I get so frusterated with my kids at times that I am nuts

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    My daughter called me today from Ct. Where she is a nanny. She is moving back home in December. But instead of talking to me about what is going on in her life the phone call was to ask me if one of her girl friends could borrow my DVD player. IT is not in my living room where I can watch it but in my daughters bedroom so when she is home she can watch it. And my other daughter and her husband use it when they stay with us on the weekends as well.

    I have this problem of not being able to say NO ! to my girls. I really like this friend and know that she would take really good care of it. But I want to be able to watch the DVD's that I have when I want to see them .I was going to have my husband hook it up along with the VCR and the cable box so that I could have it where I can use it.

    But when I went in to the room where it is at I can't get it to work or even find the remote. And to have to ask my husband is not something I want to do today. As he is in a really bitxxy mood today and I really don't want to have to deal with him. He is out in the garage building a roost for his birds. HE has some racing pigeions and some new breeders so he needs a new root for the breeders and if I were to disturb him he would have a hissy fit.

    Yet if my daughter were to call and ask her Dad to do this he would give away my DVD player because I have not used it in so long. But with me he would get pissed off. Since he is in a pissy mood today I don't feel it is the time to ask him to help me move it and unhook it and put it in the living room and hook it up there for me to use.

    I don't generally mind my daugthers friend to borrow my things as she is realy good with them and always brings them back in a good condition ,But this was my christmas gift and I want to have it where I can use it and I know that instead of being a month it would end up there for several months .

    As my daughter plans to move in with her when she has moved back here and finds a job , saves enough money for a car and for rent and then she will move in with her friend. And then if I let the friend borrow this DVD player I would not get it back as my daughter would want to keep it and use it.

    I guess that I am being selfish with the things I have as this young woman does not have a TV that will pick up any thing but static and I have cable and don't use my DVD much but there are movies that I want to watch but I can't get the darn thing to work. So it sits in my daughters bedroom.

    So when this young lady comes to borrow it I will have to tell her that is does not work right and I don't know where it's remote is. And that I would like to have it back in my living room asap. But if I get it to work and find the remote I guess that It would be ok for her to use it for a month or so. What a woos I am .

    I know that I am being selfish and should lend this to her but I just don't get my things back when my family borrows them. Such as my carpet cleaner. I Loaned it to my sister and that took 8 months to get back then my daughter in odgen borrowed it and still has it and that was over a year ago. She says that as soon as she gets her carpet coeaned in her old house she will come and bring it back here and shampoo my carpet for me. But as she is already 7 months along I don't see it happened in the near future.

    And the really sad things is that I feel guilty for not loaning my DVD player to this friend as she is such a nice girl and I really like her. I just don't wnat to loan out my things that are costly and can be ruined so easily when one is hauling them around and such.
    Am I even making any scense at all? Or do I just sound like a selfish old lady who is stingy with her things.?

    OK I will quit whinning now.
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    People like us tend to have this type of personality. We do everything for everyone, don't want to rock the boat, hold our feelings in, and then feel guilty. We also can't stand to be laid back with this disease because there is so much we have to do because we always did it and no one else does it even though they see it needs to be done and you are too ill to do it. We were always "Superwomen" and now we can't be. But everyone still wants us to be "normal" again. You are not whinning...this is a place were you can talk about things just like this without being judged. We understand. And I should say "stand up for yourself and say no!" but in the same position I would let her take it...let my daughter have it and buy myself one that is more simple to operate. Take Care of yourself....hugs

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