I found a Physician who cares... and prescribed me what works...

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    and am so darn happy. She completely went over my medical history and was happy to write a prescription for a medication that has truly worked wonders for me. It is Cognex (Tacrine) and in a certain subset of patients it works wonders, as it has for me. It does require a monthly liver panel, but what the heck. Did it take a considerate and compassionate female Dr. to listen openly and carefully to a patient that has been ill for 23 years and very, very ill for the past 3 years (bedridden for much of the time)?. I don't know but I am so darn pleased with my new PCP I can hardly stand it. For the past several months I begged my Doc for a prescription of Cognex and he refused and stopped me from taking it the last time.
    We all know that CFS/FM patients all react differently to a variety of medications and this would not be for everyone. But, it has certainly changed me in just two days. Dr. Jay A. Goldstein has documented a case report of a 33 year old that had taken the same med and as me "the most beneficial medicine I have ever tried". Increase in alertness energy and cognitive processing are some of the benefits that I have derived from this med as well as an increase in stamina and energy.
    I Love my new Doctor.
    I have been blessed, and thank the Lord for sending this Dr. in my direction.
    To all others. Don't quit. "Don't ever give up" as a famous North Carolina State Basketball coach once said (Jim Valvano). Find a kind and compassionate doctor that is will to listen to you and don't give up until you find the right one. It may pay you dividends many times over.

    Thank you for listening and letting me share this with you. Many huge hugs... :) :) :)


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    I love hearing when people find docs that are good to work with. You are right, it is a great blessing. I am very happy for you! -Karen
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    So many of us have had unpleasant experiences with doctors, it's good to hear of a positive one. BTW, where is this doctor? What part of the country are U in?
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    So good to hear such great news, thank you for sharing, listening was a pleasure. You are so right too with the comment we must not ever give up hope..no matter how frustrating of an adventure it might be. I currently don't have a doc that has any real knowledge about fibro, but hesitate to find a new one yet as I am planning to move to Florida by next autumn. Again I am really celebrating your success with you this evening! love, Rebel
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    a small town in Southern Utah. Actually,we are a major town as far as Utah is concerned. But only about 20,000 residents but growing.
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    Hi Gritman:
    What dosage are you on? Glad you found a good doctor who can help you.
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    prescribed was 10 mg taken 4 times per day. I love your name ... I have a wonderful niece of the same first name and she is a sweetheart... as I am sure you are as well. I hope this helps some. Read the following as I described this case history in the initial post:

    Tacrine (Cognex) 10 mg

    approved for Rx of Alzheimer’s dementia, it is a centrally- acting cholinesterase inhibitor, increasing brain levels of acetylcholine. It works differently in CFS than the peripherally acting cholinesterase inhibitor, pyridostigmine (Mestinon). Tacrine is sometimes effective when Mestinon is not, and vice-versa. Those who take Tacrine require bi-weekly monitoring of liver function tests. Tacrine blocks voltage- gated K+, Na++, and Ca++ channels. Other agents useful in CFS also block K+ channels ( gamma globulin, dihydropyridine, Ca++ channel blockers, 5-HT2 agonists, sulfonylureas, and the antiarrhythmic sotalol. ) Tacrine also seems to block NMDA channels in the open state, prolonging NMDA response. K+ channel blockers should be useful in neurosomatic disorders because they produce membrane depolariza- tion and release of neurotransmitters.
    Case Report

    33 yr old developed CFS after treatment for amoebic dysentery and giardiasis and had to drop out of her Ph. D. program. She had a history of endometriosis and interstitial cystitis. She did not benefit from multiple antidepressants, IV ascorbic acid, antifungals, or kutapressin. She complained of multiple chemical sensitivities and a disorder of initiating and maintaining sleep, for which she took Serax. She was tender over 18/18 fibromyalgia tender points. She had moderate responses to naphazoline, nitroglycerine and nimodepine, which increased her energy somewhat. Gabapentin 100 mg made her "much more alert" but she stated she felt too "speedy". The next day she took 100 mg of gabapentin then hydralazine 25 mg, which eliminated her tender points. She estimated her energy level at 40% compared to 10% (she could barely walk when she came in. ) After tacrine 10 mg she stated that she felt much better, and after 10 mg more reported that she felt the best she had in five years. She stated that tacrine, the most beneficial medication she tried, made her more alert, increased her energy, enhanced her "cognitive processing and assimilation of information", and gave her a general feeling of well-being. She continues on this regime (tacrine 20 mg tid, gabapentin 100mg tid, and hydralazine 25mg bid - tid ) and is returning to graduate school.

    Hope this is of some value to you.
    Huge Hugs,
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    I can certainly relate to what you are saying here. I left my home town of 46 years recently to move south and I lost what I refer to as my "Angel" rheaumatologist. I am hoping to find a physician here in SC that is comparable.
    What a blessing for you to have found a compassionate physician.

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    Hi gritman so glad you have at last been given some thing that makes you feel better 23 years is a long time with a illness to find the right stuff i hope it continues for you
    lots of love Loopyloo x
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    Hi Gritman:
    Thank you for your informative info. and nice words.
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    This sound like the same type of meds but with a different mfg. Unfortunately I dont remember seeing gritman around for a long time now so he probably wont reply. Hope this helps.