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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mrsfie, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. mrsfie

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    I saw my new rheumy last week for the second time. I have fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome. On my first visit he suggested I increase my amitryptiline to 35 mg and 800mg of Skelaxin 3 times a day. When I saw him last week, I had been feeling better than I had in a year. Two days later, I crashed. I've held off calling him until today and am waiting for a call back. No wonder people think we're crazy. I just wish our problem was something a doctor could operate on, take it out, and then we'd recuperate and be well. Darn.

    Sharon in St. Louis
  2. tonakay

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    Don't feel stupid, there is no rhyme nor reason to this crap. I can go months feeling great and bam get hit out of the blue. Hope your doc calls you soon. I didn't have any luck with amitriptiline but I hope you do....

    Feel better soon,
  3. mrsfie

    mrsfie New Member

    I try to pace myself as the board suggests, however it's so hard to accept you can't do what you've always done. I love to entertain but now it really takes it out of me...even just having my kids and their family. My husband is having prostate cancer surgery next week and I know those will be two long days for me and I will crash after that. Bummer

    Sharon in St. Louis
  4. shar6710

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    I have CFS but I don't think you should feel stupid. When I happen to feel good when I go to the Dr I've learned to
    say something like "I feel good today, hopefully it will last longer than last time". It sounds hopeful but still reminds us both that I have a chronic disease and he doesn't know the cure. That way when I crash again it doesn't seem like a shock.

    Hope you feel better soon,
  5. Leaknits

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    Oh, for hevvin's sake! Please tell your dr, if you ever see him again, that you are not the "mental case" he suspects you are.

    Panic attacks come along with some parts of FMS. You say here you had such an episode that pushed you into tachycardia...perfectly understandable. Been there, done that.

    You might try asking dr if he has any other patients with this FMS/MPS and, if he says "Yes," tell him the problems can come and go with no warning. Maybe no one else has tried. Besides that, sometimes it's hard to nail down what a dr's attitude about FMS and MPS are, how they can manifest in differing patients...and he's only met with you twice.

    You are NOT stupid. Your body is sick. Big difference.

  6. Bambi

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    are being written off label and not for their intended uses. So they help some people whose symptoms seem to coincide with the other illnesses or ??..who knows why they help some and not others, but that's the fact. Some experts disagree with treating off label medications and some think it's just fine, so we just have to hope we will do ok on the meds, not have the more serious side effects and find relief.

    If they DON'T work for you though DO keep urging your doctor to keep trying to find something to treat your pain and symptoms efficiently. Too many will give up and label us this or that, drop us or just say there's nothing else they can do. There is ALWAYS or nearly always something more they can do and it might take posts copied from here, research articles on pain and it's dangers or other things to give a doctor a little boost..or it might mean time to change doctors.
  7. Abbycat

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    With RA and fibro, I never know what is what. Every time I'm feeling really good, I go over board and do too much. Maybe you're doing that too. Try resting a little more instead of calling the doc for more meds and see if that does it.

    Do you have something you can take for pain when you do over do it? I have found that having pain meds and muscle relaxants have given me the control to deal with flares by myself. Also, when I feel bad, I just accept that I'm sick and need to act that way.

    Have some comfort food, forget the housework and try and take care of yourself. I've got heating pads, cold packs, menthol rubs, pillows of various sizes and blankets in all weights. If I don't sleep well, I take the day off or at least go in late.

    No one is going to take care of you like yourself. If you had a cold, what would you do? The flu? I have cold days where I go into work and I feel better after I'm there and then I have flu days, where I wonder why I care if I even have a job.

    I hope this helps you some. Above all take care of yourself and listen to your body.

  8. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    This is my gut speaking and experience with a LOT of Doctors.
    When a Doctor says its in your head what he is Really saying is.....
    I do not know enough about FM/CFS to even try to help you. But I do not want to admit that to you right now ,so I tell you its a mental problem. If my EGO was not so big I would admit this to you but my feelings are more important then your health right now.

    Sorry but Ditch that Doctor and find a real Physician who cares and knows what he is talking about.

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