I found the culprit that was making me NOT sleep!

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    Well As some of you know I hadn't slept in 6 days... I was really starting to be annoyed by this.... A week ago I was put on two medicines.
    Celebrex (for pain)
    Amitriptyline (for Sleep)
    Well when I took the meds and hadn't slept in 3 days I let my Doctor know and he took me off the Amitriptyline and put me on Zoloft.
    I still had not slept so when I tried for two more days they also put me on the Trazodone. Still no sleep. When taking the Trazodone at night I became very lightheaded and felt really "high" but when I laid down that is all I did... Just laid there!... I found that cutting Celebrex out of the picture let me sleep! And sleep I did! 10 hours of sleep.
    The only bad part of this was when my oldest came in and said my daughter was awake I just couldn't get up! Darling Boyfriend had to get up and take care of her. I just wouldn't budge out of that bed!!! LOL. No problem though... He could use some time with his daughter! LOL... I feel better after getting some sleep. I do have a sore throat (maybe from snoring so hard? LOL) and I feel like my left eye is black and blue. (No brusing but it hurts like H#**!!!!
    Sorry to ramble on. I just had to tell someone I finally got some ZZZZZZ'S!!!!

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  2. poohbearjenn71

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    Sorry to hear you were also recently Diagnosed. I feel for you. Hopefully we can all find the right mix of meds to help us all get better. I would like nothing more then to have my life back.

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    Heck, no apoligies needed when it comes to rambling, I think I am the Queen!LOL I'm always happy to hear of a mystery being solved. WE JUST NEVER know what drug is doing what. I have had things that were suppose to allow me to sleep that I was up on all night, somethings just backfire on us, our metabolism I think takes on a mind of its own. Anyway, glad to hear you are getting your days and nights squared away ! LOL

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    I just recently found out the very same thing, except mine was vioxx that was keeping me awake. I was on the vioxx (which is very similiar to celebrex) for about a yr and I hadn't had a good night sleep in about a yr. I literly could not sleep at all without taking a zanaflex before bed and as my body adjusted to that that was not helping. Then I started to get bad heartburn and other acid reflux symptoms so my dr took me off the vioxx and didn't replace it with anything and the second night that I was off of it I had the best sleep ever and I didn't take a muscle relaxer. Now I only need to take the zanaflex if needed for my muscles and not to help me sleep!
    Here's to a good night sleep for all!!!!