i found someone to help me!

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  1. sweetbeatlvr

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    i worked myself into a frenzy before going to the appointment, afraid that i would be told i didn't need any help, just a psychologist, but it turned out wonderful.

    she listened to everything i had to say, didn't question me, and gave me the same prescriptions my other nurse practioner did! (if anyone followed my other post awhile back, i was the one who was dropped because they thought i was not taking my meds)

    i am so thankful i don't have to hurt (as much) anymore!

    i just wanted to say that if anyone is having trouble finding a doctor, perhaps try finding a nurse practioner. it has been my experience that they have been the best listeners, and seem to be knowledgeable about FM.

    best wishes to anyone out there searching for relief. i pray you get the the relief you deserve.
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  2. Mikie

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    Medical treatment my Mom and I received has been from PA's.

    Love, Mikie
  3. monica33flowers

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    I'm so happy you found someone to help you. I know you've had so much pain and such a long journey in just trying to find someone to help. I really feel for you since you are waitressing. I did that many years part-time and it is hard work especially with this DD
  4. lukelinnmark

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    I read some of your post in the past and I'm glad you found somebody to take you serious.It seems like thats the first things most doctors think is your a mental case,if they only new how it feels.I went to alot of doctors till I found 1 that would listen to me to.take care and god bless.Mark
  5. sweetbeatlvr

    sweetbeatlvr New Member

    not only am i getting some relief, but it's amazing how much better my state of mind is. i don't feel down and depressed anymore.

    it's so sad that people are left to hurt.

    not only are (some) doctors, leaving patients to hurt, but they are also giving patients depression too.

    i wish they could see this!