I Fired My Pain Management Nurse

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by abcanada, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. abcanada

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    I had my first meeting with the nurse who was assigned to take care of my Pain management Program. She's supposed to coordinate my treatment with all the docs in the office. First of all I was very emotional, as every time I see anyone regarding this I get choked up while explaining how my illness is dictating my life. I have 4 small kids & whenever I mention them I get worse, as I hate how my illness dictates thier lives as well. One of the first things the B_TCH asked me in a snarky voice if anyone has talked to me about NOT having any more kids...very unprofessional I thought, and so do alot of others. Then when I went over all my symptoms she said you have a migraine disorder, thats your problem, I know. I said I had no idea that would cause severe joint/muscle pain, and said it was funny as 2 Neurologists had not settled with that. She shut up quickly. She had also challenged my mother & sisters knowledge about migraines(they are both emerg nurses in a trauma /er ) They see the worst of the worst & are convinced there's something more to my problems than that. She also made alot of comparisons about her life VS. mine. She made me feel like another hypochondriac who thinks I'm dying. I was finding it hard to make a list of goals, she kept bugging, and then finally said it wasn't a good time to do it. I said that I was emotional about this 6 months ago and will likely still be 6 months away if things don't improve. She sighed alot, and just stared at me when I got upset. GRRRRR. Tomorrow morning I'm phoning the coordinator & requesting that I get another nurse to handle my care...One that cares. Everyone else there is so kind & compassionate. I did tell her one thing I got from this whole situation was a backbone!!! She'll find that out tomorrow! Thanks for listening, I've been very sick, nanny not showing up and going down. Take care, Laura
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    I'm so sorry you did not find a nurse who was more compassionate. I too find people so narrowminded and uncompassionate. I have to find myself another dr. and who knows what she has been writing in my charts and I am much too afraid to find out. It would probably devastate me.

    Good for you in sticking up for yourself. You are like me...when I get mad I get a backbone too!!!

    Goodluck in your search for a new nurse. Keep us posted.
  3. I hate it when the nurses have attitude and pretend to be drs. I have been having horrible head aches and went to the dr. for a second time as nothing helped. She says "YOU MEAN WITH THAT INJECTION AND PILLS YOUR STILL HAVING THEM!" Real nasty way she said it, I was shocked, I felt bad enough. She is a miserable person, and how she picked her to work with patients is beyond me. The ladies at the desk said she is always like that, because my husband once asked them what her problem was.
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    A a nurse, I 'm always a little embarassed to hear stories like yours. However, she acted inappropriately and she needs to know that. Good for you! I hope you finally find someone who really cares.

  5. Mini4Me

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    Write a letter to the medical association. Even if they take no action, it will be part of her permanent file.

    Good for you, you deserve better!
  6. TinaJones

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    I'm sorry that you had a bad visit - I can't believe some of the things she said. You are doing the right thing by changing nurses.

    I always get the SAME way when I go to the doc and talk about my kids. I start crying, too.

    Anyway, let us know what happens. Take good care..Tina
  7. leubie

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    hey laura!!! i just read your post about this so called nurse!!!! i can not understand how someone w/ that personality is allowed to corridinate cases????-------------im sorry you had to go through all that-------------what was the outcome???------(if you feel like sharing!!??)------------i hope all is better---------take care----------love to all------------laura

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