I filed for disability over a year ago and have not heard

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    I filed for disablitity over a year ago and I don't know where the case stands. I saw their doctor last May 29th 2006 and at the first of January I had the x-ays on my knees. I recieved the results about a week ago as did my pain doctor so I know that the disability medical board has them as well.

    Last time I called it was before the medical review board.
    But that was before I had the knee x-rays. I talked to my pain doctor today who said that with the depression and all the pain from the facet syndrome, ddd, bulging discs, spinal stenonis, MPS, asthma and the fibro , would count as my being 27% disabled. Add my knees to the mix and am just over 30% disabled.

    The asthma is something that helps add a percent or two to the count. As you haev to breathe and exreme stress can set off asthma and cause you to need hospital help and could lead to death. SCary right. I think I will be usuing my inhalers more often. Even though I really hate how they make me feel.

    To qualify for disabiltiy you have to be over 8 -9 % diabled. He said that the depression counts the most and the rest of my pain problems are about 5-6 % of the totally disablity.I am just wondering how long this takes to qualifiy for disability. I hope that with this new report about my knees having end-stage osteoarthritis and loose bodies foating around in my joint will help me to have a better chance at getting some help.

    Not that is means that i am going to qualify for it as this is my first try. HE went on to say that with the problems I have there is no one who would be willing to hire me. I have not ever been told that I have to talk to a judge or anyone else so I have not a clue as to what is going to happen to me next .

    I am a bit scared as I feel like I have been forgotten about. I really need the help from them. I wish I knew what was really going on with my case.

    I was a dental assistant and I can't sit or stand for more than a few moments so that job is OUT, I was a Nurse Aide but I can't life more than 15 lbs once or twice every 1 or so. I can't stand long or sit for a long time. My wrist is so bad that I can't hardly type let alone hand instrumetns to a dentist.

    It takes me a very long time to type a post.
    As I keep hitting my left wrist on the base of where the key board sits and this causes me great stabbing sharp , cutting ,burning, nasty pain. So there is nothing that I can do.

    NO one is going to want to hire me for any thing becuase of the type of meds I am on. So when they ask him if he feels that I can work he will tell them that I am not going to be released from his care to work. I will only get worse not better. I forgot to say that I also have degenteive joint disease as well. I am just falling apart.

    I so need the money from disabity even though it will not be a great sum of money it would be really helpfull for me to help pay some bills at least. I am just hoping and praying that I will be the exception and qualify for disabilty on my first try. But I doubt that it will happen.

    I am so sick of being in pain and being so darn tired that I just want to scream and cry. I hurt so bad as we have been having alot of storms and it is cold and wet. I am under alot of stress which makes my asthma act up and worse at times.

    I hate feeling like I do. I am wanting to feel like I once did good, semi pain free, I could walk do so much more than I can now.

    Well now that my left hand is burnign and numb at the same time I am going to go to bed now and try to get some sleep. I just wish I knew where I stood with this disability case. I don't and I know that I should not stress over things that are out of my control but I can't help it sometimes.
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    My first denial took over a year also. Come to find out, the person who was originaly in charge of my case quit their job and did not pass my case on to anyone. So unfortunately it just sat collecting dust for six months.

    During all that time I tooo was calling and asking how things were doing and I was told it was in medical review. If you have not already done this, I would call and find out who my caseworker is and ask to speak with them yourself.

    Its so hard with these people because you don't want them losing your paperwork etc. so you want to call and make sure they are doing their jobs right. But then your afraid to do this because they hold your financial medical wellbeing and in their hands and you don't want to make them mad.

    It is a sad sad system!!!!

    I hope you have better luck than I have had so far. (just recieved 2nd denial), which by the way also took more than a year because four months after doing my appeal they claimed they never recieved one! Thank god my lawyer did mail reception certification and we had proof that we did send the appeal 4 months earlier. If we had not had that verafication we would have had to start all over again with a brand new case!

    Be sure to keep your records, make copies get things verified etc. Good luck amd take care of youself, and don't let the butheads get you down.

    Love and prayers, Joy
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    That's a long time not to get anything back at all. If your waiting for your first denial or approval, I would contact your state's governor as this would still be in his jurisdiction. If you are waiting for a hearing contact your state's US Senator's and get them to inquire into the case for you, if contacting social security is not helping.
    I hope this helps

    God Bless

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