I feel out of my depth...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Shelbyeatenton, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Shelbyeatenton

    Shelbyeatenton New Member

    I sometimes wonder if i can carry on, you know?
    Permanently trying to accept something that has ruined my life.
    I am in so much pain all the time, every second! The physio just isn't helping!!!!! All it does is hurt and exhaust me? Is that how it's supposed to be, yeah?
    I write this as i consider going to bed. As i wonder how much i'll sleep tonight.

  2. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    PLEASE read my post If You Want To Feel Better Read This. This isn't a scam, it's the real deal or at least worth a try before you give up.

    Also, and I'll add it to the post, have your vitamin D level checked. Research has discovered that we need a lot more D than was thought and most of us are very deficient.

  3. Fudge43

    Fudge43 New Member

    Shelby .. you are having a bad time of it .. do you have any pain meds that help ? .. is your doctor any good ? .. can you switch if he isn't ? .. and perhaps you might try amitriptilyne ? .. it helps with pain .. and sleep .. an old AD .. anti depressant ( my spelling is horrible .. sorry ) .. but it might help you.

    I know I get really disgusted .. angry ... depressed ... thining how much more is going to go wrong and how crappy can a person feel for how long ..

    I'm pretty sure most of us have felt that way .. many times .. but hang on .. these periods go in cycles I find .. bad ones when we really feel horrible.
    BUT ... some days are better .. so you sort of wait it out ... rest up as much as possible .. talk to your doctor about how you feel .. and if he is ignorant or an idiot that makes you feel badly .. try to find another one ..
    I have had my share of idiot ones .. so I move on from that.
    Don't be hard on yourself .. try to find something to take your mind off of your pain for a bit .. reading .. TV .. anything that works for you !
    Take care !
    Joy : )
  4. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    My PT only ever does gentle neck stretches on me. Gives me very gentle exercises. He does gentle myofascial stuff. I went to another outfit once and they treated me like boot camp. They just do a lot of damage. Gentle is all you need, no wonder you feel awful I would find a PT who really knows how to stretch for you.

    Try and recall that not every day is this bad. I know exactly how you feel, I get to that point a lot too, then I feel a little better, or the flare dies down a bit. Soemtimes even for an hour I feel great, well not great great but you know great for me!!!

    Love and sleep better, Anne Cromwell
  5. sascha

    sascha Member

    there are many things to try to help you get out of the pain. i have had long periods of extreme discouragement because of not imagining getting any better, ever, and there have been so many things i have had to give up.

    also, i've been to physio-therapy, and it didn't help me. it made me worse. it somehow pushed me past limits that appear to be part of my condition.

    get help from this online site for suggestions, plus keep searching for the right doctor. maybe online you could get names of professionals to contact for your particular problems. also maybe you could find support group in your area. you never know what might work for you. i have lived with constant aches and pains all around my body, and coconut oil appears to be helping with many of my symptoms now. i haven't been able to vacuum for years- it's just too painful and sets me back - i might collapse for quite a while afterwards, but today i manageda modest amount of it without collapse (yay).

    so you never know what might pop up that provides a turning point for you. best of luck- sascha
  6. Shelbyeatenton

    Shelbyeatenton New Member

    I am on pain meds which are helping a bit and they can't prescribe Andti depressants because they induce seizures (i'm epileptic)

    They have however put me on pregabalin which is also an anti seizure medication as well as what they are treating the FM with.

    They are doing gentle gentle in physio, which frustrates me further that i can do so little and be so tired.

    I did read your post and found it interesting (i will have to read it again in the morning i think to take it in properly but it looked interesting) I will also definitely try using coconut oil.

    My doctor seems good, so far. It's really me that i have the problem with. Maybe i will feel better in the morning eh? I doubt it, i have felt this way going on for a week!

    I feel bitter that i can't dance anymore (see my profile) and that i can't just walk around as normal. (i am confined to a wheelchair at 24. Not the life i planned.

    Mind you i found this quote on a different site the other day. Kind of appt.

    "We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us."
    -Joseph Campbell

    Thanks for taking the time to read.
  7. Shelbyeatenton

    Shelbyeatenton New Member

    i am on a TENs machine and keep meaning to arrange a course of hydrotherapy. The pain clinic also said they would arrange some accupuncture so that should come i would imagine. It helped when i broke my wrist really bady about 2 years ago.

    I am really quite appalled to hear about your phusio asking you to lose weight. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    I have been told there is(and given the number for) a support group in Blackpool. Most of you will think me silly and childish for not going when i feel how i do, but like you Prickles i use this site and but i also just feel too scared.

    Almost like if i start going to the meetings and meeting people face to face it will feel finally real. I sometimes prefer being "anonymous" then i only need let so much away, then crawl into my shell. If i go to a support group it would be like

    "hey, I have FM and i am just not coping!"

    I don't know whether i can do that. Whether i am strong enough yet. People around me try and encourage me too, but maybe i'll just know when the right time will be or maybe i really am just avoiding it and noone has the bottle to tell me.

    What do you guys think?


    PS. Blackpool is extremely touristy. Not very enjoyable at times, the drunken crazy people falling over the streets! That's at 10 in the morning never mind what the night time is like!

    A nice walk on the prom in my electric wheelchair though! :)

    Thanks for listening/reading

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