I fell on the ice in the parking lot at work

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Lendi, Mar 5, 2003.

  1. Lendi

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    Of course, I had to land on the side that hurts the worse. I thought I was walking carefully, had a pan of brownies and my coffee mug. Lid flew off of the mug and landed about 10 feet away. Coffee spilled, but thankfully, not on me. It landed about 3 feet away. I saved the brownies, though. I lasted a few hrs but am hurting so much and am so stiff. Do I use heat or cold? I usually use heat for fibro pain, but I can't tell weather this is a bad fibro pain flair from the fall, or just plain old falling down pain. I don't have pain pills, acutally my main complaint is CFS major fatigue with pain thrown in. Could this put me into a bad flair? Intensify the fibro? I'm still so new to this whole thing I don't know what to expect. Lendi
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    ....this happened to you! I think when we fall down so unexpectedly & hard, it is a shock to our whole system, not just our bones & muscles. I did this recently, fell down my stairs very hard. I was in agony the next day or two, then finally started to feel better. I used heat; if you have bruised or swollen areas, I think I'd use cold, though, for the first day. I imagine you are feeling more "falling" pain than fibro pain, so hopefully you'll feel better in a few days-----I definitely had a tough couple of days, then did start to improve. (You'll almost certainly feel worse tomorrow am after stiffening up overnight sleeping). Try epsom salts bath, too!

    Good luck, I hope you'll feel better soon-----a few brownies couldn't hurt, LOL!

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    I'm so sorry you fell. I fell last year 3 different times and was sure it was going to throw me into a flar. It didn't,but I know FMS is different for everyone.I agree with Pam about the use of ice or heat. I was just sore so I only used heat. I hope you feel better soon.
    I had the flu,so today is the first time I have been to this site in awhile.I am much better.Now,I will say a prayer for you.
    Hopefully to make you smile--yes I do know where the land of the Bulldogs vs. the Vikings is located. I am married to a former Viking. Can we still be friends? hehe

    God Bless You,Lendi
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    I've taken a nice hot bath, ibuprofen and am keeping company with a heating pad. Funny, I fell on my side but the part that hurts the most is my collar bone close to my shoulder. Maybe caused by the pressure of the fall. I hadn't tried epsom salts. That's next :) In the meantime I'll just hang out a bit and see what tomorrow brings.
    Wings...yeah, I guess we can still be friends. My daughter in law and daughter's boyfrind are Vikings too so I guess I'm getting used to them. LOL Give me a clue to where you live. Are we close? Wouldn't it be funny if we knew each other :)
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    I am an hour or so north of you,in the big "W".
    Hey,that kinda rythms.We go to Viking land sometimes. Dear hubby has relatives there.

    God Bless
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    you if you attend any support groups.I went to a information meeting today that was wonderful.It was put on by one of the large hospitals up here. Just being in a room with other people that know how this feels was terrific. I am going to go to a support meeting up here next Wed.. There is one 30 min. away from you on Thurs. nights. These are once a month. Interested? Contact the Arthritis Foundation office up here and they can give you dates,times and location. I can't put that on here.

    I bet we know some of the same people. If not my MIL knows alot of people down that way. She used to live where you are at and is now in Viking land.

    God Bless