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    To all my old friends I haven't chatted with in such a long time... Hello! No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. I had computer probs for a long time (bad comp virus). But... the good news is I FINALLY GOT MY SS DISABILITY APPROVED!!! My hearing was in December and I got word a few weeks ago that the judge approved my case--YAY! I've finally got some money coming in! I sat down and cried when I got that letter. It has been such an uphill battle getting my benefits approved. But to those of you out there about to give up... DON'T! Get a good lawyer and keep appealing! And hope you get a fair judge. They are out there. And let me stress the importance of finding a good doc who understand FM. Mine is wonderful. He testified for me and said that I would NEVER be able to work a 40 hr work week again--and I'm only 38 yrs old. Hang in there everybody and DON'T GIVE UP!!!... Carla
  2. Kay2

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    CONGRATS!! This gives the rest of us hope that are still waiting for a hearing. I could go anytime now??? Just waiting to hear from my attorney. Hoping soon!!
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    Thanks Carla,

    Congratulations, I am just going through the beginning phases now and I have heard some of the horror stories out there. I have no intention of giving up.
    Good luck to you,
  4. blondieangel

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    so very happy for you. Took me 18 months w/ an attorney...applied when I was 38, but had also applied at age 29 and was denied. I have been sick my entire adult life. i hope this will give you some peace of mind!
    Love, ~B~
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    GREAT news for you and others with FMS.
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    well done for hanging in there! mine was accepted not too long ago now, they've screwed up the payments and i'm getting phone calls from them daily to try and figure it out - but at least there is money coming in! congrats!!

  7. Betsy2

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    When I read your post, I nearly cried myself. The waiting for approval is pure hell, I have been there. Fortunately, I didn't have to go through the appeals process though. The stress the waiting causes is so tremendous that when you do get approved the pain seems to lessen because of the bodies reaction to stress. Anyway, I am so happy for you, Congrats!!
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    congratulations...I have my hearing on Mon, fianally. I've been going through this for a couple of years. I was feeling a little better about myself, untill yesterday.
    I went to see my SSI advisors and had to talk about what I can't do anymore and have been crying every since. I pray I will get a good ruling from the judge and not have to go through this stress anymore. I try to focus on the few things I can do, but yesterday really was an emotional set back for me...anyway....I'm pleased for you and it gives me hope
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    I am trully happy for you. From reading posts on here, it can be a very long process. Hope your $ start coming soon.

    I just went to my application interview yesterday. I was there 1-1/2 hours, needless to say I cam home completely draind and took a nap.

    again congrats, now maybe you can get rid of some of the stress.

    best wishes
  10. Sunflowergrl

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    ~*~Congratulations Carla ~*~

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful news with us :)
  11. Mikie

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    Congratulations. I'm so happy for you.

    Love, Mikie
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    Bravo. I am so happy for you. Big stressor gone. I was accepted lat month too. This was my long term disability from my employee plan. Took almsot a year but I got it and all the back payemnt to July 2002. Got over $13,000. Cant complain at that. I am very gratefull to them for approving. It is a huge stress gone. I am undregoing cancer therapy and trying to recover from surgery so I dind need the added financial stress. I was fortunate too that I was able to settle without legal assistnace. It so nice the see the good guys are winning.
    love poodlemum