I found a Doc!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ForeverFlaring, Apr 21, 2003.

  1. ForeverFlaring

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    OK...I am bouncing off the walls here! I have lived in my town since October. I cannot tell you how many insensitive doctors I have seen. I had basically given up. I read another post where someone said they called around to doctors offices and I decided to do that.

    I called one office and was told I would be seen but referred to a Rheumy. I called another and another and didnt get the response I was looking for. I closed my eyes and asked God to lead me to one who would help me. I looked under Internal Medicine and one ad caught my eye..."Personal Care in An Age of Assembly Line Medicine". Well curiosity got the better of me, and I called. I first explained I was relatively new to this town and had not found a physician who adequately treats fibromyalgia, and did that office treat fibromyalgia? She actually chuckled and said MOST of their patients had fibro and she asked me if I wanted a few names to check references of some patients!! She also said one of their staff members has fibro so they are especially understanding. I immediately made an appt. I am SO EXCITED! Unfortunately I had to make the appt the same day I go to the SSDI psychiatrist, so I hope the psychiatrist doesnt keep me more than an hour and a half.

    I just had to share this, there is light at the end of my tunnel!!

    Oh, I almost forgot!! Get this. The receptionist offered to go ahead and mail me all the forms to fill out in advance! She said she knows that it is hard to fill all that stuff in at once while sitting waiting for a doc, so she would mail them to me so I could do a little each day!!

    God is good....he really is! :)
  2. AnnG

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    And, congratulations! Having an understanding Doctor makes all the difference in the world!

  3. kmelodyg

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    Good for you!!! That is so great to hear!! I hope that this doc turns out to be someone that will listen to you and work with you. I pray to God that someday I will be in your shoes too!! Congratulations!!

    Love and Big Hugs,
  4. layinglow

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    I went through the same BAD doctor dilema, and had given up entirely. One day I said---You have got to go back to the search, and I did! Like you I called ahead--and got a receptionist of the same caliber--there was hope!

    I have been seeing my GOOD DOC for over 8 months now--he is fantastic, heck his whole staff is fantastic! The progress, healthwise I have made has been astounding, too.

    I try to keep encouraging those who post about Bad docs, not to give up find a good doc.... call ahead, interview, go to other cities, drive or ride along way if neccessary---whatever it takes to get quality TREATMENT!

    I am so happy for you!
  5. Cara-Sue

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    good for you!!i cant believe you have found a good dr.i have yet to find one but i am so glad you have.keep us posted!
  6. ForeverFlaring

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    Thanks! I haven't actually been to see him yet but I am excited! I will let you all know how it went.
  7. Tibbiecow

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    I'm just glowing all over to hear someone tried my posted advice and got somewhere.
    Nobody needs to pay their hard earned money to see insensitive jerks.
    I hope when you see this doc you feel about him the way I do mine and hug him when you leave the office.
    Love, Tibbie
    And LOTS of hugs, too!