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    Thanks to all of you who responded to my earlier post.

    BDTMU516 & Bluesky555 - Both of you basically asked what my diagnosis was. My actual diagnosis was CFIDS, but doctors also found the following:

    *Epstein-barr virus
    *Low testosterone
    *Low NK Cells
    *An EMG revealed nerve dysfunction at the wrist and some
    slowing of the nerve across the elbow (the judge noted
    *Abnormal muscle biopsy which suggested lipid storage
    disease, which later was showed to be negative (but the
    judge noted this as well).

    BDTMU516 you also asked if doctors seemed to help my case. I really only had one or two doctors that seemed to know much about CFIDS. Dr. Salvato in Houston wrote a letter for me that really helped. The following is what the judge stated in his letter concerning this:

    "In June 2008, treating source, Dr. Salvato reported that the claimant had no change in his symptoms with continued fatigue, dizziness, weakness, muscle and joint pain and stomach pain. Consequently, she recommended that for every 1 hour of activity, even sedentary, the claimant required 2 hours of rest. Dr. Salvato also noted that claimant's abdominal problems prevented him from taking medications. She further opined that the claimant remains totally disabled from any gainful employment as a direct result of symptom severity."

    Thanks again for responding to my earlier post.

    God bless!


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    Hi there,
    I created a new post since there seems to be so many new approvals. It is entitled "SSDi - Social Security Disability Testimonies - Add yours"

    I think it would be great if you added your testimony (if you get a minute)>


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