I feel so empty..!!!!!!!!

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    I woke up everyday I don't know how to be happy, nothing in this world is interested to me. Everyday I ask God's why am i still here, It is so painfull to wake up everyday and just feels so hopeless, worthless, and sad. Why do I let this illness ruin my life it took everything from me 13 years of my life, and I don't know how to fixed my life anymore it just empty nothing works.
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    This is a good place to start on these message boards!,,Theres alot of supportive folks and alot of information to go along with it!,,,,Don't give up!!,,,,Things like eating a low sugar high protien diet can help and also a good DR.!,,,,This is just my opinion but if you give in to the illness it will definetly take over your entire life!,,,,,,,,,Stay Strong!
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    I'm mostly on the Depression Board and that's a good place for you. I look at Depression like a monster, in fact like that big ugly roach in the Men in Black movie and I put a face to it in order to give myself something to visualize and fight. Depression strikes so many people and it is not discriminating. But you can't let it take over you.

    I would like to suggest that you consider a full physical and blood work including hormones (by an OB/GYN if your are a female) to see if everything is correct. With women, hormones can vary and sometimes birth control can be a factor too. With men testosterone is also checked and some men can run low. So it's important to check everything.

    If that turns out okay, then it is time to consider a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist can diagnose you and together you can decide the treatment (whether therapy alone, whether medication alone, therapy and medication, or other methods), but please get involved and ask questions so that you are informed about the diagnosis of what you have (it's good to know what you are diagnosed with) and the various options of helping you.

    Whatever method would be decided to handle the diagnosis, stick with it, do not stop the meds if you are on meds and any problems call the doctor and let the doctor decide. If you are in therapy, don't stop going. AND be completely truthful in therapy and tell everything no matter how hard it hurts--because that is the important things that must be worked on and the therapist is there to help you with and not to judge you--so be transparent and completely honest.

    Remember that sometimes it can take 3 months, 6 months or a year of treatment depending on the diagnosis and you want to be in there following what the psychiatrist/therapist wants you to do, doing the homework and doing everything possible to help yourself. It gives big paybacks in fighting depression.

    There ARE ways to start digging out of this. Don't give up and I hope since you reached out here for help, that you'll reach out even further for help and see professionals. Good luck and hugs.
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    Hi Sisland, I want to thank you for your most valuable help and advice, I greatly appreciated.
    I hope we keep in touch.

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    Hi, I really appreaciated the advice and the love, thank you for stopping by.
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    Your Welcome! I'll be glad to keep in touch with you! I have(3) daughters one is about your age and i know how important it is to make sure they know i am there for them too,,,,since i've dealt with this for awhile i'm very willing to help in any way possible!,,,,,i really like your photo of the sunset!,,,,,,,I live way up here in Montana and am surrounded by Mountians that are covered in snow right now ,,,,,so beautiful ,,spring is starting to show signs of comming here so thats very exciteing!,,,,,,

    My youngest has to take antidepressents and it was very hard for her to accept also ,,,,,she's only 22,,,but is doing great and about to graduate from collage,,,,,,,it's hard for her to keep all the balls juggled as far as work and school etc,,,,,,do you have a pet?,,,they can really help too!,,,,,,,,,hope to hear back from you!,,,sisland

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