I found what WORKS finally

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    Hey all,

    I have had Fibromyalgia since February of 2002. I have tried many supplements and medications; none of them worked.

    About 2.5 weeks ago I started the Guafenisin Protocol. I started out at 1200mgs and I stayed on that dose for 1 week. Within two days, my pain was noticebly subsiding and I felt more whole and at peace. After the first week, I increased the dose to 1600mgs. That was 1.5 weeks ago; Today I am starting a new dose of 2400mgs. Just to let you know, none of my FMS symtoms have worsened. On the contrary, I am feeling better and better as the days go by.

    I do believe that (I hope I spell his name right) Dr. St. Amand is on the right track with his theory. I also believe that Guafenisin has neurological elements that work in the brain. I have read articles that explain this aspect of Guafenisin as a cause-effect. For example, if St. Amand is right, the Guai works in the body(Physiologically) and as a result you feel better. As a result of this, your brain releases more dopamine and because of the chemical reaction you percieve your pain signals differently.

    Anyway, sorry if I got off track. I really feel blessed that I finally found something that not only works, but is actually giving me my life back. I will keep you all posted on my progress.


    Nathan =)

    P.S. One more thing. I believe with my whole heart that if it weren't for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I would NEVER have found this website which has revealed so much to me about FMS and a variety of effective treatments.