I finally have a diagnosis!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Bailey-smom, Aug 23, 2005.

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    I wanted to thank everyone for the warm welcome yesterday! I just got back from the Dr and thought I would post the results. I took in a folder with information I found on FM and he agreed that this is probably what I am suffering from. He said that he will help me with anything I need to be comfortable.

    I made an appointment for tomorrow to see the PT to help work out the neck pain. My health insurance will only pay for 20 office visits per year but PT has its own benefit of 40 visits so I will go there instead of to the Chiropractor.

    I have been taking Ultracet for the pain, neurontin for my legs (I’ve been on it since 1999), Lexapro for depression and cyclobenzap at night as a muscle relaxant due to the pain in my neck and shoulders. Everything seems to be helping – although we don’t know about the Neurontin because I have been on it so long that I don’t know how effective it is anymore. I have not had the side effects like I have read others experience in their threads but my lower back & leg pain is still very strong. I am going to continue doing my walking & biking – it seems to help.

    I will be looking for vitamins/herbs etc that may help but if there are suggestions please let me know!

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    it is nice to have something we know actually confirmed by a Dr. isn't it? Good luck with your treatment. I have gotten a lot of supplement advice on this board and they have helped tremendously.

    I see a chiro regularly, but am only getting 18 visits per year. I have also thought of going to PT in between. I am allowed something like 32 of those.
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    It must be a relief to know what you're dealing with. Now you can take even more positive steps back to better health!

    For vitamins and supplements, I'd suggest checking out the ProHealth "store" tab (a yellow tab at the top of this page) to see what's available. ProHealth is the company that kindly provides us all with this invaluable message board space, and from what I understand, purchases help to keep this board going.

    I'm no expert, but personally I take a calcium/magnesium supplement (fibromites generally have magnesium deficiencies), a glucosamine supplement for joints, "cell food", a multivitamin and have just recently added probiotics to my supplement regime.

    Definitely keep up the walking and biking...now I will go and take my own advice and get back on my treadmill, which I've neglected this summer (and I feel the consequences!)

    Good to have you here! Wishing you well, nature