i found a cfs dr..that takes my insurance..yessss

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    IN MY STATE, WHich is new york, i will be seeing a dr.that sees people with cfs, and the good thing about this is he takes my insurance, i believe i hit the jack pot, even thou he might really dont know what he might be talking bout, i am going to see him for the first time, and dont have to pay anything, i have HIP, im covered, all i had to do was get a referral, from my PCP, WHICH I GOT already and they have it, it was faxed to them, all im waiting on now is for the 1st of september to get here, i hope im not disappointrted and he deals with candidas also.... jackpot, cause i have this too.... no more running all over looking for one that dont want money up front, i hope he's worth my darn time, i have to go pray now. i will report back to the board how it work out.
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    I went to an "Honor Roll" doctor in California he took my blood pressure at the end of the hour and it was 180/97. He had done less research that I have and was pushing out dated treatment. When I said I was having a lot of trouble sleeping he said "most older folks do" Then he started pushing pills that of course he sold in his office. I've never been any more upset. I always remind myself the 50% of the Doctors graduate in the bottom of the class. But if was more money out of my pocket.