I get large painful blisters on the roof of my mouth...HELP?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Hinemoa, Sep 23, 2003.

  1. Hinemoa

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    A previous Dr. DX'd it as shingles but I've had shingles and the pain is excruciating. This pain is bad but not excruciating, (my pain tolerance has gotten pretty high though) and I wondered if anyone else has this symptom. It isn't herpes, the blisters are very large and when they break the skin peels off in sheets.

    The first sign I have that this is going to happen is the roof of my mouth getting "hot" and sort of smooth-feeling. the whole thing lasts about 2 or 3 weeks and eating is extremely painful and difficult.

    I would be glad to hear from anyone who has this and I would like to know if you know what it is.

    Thank you....

    And love,

  2. monicacat

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    The strangest thing happend to me. I decided it would be a good idea to start taking charcoal capsuls, as it would absorb toxins.

    I popped a pill and left the house, about 10mins. later while I was driving, my mouth started to tingle and I began to feel very strange and hot. This feeling lasted for about 3 hours. When I arrived home I looked in the mirror and the whole inside of my mouth, all the skin was peeling off in sheets, like a sunburn.

    This continued in cycles for about two months. It was not candida or thrush, it was really the top layer of skin. My doctor thought it was some sort of immune reaction.

  3. lightspirit

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    A few suggestions for you that work for me.
    First, do a detox.
    Really clean out your body, digestive system. I use an enema once a week to rid my body of accumulated drugs and toxins, I also make sure I go to the toilet every second day by using herbs to make me go. As I use narcotic pain relief, it stops the bowel working so I have to use something.
    When detoxed, clean up your system of any possible candida, there is a tablet you can get called 'difflucam' it is one tablet that cleanses all candida. You will need a script.
    The, use some 'inner health' powder to replace the flora in your gut for a few days, or take acidophalus bifidus (they must be kept in the fridge at all times).
    Now get onto the vitamin B, ever day a good dose of B complex vitamins and don't miss a day, combine this with some ascorbic acid powder (vitamin c = 4000mg per teaspoon) as this will help the B be absorbed.
    Exercise to detox daily, keep your sugar levels very low (I have almost no sugars in my diet) as sugar feeds yeast which causes candida.
    Hope these ideas help, I know how you feel. As long as I do these things, my mouth does not hurt, but if I stop it comes back. Very painful, you have my empathy and support.
  4. Hinemoa

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    for the advice and support ladies. I think this thing is just going to have to go undiagnosed, typical.

    Lightspirit, I will try your detox program...thank you!!

    Again...thank you all...

    And love,

  5. MtnDews

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    Oh, Sandra, so sorry you have this problem. I had a huge place like that in my mouth. PAINFUL! Fortunately, I had a dr appt. the day when it was looking and feeling really awful. She gave me a scrip for a numbing mouthwash. It had 3 ingredients in it...benadryl, lidocaine and ???? Like I said, it was a prescription and worth it's weight in gold. Call the dr and see if you can get this too.