I Found The Best Doc On This Planet!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kmelodyg, Aug 1, 2003.

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    Yipeeeee! Yahoooo! Today I had my first appointment with my new doc. She was fantastic! She is pretty young, in her early 30's and is from India (but speaks very good English). She is also new to the Health Center as well.

    We only had a 15 minute appointment, so we had to make it brief. Basically I gave her a run down about my history. I had written out some lists of symptoms and medications that I have had. I talked about my last IDIOT doctor and his "ideas of treatment". She just laughed and rolled her eyes. I also told her that I currently do not have insurance.

    She did not even flinch when I said FMS. She was very familiar with it. After looking over my symptoms though, she said that she wants to run all new tests, every possible test. I will probably be drained of gallons of blood! She wants to rule out the possibilties for Hypothyroidism, MS, Lupus, and Lyme Disease. I could not agree more.

    She also said that AS SOON as my Medicaid goes through and the test results are in, she is going to give me a massive amount of referrals to all different specialists. The Pain Clinic, Neurologist, Rhumetologist, Psychiatrist, etc. I will basically be spending everyday at different doctors offices! I am so happy that she is so determined to get to the bottom of this!

    Then we talked about medications. I told her that the Lortab alone, was not working as much as it should, and the Ultram was useless. I said that the Paxil was pretty good, but could be better. So, she suggested Klonipin and Neurontin!!!!! Yay!!! I suggested those to my last doc and he FLAT OUT REFUSED!! Who knows why, he's an idiot, like I said. I have really wanted to try them because of all the great things you all have said about them!! She also switched me to Norco instead of Lortab because of the fact that it has less acetomenaphin in it. My liver thanks her very much!!

    Isn't this wonderful!! I thought it was going to take me 20 or so more doctors before I found the right one. I think coming to her with all of the knowledge and lists, helped me alot to "click" with her. It is very obvious that I am fighting hard to get better, and I am not just a drug seeker!! I wish that she would tell my last doc that!!

    So when I left her, I shook her hand, and told her how excited I was to be working with her. I said that it is extremely difficult to find good doctors out there, and her she is on my 2nd try!! She said that she loves to make her patients happy!! WOW, thank you GOD!!!!

    Hopefully someone can read this and know that there is hope out there to find a good doctor. It is essential to have someone who will work with you and not treat you like an idiot! If you do not like how it's working with your doc, start calling around!! Get outta there!!! I wish I had a long time ago. But, no regrets. It was a HUGE learning experience!! Good luck!

    Lots of Love,
  2. Mikie

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    I'm so happy for you. I good doc is worth her weight in gold.

    Love, Mikie
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    I'm so happy for you! It's great when you have a good doctor on your side! I just came back from an appt. with my Family Doctor - I've been seeing him for almost 8 years now and he's wonderful too! He doesn't dismiss anything I say and is the first to tell me if he can't handle something - then he'll refer me to a specialist. But he is patient and understanding and listens to everything I say. I KNOW there are good docs out there - we just have to find them!!!!!

  4. Magee

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    Like you, I am thrilled with my care team. I was so fortunate to have such an amazing internist when I first got sick he sent me to a doc in SJ, CA who is a specialist in FMS.
    I was so scared when I moved because we live in the middle of nowhere. To my amazement, I have found an even more amazing team of doctors than I had in CA.
    I agree with you that it helps so much if you have your history, meds, what works, what doesn't written out.
    FYI: I asked my PCP if they were frustrated with me being in the office every month and they said, "Absolutely not! You are desperately trying to be well and we are so happy to work with someone who is willing to listen to our advice, act on it and to research on their own," They have 20 FMS patients in a small country practice and most of them are pretty severe cases, they said the ones they struggle with are the ones who aren't willing to do their part, who won't listen or participate in their care but still complain that nothing helps. As we are more educated about this disease and learn more about available options we will encourage our docs to be more informed.
    I'm very happy for you, Kathryn.
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    I am so happy for you!!! Doesn't that make all the difference in the world? To think that someone actually considers you a sane person with a real problem, and has a treatment plan to put into place for you. I am very happy you found this gem of a doctor!

