I fell in the hot tub!!!

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    Guess what happened to me today? I went to my neighbor's hot tub and I slipped and fell in. I was lucky that my neighbor was there and that she had just added some water. I am kind of scared to wake up tomorrow.

    When I first fell in I fell into the deep hole full
    of water but banged my leg on the seats. At first
    my leg was killing me and I cried out in pain. I was so scared that I did something serious. But after a while,
    it felt better. I do get pain in it but it doesn't seem like there's anything too wrong with it. My neighbor and I were so scared. I was able to put my weight on it. My back hurts a little bit - I think
    I twisted it. It 's okay for now but I usually feel these
    things the next day. My neighbor didn't believe that
    I twisted my back but I know that I did! Not sure if I
    did something to my neck either. I was a basket
    case and am still shakey over the whole thing. She
    said she would call her insurance company if I
    end up needing medical care.We were both afraid
    I got hurt badly. I need some tranquilizers about now!
    Needless to say, the added water that she put
    in all splashed out with my fall! She doesn't
    think that I will wake up worse tomorrow. However,
    with me, I always notice that if I do something to hurt
    myself, I feel it later in the day or the following day.
    So, I am scared. Nothing like that to scare the heck
    out of you.

    I was and am also worried because my mother has been extremely anxious lately. I am so worried about her and if I did hurt myself it would kill her. I told my neighbor if I am in trouble tomorrow she is the one I will call. I don't want my mother knowing anything happened. She has been trying Paxil but we are not sure if it is making her worse. She also has xanax.
    I feel so badly for her. Life is just so hard all the time.
    She has always been anxious but this is the worst
    she has been. She sees her dr. on Tuesday so hopefully something will get better. She also has
    a mammogram coming up so that is probably weighing on her heavily too since she already has breast cancer.
    I also know that she is worried about me and the possibility that I may have Lyme disease, etc. I feel
    so guilty but I can't help all my problems!
    Something has go to give and it has to happen soon!

    Thanks for listening.

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    to read that. I do hope you are not in a lot of pain tommorrow.

    Wish I could wave a magic wand and make all these additional problems of yours go away.

    Come to think of it wish I could wave a magic wand and make all of our problems go away.

    Love and hugs from across the big pond.

  3. Applyn59

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    Thanks. So far, I am not too too bad. I took some
    xanax and Norco. I am feeling little twinges of pain
    in all different areas. I am still shaken up by the
    whole thing! Just what I needed!!!! I so hope that
    I don't wake up worse tomorrow or the next day.

    Maybe the fact that I was in the warm water helped
    me somewhat. I was worried whether or not I should
    stay in the tub because of the heat. However, the
    tub was not that hot and I knew if I went home I
    would just go to my bed and cry! Once she was sure I was okay, she left for her appt but I had her put
    the umbrella up and I turned the heat down to 97.

    I noticed rather quickly that my jaw was very very
    tight and my cheek started to tingle. I guess I scared myself tense!

    Not only was I afraid of going home, I was afraid
    of getting out of that water and seeing how much
    pain I was in. I moved my leg around as much
    as I could and I kept trying to stand and move to
    different areas of the tub so my back wouldn't
    get stiff. I wanted to lie down on the lounge side
    of the tub but when I tried my back rebelled!

    Thanks for your hug, Tansy. I need them bigtime!
    Hope you are doing okay.

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