hope the Cymbalta helps, let us know. I can't tolerate antidepressants. I have had this whatever for 8 years have been to many doctors only to get my hopes up then let down. I have been Dx with CFS, fibro and Sojgrens but seems know one knows for sure what to do , the cause or the treatment.

    Listen to your body , you know it more than the docs. Good luck with your study on the Cymbalta.

    God Bless,
  6. ladybugmandy

    ladybugmandy Member

    i think you should see a CFS/Lyme specialist and have the proper tests (lyme, etc etc)..ASAP!

  7. ryder442

    ryder442 New Member

    I just spent some time on that board. Very interesting. especially since I grew up in WNY. a small country town near Buffalo NY. I have been bitten by ticks my whole life. I never gave it much thought. But now these symptoms have been affecting my way of life for years now. No matter what I do I just cant get to feeling normal again. I keep saying it will pass but 6 years later it is only worse. I recently have started looking hard for answers because it is affecting my marriage and my whole life. I plan on looking into the lyme disease testing. I hope that is not what I have but I want to start ruling out anything I can, which is part of the reason I signed up for the Cymbalta Fibro study. Part of this study is extensive tests ti rule out other things like Thyroid issues. So at the very east I will be able to rule out some other disorders and begin to narrow down my possible cause for this.
    I just cant swallow doctors telling me I am fine, or its all in my head, or my neck injury is causing all this. No way, not possible. Glad I found this site and found new leads to possible solutions/answers! I wonder if anyone knows of help/support groups where I could attend and speak with other people in my same situation?
  8. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Have been tested for lyme disease twice both negative. The doc doesn't suggest any other test. I never have a fever, my temp is always sub normal. Oh, how I would love to have the blood test where they test for
    everything including cancer..

  9. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    I wouldn't know where to began to seeing a CFS/Lyme specialist, what type of doctor would I try to see.
  10. SnooZQ

    SnooZQ New Member

    A neti pot usually does a more thorough job of irrigation than does a squirt type irrigator. However the neti process can be messy -- best done while in the shower.

    Using saline rather than plain water will make nasal irrigation more comfortable. You can make your own saline by adding a little salt to boiled water. Be sure to cool to lukewarm or only a bit warmer.

    Some folks with chronic sinus infection have discovered that dissolving a little powdered glutathione in their irrigation water is the thing that really kicks lingering infections. They just empty a capsule of glutathione into the neti water before doing the rinse/wash. Glutathione is a very important amino acid in the body, for both detoxification and infection-fighting.

    I can't say whether these tips will be helpful in your case, greatgran, but if you're interested you can research them more fully.

    Best wishes to you.
  11. munch1958

    munch1958 Member

    Google it -- you can order a copy of it online or look for a Lyme group doing a screening of it for a small donation.

    Testing for Lyme is only useful during the first 2-4 months after a tick bite. After that it is pointless because antibodies are not always produced. Current testing methods are looking for the bodies antibody response NOT the bacteria. Plus the Igenex Western blot is only about 70% accurate. The Elisa test misses 85% of cases.

    Borrelia is a stealth bug very similiar to relapsing fever and syphilis. It is a more complex bacteria than syphilis because it is capable of tricking the immune system by constantly shedding the outer surface proteins. It's like putting on different rain coats then having the weather change. Abx can't penetrate the slime surrounding the spirochete either.

    Dr Alan MacDonald states in the movie "Under Our Skin" that about 50% of people infected with Borreliosis (Lyme) test negative for the disease. He says those who test negative sitll have a real disease that must be treated. Negative or positive - either way it needs to be treated. A Western blot test from Igenex can detect exposure to the bug.

    Dr Diettrich Klinghardt states in the movie that our bodies are not capable of keeping every day bugs under control. Things that "normal" people can control like candida are not being controlled by our immune systems.

    Also, look into the immune supressive nature of the Pam3Cys which is sometimes written as Pam-3-Cys. The outer surface protein A (Osp A) of the Borrelia species of bacteria is identical in nature to the proposed AIDS vaccine.

    What this means for those infected with Lyme spirochetes is immune system supression. That's how the Lyme parasite is able to survive in the host. Once infected we become the organisms host. Since this bug only wants to survive it does this by shutting down our thyroid and lowering our core body temperature, adrenals, etc. For more info on this read "Healing Lyme" by Stephan H. Buhner.

    Those that were vaccinated with the now withrdrawn from the market vaccines, Lymerix and Immungen, have the immune suppression outcomes of Lyme but without the spirochetes. That is because Osp A triggers immune suppression.