    Good luck,
  6. lassiecass

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    Hi Kathryn,
    I am so glad everything worked out well for you. Maybe those white and blue healing lights I sent your way helped some, sure hope so. Oh, wouldn't it be great if all the Docs were so willing and able to help. I have seen such suffering on this board because of Docs that refuse to help and refer these poor patients to shrinks. See, there is always hope and that is what we all need to live with. Have a great weekend Kathryn and Hi to Mom.
    Soft Hugs,
    Sandy (Cass)
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    I also just found a really good doc who listens and knows his stuff. he is also running the tests that I had wanted- like hhv6, mycoplasma, and NK function. and will probably do the ISAC once he gets in contact with Hemex.

    the last doc I went to told me on my second visit that he didn't really believe in cfs. well, I hightailed it out of there and it was worth it.

    your right, it so great to find someone, and that you will gain a clearer picture of whats going on.

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    I am so happy for you! Sigh of relief! You and others here posted some good "food for thought".
    On my last visit to my doctor I used the tips on "How to talk to Your Doctor". I was very nervous about handing him my "point" sheet. I was afraid he would think I was trying to play doctor or run the show. But it didn't work out that way at all. He didn't mind a bit.
    I have been concerned also because I asked him for pain help on only my 4th visit with him and I was afraid he would think I was a drug seeker ( especially with all the phone calls I made, trying to get something that works before I leave town for 6 weeks.)
    Well your input about letting the doctor know we are doing our "homework", want to try different treatments, record what works what hasn't etc., helps me think I am establishing a good relationship with my doc. When I asked about anti-virals explaining I became sick after a virus he said we could talk about it next visit.
    My point in all this is that I really want to hang on to my first good doctor and from what you are saying I am not giving the wrong impression!
    Thank you!
  9. tandy

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    I'm so glad you found someone decent that can help you get somewhat better! Your right...A good Dr. is very hard to come by!!Can you share your finding with me?? Currently i'm going to oneida to a Rhuemy.(not so good) She is'nt willing to try things I mention,totally pushes the exersize part!!I could go on but won't~ Now I'm being tested for lupus,I already have a possitive ANA.(whatever that means!!LOL)I'm on Medicaid tho:( Seems most drs. are'nt even taking that anymore.(thats why I stick to who I have now....nothing else available to me) Is your new dr. in Syracuse? I use to see one out there in Manlius that was great!!He retired and transferred me to Oneida.
    If you could tell me who she is i'd be grateful~ Take care :)
  10. kmelodyg

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    YES OH YES!!!! I will definatly share my doc with you!!! Her name is Dr. Janardan, and she is located at Lifetime Health on Erie Blvd East in Syracuse, NY!!!!!! Please, please call her! You will not be disappointed! She is wonderful!! I live about a mile from there. You should e-mail me! I will give you her phone # . Mabye if you decide to see her, and you come into the city, we can meet for lunch or something! That would be great! I'd love to meet a fellow "FIBRO-SISTER"! Hope to hear from you soon!!

    Lots of love,
  11. tandy

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    I will e-mail you tomorrow,as I'm heading to the couch very soon.My upper back/neck is stiff and achier than hell!
    Hopefully my meds will help.....that GREAT stuff Darvecet and flexeril!!LOL(does'nt help enough) And I"ve meant to write for your book too....and the few times that I've gotten out a notebook and sat down to TRY to make this brain work.My kids are so darn loud and they're constantly interrupting my slight train of thought! Its almost impossible while they're awake!! and with this Fibro and endo,I'm the one to fall asleep first lately!(sad but true....yup,my kids have a life!!)I will get to it soon....you had said that there was'nt a rush since you figured it would take a few months or so to complete your notes. I will e-mail you tomorrow. And yes!!meeting for lunch would be great!! we can complain to each other about ...What hurts today!! what fun...I'm excited!! I am :) Till tomorrow....get some restful sleep~