I feel really dumb about this but I am still really upset..

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    I guess I shouldn't feel dumb. I am on my third cold in about 4 months and my sciatic hurts so bad I can barely walk and anyway...I am still vary upset about Steve Irwin.

    I didn't even know the man but I started watching him years ago when I was in a really crappy realtionship and I was hooked...I feel so strange talking about this I have been off the board pretty much since finding out that he passed with uncontrollable crying and deep depression, its probably a big combination of things in the past month, changing some meds, being sick and feeling like I have no support from my hubby, I talked to my mom about this earlier today and she tried to help me feel better...Maybe it was just a last straw and I just can't seem to get out of this funk....!

    I just feel like absolute crap, I have always been a pretty emotional person but I have never been so upset by a television personalities death before.

    I wasn't going to post anything but since you guy's are
    pretty much the only friends that I have that understand, I needed to post.

    Thanks for listening,
  2. Redwillow

    Redwillow New Member

    Sorry you are feeling so bad, Kelly

    You know this DD is so isolating that even something like a tv friend passing can upset us. Don't feel bad about talking about how you feel. I think you are overwhelmed by pain and illness and like you said this is the final straw. Please take extra care of yourself.

    As for posting how you feel, that is what we are here for.

    Oh and the photo on your profile of your children is so beautiful!

    hugs Marion (Redwillow)

    LEFTYGG Member

    i didnt cry but i was very sad when i heard this. it was the middle of the night and i read it here on the board i turned on the tv and nothing i looked on the internet nothing. so this goes to show you how informative this board is.

    we never know what tomorrow will bring its scary. he loved his family so much. i remember when his dog was killed he was so sad.

    i ve cried over tv personalities. this will show my age lucille ball and walt disney.

    there was a cartoon of micky mouse with a tear dropping down about walt disneys death and i cried.

    i hope you feel better love gail

  4. kirschbaum26

    kirschbaum26 New Member

    Dear Kelly:

    Just wanted to send you a hug or two. I can truly understand how you feel about Steve Irwin. My daughter (Katherine, aged 7) and I both cried when we heard about Steve's terrible death. We talked about it, and while he was not a part of our real family, we decided that he was a part of our big family, and it was okay to feel sad for a while. Strangely, Steve was born a week or so after I was born (both in Feb 1962) so I have always felt connected to him as well.

    We have watched every show that he has been on, and we have watched his family grow from just him, to include Terri, and then his 2 lovely children. Yes, to me it is sad that they are so young, but then I think about how loved they are, and how loved they will continue to be, and I am okay about it. Hopefully, they will continue to thrive and have happy lives.

    It is okay to feel this way, and if you need to go through the process of grieving, then do it. We all have our own ways of processing...and our own time of doing it.

    Just know that you can always talk about just about anything here, and everyone seems to do that.

    Oh, Tampa is a great city. I have a great friend from grade school (in CT) that lives in Pinnellas Park. I visited her for the first time since High School (in CT) just last April. It was great, and I hope to get back there again, soon.




    I got out and took the kids shopping and I feel a little better. I am so thankful for your responses and they mean alot to me.

    My mother and I were talking about loss and being upset, and I commented about how much Steve was able to do in his life and he had such a full and wonderful life and I sit here and I always have. I have always been too tired or too scared to try anything new or really apply miself or take a risk. So subsequently I have had a really boring and dull life. Thats one of the things that really upset me.

    Then my mom told me an interesting story that a family member had told her once, your life is how you lived your dash. The very small dash inbetween your date of birth and your death. My dash really sucks, except for my children they are the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me and I feel so blessed to have them.

    I have always been too tired or to scared to apply myself and go after what I wanted I have never known what I really wanted I just let life pass me by and now I am overweight and in pain and i guess I am at the age that you feel like thats all there is....Gee I am a real bummer today.

    I think that I am having one of those the glass is half empty weeks and not sitting back to realize all the good things that I have done in my life.

    I really want to say thanks again, I'm glad that you all are here when I really need you,

  6. blizzybear

    blizzybear New Member

    I have been watching the news and just looked up articals on him before i came to this site, i believe for me i saw him and Terri on the first shows, then they married, then the family came, many of us have watched his family grow, he is so passionet and draws you in, i have had a real hard time beliveing it, i have not had this problem before either, i felt better reading your note because i felt stupid or something, blizzy
  7. IntuneJune

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    He lived life to the FULLEST!

    An ability we (FMSers) have lost.

    Easily he is our hero.

    And yet so many in our society who have the ability, do NOT do do, they do NOT live up to their ability even though THEY have NOT lost their ability, their resources, their energy.

    Do SOMETHING in the memory of Steve.

    I do not know you or your circumstances, but if you have small children, subscribe to any wildlife publication for your children. I give "My Big Back Yard" to my grandchildren and my neighbor's son. Buy a season's pass to a zoo near year. Or search a well worth WILDLIFE cause on the Internet, make a donation. Do SOMETHING in Steve's honor.

    Your effort will make you feel better.



  8. kjfms

    kjfms Member

    I am sorry you are feeling down and I hope you feel a little better soon.

    I too watched Steve from the beginning I just loved him. He always cracked me up. There is nothing wrong with getting attached to people we "let" into our homes each week and it is only natural that we become upset when some bad like this freak accidental death happens we are only human.

    I went through a rough period just a little while ago and I am still going through it some. Things just pile up don't they.

    Well just take a little time for you that really helps.

    I am sending you good thoughts,

    Karen :)
  9. s--raquel

    s--raquel New Member

    Kelly, hi! I know how you feel about mourning a television
    personality.This should make you feel better...I was so upset when Dave Thomas (WENDY'S) died. I started crying when my husband told me. He didn't get it and started laughing...Then I got even more upset. He couldn't understand why I was so upset...I didn't really understand
    myself...But it bothered me for the longest. I really felt
    a loss.

    Later I got to thinking about how much he always reminded
    me of my dad. I haven't had any relationship with him since
    I was 15. It's not something I think about alot, but every
    time I saw Dave on t.v. I would think how nice and sweet he
    seemed and that I would like to know him...

    So he stood for something I longed for...a nice,sweet Daddy
    to sit and visit with.

    Mabye it's like someone else posted..Steve Irwin stood for
    so many things you longed for? Whatever the reason, pain is
    pain...and I hope you are feeling better!

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