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    I have the most loving giving 91 yo mother we all live on 6 acres 3 houses. my son has apt in her basement he will buy her house when she passes.

    I take her dinner everyday at 4 or 5 fix her meds and stay till 6 or 7.she has lived here 40 yrs.she never wants me to leave she has a couple visitors everyday but she wants me.she says shes afraid she also has lifeline necklace

    I have so much going on it seems with my grown kids that i actually like being alone. my husbands gone a lot working and coaching football.

    mom has magular degeneration she got the 3000 dollar machine but hasnt used it once

    so i feel sad but i cant live there she keeps temp at 80 i keep fan on me the whole time.i keep weird hrs sleep late. now if she was unable to care for herself i would. oh well id like to see how others deal with this.
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    No time now. I just wrote yuou a nice long post about my 93 yr old mom and our situatuion before she died and l also DH's dad who lived with us for many years. However, it just went POOF !!!

    Please try not to feel guilty. I think I felt weorse than you but we lived many miles aparrt. she in NY and us in TX. It is a very long story but I know it is veryhard fro you but try not to feel really guilty about it. You are doing more than your share right now.

    I have leave in a minute and will be having company this week and then to see daughter and famiily the coming weekend. So I have no time to rewrite my post. Wantaed to let you know that I undersatand very well how you feel and at least you are close enough to do something to be helpful.

    I will check in on you later when I can. Please update.

    Blessings and hugs,

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    i was back there tonight and said i stay till 8 but when she saw my son was downstairs she told me to go lol.

    its sad since she was so strong ran a business very smart. i dont know if i want to live to 90.thank you so much for both of your replys love gail
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