I Finished the Clinical U of NC FM/Arthritis Program

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    Someone posted on here about the fact that the U of NC was conducting a trial test of their 'at home' program for FM/Arthritis.

    I was approved a while back and recieved all the materials.

    It consisted of an initial question sheet of how I felt before beginning the study, a detailed exercise guide and two CDs that verbally led you through the exercises, so you did not really have to look at the book.

    In the next portion there were all kinds of papers on ways to evaluate your own pain and 'helpful hints' for people like us.

    Next was a relaxation CD of the kind where a woman guides you through tightening your muscles and then releasing them. She starts at the feet and works up.

    The last part was an entire book called 'The Arthritis Handbook'. It had a part about FM, but I was not happy with that.

    They will interview me in another two months while I work the program.

    I am now doing it off and on.

    They do use the word FM many times, which is bonus instead of just focusing on arthritis.

    If I were to evaluate it now I would say that the best part of the home program are the 2 CDs that guide you through an hour of exercises--from gentle stretching all the way through dancing.

    They stress to only do as much as you can.

    Well--thank you to whoever posted that lead.

    I told you all I would fill you in when it was here and I was doing it.

    That is about it. Would I buy the program? Probably not, but I will stress to the U of NC that I would buy the two exercise CDs.

    That was the best part of it.

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    The exercises were pretty much typical, but slower and a voice to guide you slowly.

    It started with raising the arms, moving the neck, raising the hands, standing at a chair and bending over and so on.

    It ends with 'body dancing'---moving every part of your body as much as it could stand.

    So, it concentrated on the neck, back, shoulders, arms, back, legs and hit every single spot.

    It seemed long, but it was complete.

    If U of NC was to ask me, which they will, I would tell them just to market the exercise CDs.

    Supposedly they will do the clinical trial again in three months.

    The toll free number to volunteer to be a test dummy is:


    This number has been posted here before. That is how I got it.

    It is a nice program to try and you get to keep the CDs and books.