    It is clear that almost everyone with CFS/FM/Lyme has very high IgG titers to every pathogen they've ever been exposed to. IDSA has mislead other doctors by stating that only IgM titers matter. IgG is supposed to be an "OLD" infection not a new one or IgM antibodies.

    SnooZQ: Glutathione is also available with a doctor's RX for the nebulizer. My LLMD refills the RX that I got from the Detroit FFC. I've been nebulizing for over 2 years with great success. Many people use it for COPD. They've measured blood levels both before and after nebulzing and inhaling it does increase blood levels. I pay a $25 copay and my insurance covers the rest. I do have a Neti pot. Maybe I'll try some in there next time I get a cold.
  12. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    I found the following article which may be helpful.

    How to Solve chronic sinusitis...? The Mayo Clinic may have found the answer!!!

    I am not a member of the medical community. But, take that as you may, those of you who suffer from chronic sinusitis may find this article from the Mayo Clinic very interesting, the letter may be found at http://www.mayoclinic.org/ent-rst/chronicsinus.html


    Information for Patients about Chronic Sinusitis Research

    Mayo Clinic researchers have proposed that most chronic sinus infections may be caused by an immune system response to fungi.

    Many studies here at the Mayo Clinic have added evidence to the thinking that chronic rhinosinusitis is caused by an immune reaction to fungi in the nose.

    The original study linking chronic rhinosinusitis to fungi in the nose, which was published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings in September 1999, has been reproduced and confirmed by a sinus center in Europe (ENT University Hospital in Graz, Austria).

    There are currently 16 studies at Mayo Clinic in Rochester to further investigate the role of fungi in inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract.

    In addition, researchers from the Allergic Diseases Research Laboratory at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester found that certain white blood cells called T-Lymphocytes are reacting to the fungi and were producing the kind of inflammation we see in the sinuses, and that healthy people did not react in that way.

    This work was presented at the 2001 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology and will be published soon.

    The evidence was so convincing that the National Institute of Health (NIH) has given Mayo Clinic a $2.5 million grant to further investigate the mechanisms behind this immunologic response to the fungi.

    If you have chronic sinusitis -- that is, a sinus inflammation that persists for three months or longer -- we recommend that you see your personal physician or an ear, nose and throat specialist (otorhinolaryngologist) for the appropriate treatment for this disease.

    Many times the disease is associated with asthma or allergies and treatment of those associated problems tends to help the chronic sinusitis.

    Antibiotics don't help chronic sinusitis in the long run because they target bacteria, which are not usually the cause of acute sinusitis. Anti-histamines, nasal steroid sprays and systemic steroids are the mainstays of treatment today, depending on the symptoms of the patient.

    Over-the-counter medications, including salt-water nasal washes and mist sprays, are useful in treating the symptoms of chronic sinusitis, but do not eliminate the inflammation.

    Dept of Otorhinolaryngology
    Mayo Clinic
    Rochester, Minnesota


    In a nutshell, the Mayo Clinic, has determined that chronic sinusitis may be an auto-immune response to fungi or mold in the respiratory tract. Essentially, they are deciding that acute sinusitis may actually be fungal sinusitis. But, where does this fungus come from. Is it possible that the cause of sinusitis is your body reacting to an organism called candida albicans?

    If you have ever, even once, taken antibiotics, corti-steroids like prednisone, birth control pills, chemotherapy or oral acne medications then you may have a candida concern!
  13. greatgran

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    Thank to each of you for your replies. I so doubt all the time what in the heck is wrong with me. True if I could get rid of this sinus issue I know that would help.

    The ENT says Bacterial Sinus Infection and wants me on an antibiotic all the times I have been to him. But I am guilty of never finishing the medcine so maybe not following doctor's orders is the reason for all this coming back. Then sometimes I think it could be part of my darn DD as it also comes and goes.

    I have been tested for Candida and Lyme both negative.

    My Dx from the docs has been CFIDS, FM and Sjogrens so maybe I have crashes and sinus problems are included in all my misery.

    I was so sick yesterday thought I was dying, in bed all day. I took xanax for anxiety, bufferin for pain and my few supplements but I only ate some applesauce, an orange, and grape juice and some ginger ale.

    Seems the less I eat the better I feel, I think , I am going to try to start keeping a record on the foods I eat .. Lord only knows what is going on in these bodies.

    Going to rest today in bed cause my greatgran is in a play tomorrow at the church and she is Mary I want so bad to go see her.

    Thanks and God Bless,
  14. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    What is this, I tried to google it but couldn't find it.

    Thanks for all your info,

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