I Fell Again Last Night.....

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mersey_ferryman51, Feb 21, 2003.

  1. mersey_ferryman51

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    ...switched off the living room lamp, turned, walked 3 steps and lost my balance. I was in the middle of the room, and there was nothing nearby to grab on to, so I went down.

    This has happened to me at least 15 times since my fibro started in 1989.

    My doctor wants me to use a cane, but I was sexually abused for 2 years (age 8 to 10...NOT family or friends) involving 3 men and two women. One of the men walked with a cane, and I can't even look at a man who uses a cane without all the horror of those 2 years coming flooding back, and starting up the nightmares again!

    My heart goes out to ALL OF YOU who are also going through this!!!!

    Larry G.
  2. KarenL47520

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    won't release me to drive given I am having so many problems with my balance.

    Last Saturday evening John and I were folding laundry on the bed and I turned around to get some hangers out of the closet. When I turned back around to resume folding laundry, I fell face first down on to the bedd. At least I had a soft landing. :)

    I too am a survivor of sexual abuse and I know what you mean about just seeing something and it causes a flood of memories. My step-dad used to always wear Aqua Velvet after shave lotion and when I am around someone wearing that, I get a strong panic feeling and want to run away.

    It sounds like several of us are still carrying a lot of old bagage.

    You are more than welcome to email me, my addy is in my profile.

  3. TurtleInaBox

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    I'm a faller too.... i fall going UP the stairs all the time.. can't pick those darn feet up high enough...

    i run into corners at my house and office...

    i get dizzy and hit the deck quite abit...

    also, on the other note i too was abused - can't stand - men w/german accents, and anything a certain shade of green.... he wore dark green speedo bathing suits...

    my 1st stepfather was very abusive as well, physically not sexually (or at least i don't remember the sexual stuff?)..

    I can't say his name... god forbid i'm in a business meeting and a client has the same name.... yuck!

    ***hey forget the cane - get one of those really, really cool looking walking sticks! - they are really sharp looking... or worst case scenerio - get a golf umbrella and use that!
  4. Fibromiester

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    Larry, I was glad I was alone most of today, or others would have thought I'd been drinking! I bump into walls,chairs,whatever is there to break my fall. One time I got out of my car at Walmart, turned around- and DOWN I went!! I just nonchalantly got up, brushed myself off, and walked inside! I always walk with a Buggy in stores to help me keep my balance. And I, too, after turning out a light in a room sometimes will become disoriented & fall down when trying to leave...even sitting here at the computer, I'll get dizzy(it also happens when I sit at my desk).
    I have FM/MFP/CFIDS etc, what is your Dx, Larry?
    I hope we all can overcome this somehow,
  5. Kathryn

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    I don't have the nasty memories involving a cane, I just let my stubborn Irish pride keep me from using one long past the time when I needed one. I finally relented when I realized that my poor, elderly German Shepherd needed a cane worse than I did, but was still doing his best to keep me on my feet. Had you thought about service dog? I don't know how large you are, but they come in all shapes and sizes. Many are shelter rescues, so you would be saving each other. If you are a competent trainer, you can do the training yourself. If not, there are agencies that will assess your needs and train the dog for you. It can go anywhere that you do, just like a seeing eye dog. You would want a large dog, and large mixed breeds are especially hard for shelters to place. My new puppy that I am training to replace my shepherd is 1/2 pit bull and 1/2 German Shepherd. At 4 months, he weighs 60lbs, and it appears he will have the shepherd size and build, with the pit strength. I can already brace myself on his shoulders to get up off the floor. I think I found a good one. Another option might be one of those tall hiking sticks. It might not have the negative connotations that a cane does, yet would serve the same purpose.
  6. basket21

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    I went to using one cane, then I had to use 2 canes as both legs are now painful and have loss of muscle, I never knew it before but muscle loss shows up in bloodwork.
    Obviously using two canes does not avail yourself to carrying anything. I got my doctor's script for a walker, put a basket on the front, and it's great. I have more stability than using a cane or 2 canes gives you and my basket for carrying what I need. Sometimes I have to be inventive though. Obviously I cannot put a mug of coffee in my walker and hope for no spills, so I now use a thermos and carry the thermos and mug or cup and saucer to the living room couch. This is good for adding a bit of independence for yourself. Get a walker with wheels and a basket and you'll have the support without any reminders of the past. If you try it, let me know if you're as happy with it as I am.
    Thinking of you...........basket21