***I fell down last night....

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    Tracy Krauss
    I fell down last night while taking out the garbage. I tripped on a piece of plywood that was down on the cement. {It was on the side of the garage but the wind blew it over last night} I knew it was there but there is no light in the carport where I fell. On the cement I slid more to the left scraping the left side of my face and scratched my glasses. {I am so glad I didn't go pick up my new glasses today} Now everything is starting to hurt.

    I have a bad headache today and everything hurts--bruises are starting to show. I took a muscle relaxer last night before I went to bed. I've been up & down a few times today so the dog could go out. All want to do is sleep.
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    Sorry to hear about your fall - yeah, usually it feels worse the next day. Take it easy - feel better soon -

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    Falling is such a jolt to our tender bodies...I am glad that you did not have worse injuries. I think you are doing well to take some pain relievers/muscle relaxers and be kind to yourself for a while. A nice soothing bath may also help to relax you, if you are flexible enough to maneuver in and out without more muscle pain. It's a bit like having whiplash after a car accident. I tripped on some stairs in late May and landed on my tailbone. Except for visits to the chiropractor, I stayed in bed for several days after. I hope that you can get plenty of good rest and heal.
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    So, so very sorry to hear about your fall. I've had two really bad falls . . . one 3 mos after back surgery (the only thing I didn't hurt was my back . . . I guess I need rods and pins all over LOL (not really funny though). Both times I broke teeth, hurt arms, knees . . . every muscle and tendon in my body; but, very lucky/blessed not to break any bones.

    I really can feel your pain. Please take care and move very slowly and cautiously. It helps a lot if you have a walker or cane or someone with you . . . at least someone checking in on you for a while afterwards.

    Prayers going out for you. Please keep us posted.

    Soft, soft hugs.

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    Hi Bead,

    So sorry to hear about your fall. You are lucky you didn't break anything . Sorry for all your aches and pains and hope they lessen quickly. Take care of yourself and maybe a nice warm bath will help some of the aches. I like to soak in a hot bath or pretty hot but we are all different and perhaps to hot may not work for you but nice and warm is good. Take it easy and go slow for awhile my dear.

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    OW!!! It hurts to fall down when you're an adult, not to mention an adult w FM etc. I was rear ended while stopped at a light by someone going 55 mph at the end of May. I got very banged up, totalled my car, it was awful. My doc told me it would probably take 3 or 4 months for the bruising and soreness to get better since I have FM. My lower legs were severely bruised and still are sore to the touch after almost 4 months. Our bodies do not heal as quickly as "normals" do. Everything got flared up! So, ice, heat, soak, rest...that's the best you can do most likely.
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    Falls can be so painful and take a long time to recover completely. I'm so sorry for your fall. I pray you recover fast. In the meantime, take good care of yourself.

    Love, Mikie