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    Well, I did it and I am so relieved, I fired my attorney today. As one of you suggested, don't remember who, that I call SS to see if I had a case on file. I called SS today and she checked everywhere, no case for me.

    I called my attorney and about fell over when he answered the phone, that was a first. His phone mail is usually full and he doesn't answer emails. He works from home and has no staff so there was no one to talk to. So today he lied to me and said "he was waiting for SS to call him back". Right, another lie. His other two lies were that he would "file next week". Busted!!!

    I've already done so much work on the SSI forms and have collected most of my records. While I had SS on the phone I made an appointment. I'm going to try it myself first. I've learned so much information from this site and Disnissues that I think I can do this. If I screw up I'll hire ALLSUP.

    Wish me luck and I welcome your advise,


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    If he gives you any grief, just say the word "malpractice" and you will never hear another word from him. He has ethics to follow. An attorney always copies you on everything he/she sends on your behalf -- even if it is for records, etc. Good luck, you did the right thing.
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    I was extremely fortunate. I filed by myself and was accepted firsttime, had results within 4 months. All of my doctots and therapist were all im agreement. Just follow the directions they give you. Answer every question the best you can. If you have any questions let us know
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    Good for you. I would definately report him to the state bar association. Save someone else from his lousy work.

    Best of luck with your case. I might suggest getting the book "Nolo's Guide to Social Security Disability". It has invaluable info in there for anyone filing.

    Also, I used Allsup and they won my case at the judical level. I was very happy with them.

    M J
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    I feel for you. I've been there too. I had an attorney back in late 2004 who was supposed to file for me. Did they? Big fat NO! I was sooo mad. I fired her and collected my file of information from her. I then called up the state Legal Aid, talked to a couple of people in my local suppport group and went with a great lawyer. However it put me a 1 year behind. I did eventually win my case, they were reviewing cases right before my hearing and went ahead and approved me (12/2007) but still that was a long wait. Good luck to you.

  6. kitteejo

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    Someone here had told me about the NOLO book, it may have been you, M J, but anyways I ordered it on line right away. I bought it used so it was real cheap and in great condition. I did use it to help me fill out my forms also along with others advise.

    I am so grateful for all of the advise I get. My appointment is Monday, will keep everyone posted.

  7. kitteejo

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    This is my first time filing and I'm going to try to do it on my own. I hired the attorney because I thought that would help my case. I was afraid to file also but everyone here said not to wait, do it as soon as possible so that's why I went ahead with this. I gathered all my information and put together a pretty good package, I think, will know more after Monday.

    I have CFID, FM and Depression. About two weeks ago I was diagnosed with Bipolar II. That was news to me. My primary DX that gives me the most trouble is the CFID and depression and that is what I'm going after.

    I was laid off in early 2007 and have not worked since. I did work while I was sick for a few years but presently I can't even do a half hour of house work.

    If you would like help I could give you some help after Monday. I'm going to be busy all weekend making sure I didn't miss anything.

    Can't remember if I missed any of your questions, will go back and check.


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