I get headaches that last for 3-4 days; how many

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    of you had headaches before you were diagnosed with fibro or mps???? I had a total hysterectomy 10 years ago. About three months after my hysterectomy I started getting severe headaches. Never had them in my life before the "H" is there some reason that a woman can develop chronic daily headaches?? I am 42,and still have my ovaries,and have been tested for estrogen level etc. I have been told that the numbers are normal, but I have also heard that even if your ovaries remain they loose their blood flow ??? Causing early menopause. I was diagnosed with fibro three years ago; and had already been dealing with cdh (chronic daily headaches) many meds tried with no help. I was just wondering if any one else has the headache symptom. Thanks for any advice/info Take Care, Kathy
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    Hi, Kathy!

    Having had migraines for longer than I care to think about along with the same continuous intractable chronic daily headache I've had since 1983, I understand your frustration. I'm also 42, but my headaches have remained unchanged from the time I had a total hysterectomy over a year ago.

    I began having migraines in my teens, and over time they just kept getting worse and closer together until they merged into one big headache that never really goes away. On my worst headache days, I never know if the severity is going to last a day or three months. I've tried over 50 different preventive and abortive meds over the years, none of which were successful. But since being diagnosed with CFS/FM I have put my foot down on all the "experimenting" (I suspect all the stress of constantly changing all those powerful meds at megadoses contributed to my illness), so now I stick with the partial relief I get with long-acting opioids.

    I can't answer your question about blood flow to the ovaries. Who knows -- after much of the surrounding tissue has been removed, maybe they don't get as much blood supply. I do know that we all react differently to increasing or decreasing hormones, even within the "normal" range. And hormones can have a big influence on headaches. It's a myth that a woman's headaches will disappear when she has a hysterectomy, because for many, that's when they get worse. In your case, that's when they began. Perimenopause also begins much earlier than previously believed, so is it possible your hormone levels shifted when your headaches started?

    The only advice I can give you is to have a workup by a neurologist (preferably one who specializes in headaches), if you haven't done so already. A skilled endocrinologist might also be able to help. Hope you feel better soon.

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    The last migraine I got lastedfour days. When I have a headache like that,one side of my head hurts so much that it actually hurts just to touch the skin of my scalp or face. The eyelid on the affected sideof my face gets droopy,and I become very sensitive to light.

    I've been taking oxycontin for six months now, but even it doesn't help with the headaches. I've been naving these headaches for about 20 years and have had fibro for about five.
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    I to get terrible migraines. They are usually located just to one side of my head. I have had them for years, I was told from my Rheumy that FM has that kind of side effect. I take topomax 250 Mil. a day for a prevention of them and when I to feel one coming on I take a Imitrex injection. I feel for you because I know how bad they can be. I also rub Mineral Ice on my head when I get a bad on it seems to soothe the pain for awhile.

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    hi kathy ...i know what your saying but i am 23 and i havnt had a "h" or anything like that and i am pretty sure that mine are not related to hormones ..i started getting them when i was 17 and i have tried just about the whole pharmacy..lol..nothing works except percocet..which is really frustrating because its a narcotic and i usually have to beg for it...i finally about a month before i was dx with fms(may 2002)- i was dx with something called occipital neuralgia...my headaches are in the back of my head..i dont remember ever having a frontal headache...anyways nothing otc works for them...the headaches were one of the big factors for my doctor thinking my headaches were from fms rather than occipital neuralgia(dx by a neurologist april 2002)) because the originate in the same place that the tender points are in the back of the head for fms..but ya they will go on for days unless i take percocet..very rarely a muscle relaxer helps and like you i get them most of the time. oh well ..thats my story.
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    I had headaches for 2 years(24/7) before I was diagnosed.Sleep meds are what helped them.But I do still get them once in a while and they usually last about 2 days now.I really hate headaches,they get on your nerves real quickly,don't they?((((((()))))))
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    Sorry to hear you're one of us. I've had migraines for 12 years now. They didn't used to be this awful, or nearly this frequent. I used to be able to manage them by avoiding MSG, etc. Had a cold last fall that turned into two ear infections that turned into a ruptured eardrum. I didn't want to take prednisone, but they really pushed so I took them and my body rebelled...my migraines went from once or twice a week to four a week. My neurologist and I had spent three years and about thirteen different drugs, dosages and combinations of drugs to try to alleviate the problem. Now we had a PROBLEM!!! Finally tried Topamax, this is helping. Also just started neurontin for fibro pain and sleep, I'm a happy camper.
    My most helpful suggestion for you is to get the book, Headache Help, A Complete Guide to Understanding Headaches and the Medicines that Relieve Them by Lawrence Robbins, MD and Susan S. Lang. Very good explanations of how and why doctors go about solving headache problems. I would also suggest research on the internet regarding the drugs, the newest such as topamax are the most succesful for migraines. But it helps tremendously to understand the process by reading the book. Get the book at amazon or the library, its pretty cheap and REALLY helpful, when you go back to your doctor you can be educated about what you want to do next. Incidentally, the book talks about neurontin being effective for migraine prevention but what I found was that it really is marginal. I just started on it and it is really helpful for pain and sleep, though. Keeps me out of my narcotics except for the really bad ones.
    Let me know when you read this post, I will bump it until you do.
    Good luck,
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    I have had headaches non-stop (except during meals for some reason) that lasted up to several weeks, sometimes a week, or some days only. They are the worst symptom, in the sense of hardest to bear, of my CFIDS. For one year I had a headache on most days. No meds help (of those I tried). I also had a general anasthetic some time before I developed the headaches, so perhaps there could be a connection there.

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    Hope you see this.
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    I had "Cluster Headaches" for quite some time, and inderal put an end to them. This was years ago.

    Migraines are said to be preventable with feverfew, an herb, I believe the doseage is a leaf every day. You may want to check into this.

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    I had headaches more days than not. Finally went to a neurologist who did an MRI and a sleep study. I had very poor sleep patterns in addition to the headaches. The MRI ruled out problems there, but I do have sleep apnea. He prescribed Neurontin starting at 300 mg. per day and graduating up to 1800 mg. per day. The headaches stopped. A couple months later I decided I didn't need the neurontin anymore and asked to be taken off of it. He instructed me how to gradually stop taking it. Two weeks after going completely off of it the headaches were back. I am back up to 1200 mg. per day and the headaches are minimal and infrequent. I swear by it. I have FMS and Sjogren's Syndrome.

    Good luck with your headaches.