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    Hello, I have tears in my eyes as I write this. I have FM/CFIDS and have been on the FM. board new to all this. I also have been doing a lot of praying. Yesterday I went to the depression board and posted a topic "REMEMBER JOB". My heart went out to these ones. Some seem to have no hope at all. I have problems too so when I got up this morning, I took my Bible and opened it to Matt. ch.4. I hadn't heard from my daughter who is very lost in almost 2 months. I ask the Lord; Please have Kimberly call me. Before I closed my Bible the phone rang! I just cried. Then later, I was in the cancer board and saw a post from Takesha about a 24 hr. prayer chain. I've never been here before. I ask God to lead me. When I read your post,I knew I've been feeling the same way. There is power in prayer! I just want to say; God bless you , I need prayer too. Sheila, Topeka Ks.
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    Praise that the Lord heard your blessing,Amen. Dear Lord thank you for all the blessings that you have bestowed on Sheila. Thanks you for being by her side and drawing her clser to you. Lord, please give Sheila comfort,Peace, and strength and place your healings hands on her. Just continue to bless her in any way you can.

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    You are always welcome here. I am so happy the Lord directed you this way. The power of prayer is so beautiful. I will keep you and your daughter on my prayer list. Keep in touch with us and let us know how things are going with you. hugs, mama
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    It is 10:20PM - so this is still the Thursday Nite prayer hour - and you and your daughter are in my prayers rignt now. May He also lift your depression. Hugs from grandma
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    Thank you so very much for all your prayers. I would like to be on the prayer chain. The post on this board blesses me every day as i read how God is moving and feeding his sheep God Bless, Sheila
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    Glad you are here and hope you find much encouragement from the people on this board! Will be praying for you.
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    Grandma, I'd like you to know, I need and appreciate your prayers. God bless you, Sheila