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    I am no good to anyone , i have pushed people away from me for this reason and it hurts to do it , very much!

    i feel it is in their best interests as i only bring them down becos of having cfs

    I really hate my life as it is , i have no family , friends and im not sure how i am going to carry on

    thanks for listening
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    BUT We need to work out of those downs. We are very special people and we are tough! We are here for a reason, I do not know why, but I trust in that.

    I know it is hard, very hard, but we can do some things. Just a little of something extra can make us feel better. Maybe not all at once, but it helps to get outside of yourself.

    I do not know your age, or rather you live in a house, apt. and how many live around you. I would agree that not having anyone, inlcuding family makes it more challenging. I do not know if you have your own car or a local bus. I wished I lived near you, we all need friends!


    Do you go to church? They would have someone pick you up if you asked them and take you back home. Sometimes they have potlucks and other social events.

    Find a support Group near you, call Public relations at the hospital, and some times the arthritis office to find one. They usually meet once a month. If you really need transportation I bet someone would give you the rides.

    There is other things to do also. Do not feel self concious about your (Maybe this is you) lack of laughing and talking and smiling. You will, if you are out and around people, you will relearn it. Also do not be afraid to say,,,,"My illness has kept me housebound and I need to be around people again". Anyone can understand that. But do not talk endlessly about your illness and aches and pains (and that can be hard, I know!), when you do not have much to say......LISTEN, ask questions.......like how old is your little girl? Just little things that shows an interest in them and let them talk. They will love you!

    Get a hobby! Rather it is sewing, crafting, genealogy, cooking, well.......anything that makes YOU happy. We all need that out let......when you enjoy yourself, you relax. When you relax it makes you feel better.

    Maybe you will find someone that likes movies and once a month you both go to one and have a hamburger before or after together. Libraries are neat and although we are not to go around talking, after awhile they will get to know you and you might make a friend there.

    If a Senior Citizen, they get together and play cards and Bingo and such.

    Just do not expect anything too fast from any new friends, just call or see them every so often. A special friend will emerge in time. We are all here for a special purpose.

    If after doing this for a while, you feel depressed yet, seek a little counseling. It is there for everyone, regardless of finances.

    Do not be afraid of pulling everyone down around you. Give people credit and let them know you and enjoy you. None of us are the same. Try to smile and be pleasant and read the news and be able to talk on various things to others.

    I know your energy is limited, as mine is also, but learn to make a little time for you to go out or have ones in, Please let me know how you do. I care........

    Anyone else have ideas on how to break this isolation and all? MANY BLESSINGS...........Susan
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    I have FMS and CFS and feel isolated in many ways. It's difficult to tell friends and family that you aren't up to doing something when everyone is wanting to do it. I can understand the lonliness you are feeling.

    That's one good thing about this Board. I can get on and find people, who like me, have these feelings. Then I know that I'm not really alone.

    I take an antidepressant for pain, but I know that it helps with the depression that I probably would have over these DD's.

    What I do to feel less isolated is:

    1. Learn about the enemy (FMS and CFS) - helps to be familiar and to combat the problems.

    2. Stick with a regimen of life and regular routines regardless of how I feel.

    3. Treat myself to long hot baths to relax and a massage once in a while.

    4. Treat myself to going to the hairstylist when I feel too tired to do it myself.

    Just INDULGE yourself, you deserve it!!!!

    tulip2, you are important to all of us and you are not alone, please believe that.

    If you are severly depressed, please contact the mental health crises line as soon as possible. Here is a website that has international information:


    Please get help if you need it.

    Warm hugs and wishes, Jeannette
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    iam grappling with trying to reconnect withsome of my old friends....read my bio i am technically still young i am told.

    but i have gone thru a lot of things and still trying to get better both physically and mentall...

    are there any fibro groups in your area? try going to a menatl health professional they may more things available in your area///

    seek help...thisis a lonely thing to go through alone...

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    Tulip 2,
    I understand how you feel because I feel the same way!
    I just plain don't feel well even on a good day! I feel like I drag everyone else down with the fibro etc. health problems. I always want others to understand me but by talking to them about it they seem to quit coming around or calling. I feel so alone. I plan on going to the Literacy program and volunteering. I'm hoping this will make me feel more worthwhile and not so useless! lots of hugs to you! Lisa