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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dzlady, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. dzlady

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    For social security disability a couple weeks ago. I dont know how its going to go, kinda worried about it. I know there is always the attorney route and will go that route if necessary.

    I was just recently diagnosed with Fibro, after suffering with it for 10 + years, I believe. I havent worked in almost a year. I am not usually one that goes to the doctor for every little ache or pain, so there is very little documentation from medical resources. Basically just since June of this year. Besides, they told me they would only go back 2 years in my medical history to begin with.

    My husband and I were talking the other day about how I am feeling now, compared to this time last year. I wasnt on any medications this time last year and I actually feel much worse now, as far as pain, discomfort and what I can tolerate and what I cant. This summer has taken a lot out of me. The heat. I stayed inside most of the summer. And now that its cooled off, somewhat, I cant be outside very long in the sunlight, as it has horrible ramifications in my pain level, not to mention it just seems to drain every ounce of energy I have, if I have any...lol

    The SS office sent out questionnaires for me to fill out. Wanting to know the last 15 years of my work history, how much I made and when I worked from when to when. Really? I have trouble remembering what I did last week, let alone, something that was 15 years ago. Thankfully, my husband and I have been together for over 15 years (married 14 1/2 of those). He was able to help remember, even though the dates and the $ per hour are not correct, I am sure.

    Then they also sent out a questionnaire for him to complete, as well as one for me to complete. They wanted to know who else knew of my condition and to give them name, complete address and phone number. Well, since I dont really associate with my family (two-faced back stabbers) and I keep mostly to myself, I only had one person, my BFF, who lives 12 hours from me now (and has for the last year). I dont know what she will be able to confirm or if she will even be consulted considering the distance she lives from me now.

    I have been thru the Social Security Information post, well, quite a bit of it anyhow. I just was curious what some who have filed experienced and what I can expect.

  2. kellygirl

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    I filed online at first and months later checked back and it's good I did, it never went through and I went to the office and had it done again with someone who works there.

    The first time, most are turned down hoping you don't come back (my opinion). I got an attorney right away, one from the office that had won my workman comp. I didn't have to do anything and when I attended the hearing, it went through. My attorney explained they "gridded me out" my age helped, I am 57.

    I didn't like winning a low settlement with workman comp. but then I had to pay it back so they take a little out each month. So, it all worked out.

    I don't receive much but it makes me eligible for other benefits along the way. The back-pay put a new roof on my mobile home, which was important.
  3. rockgor

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    Have you visited the Disability board? Do you have an attorney? Most posters
    here say you must have an attorney. Don't make the mistake of thinking the
    Soc Sec office will help you.

    Get a big box. Save everything the SS people send you. Save a copy of everything
    you send them. If there are phone calls, make notes w/ time, date and who.

    Most claims are denied, and benefits are only awarded following an appeal.

    I got denied SS benefits based on disability 5 years ago. Which was kinda funny
    considering I never applied for them.

    Good luck

  4. dzlady

    dzlady New Member

    I filed online. I had to print out what I completed online before submitting. Then I received two questionnaires and one for a third party to complete. Those were completed and faxed, so I have copies of all that has been sent. I did double check to make sure that the stuff was received and it was. I also included a statement (5 pages long) of how this affects my daily life. Things I can and cannot do, in more detail than was allowed in the questionnaire. Just keeping my fingers crossed. I will hire an attorney if it is denied, as I know how these boards work. My mother was disabled and given that status by her doctor and still had to hire her an attorney to get her case won.

    Its ironic that her and I both have become disabled at the same age. I am 40 and so was she. I have a lot of the same symptoms she had but for a different reason. Her and I are not speaking at the present moment...she doesnt understand my diagnosis and how it affects me and I am a bit short tempered...well, actually very short tempered. I dont have the time to explain it to her nor at this point do I want to.

    Maybe its my major depression or maybe its just that I am tired of people and their stupidity, but I would rather just sit here at home, by myself (with hubby and son) and live in my own little bubble world where no one can hurt me...or at least I like to think that.


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