I get so irritable.

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  1. jjoys

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    Does anyone else get as irritable as I do? There doesn't seem to be any way around it. Sometimes, being a mother of 7, 3 of which are in high school, I just can't avoid overdoing, and then I get soooo irritable. I just wanna crawl in bed and curl up, or drink a couple glasses of wine and then curl up. Know what I mean?
  2. mollystwin

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    to your glasses of wine and curling up! You have such a big load that you need to do that once in a while. Go ahead and be irritable! It's better than holding it in.
  3. dononagin

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    it's get irritable or break down and cry and we don't have time for that! I'm lucky I only have one still at home (16) I can't imagine 7! Yikes!! Hugs!
  4. sdown

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    Try Same. Its sold on this website. Rich Carson the owner of this company mentioned it helped him as well thru his journey with CFS. Ive been on it for 6 years recommended by my US doctor Dr Carol Ann Ryser. She strongly believes in lots of products on this website. When I was first sick I was soooo irritable. Doc said due to the mercury toxicity it really irritated my brain. Ive had DMSA treatments (intravenous drug that helps remove mercury from your body)& that helped detox and get rid of some of the mercury. Plus had my mercury fillings removed. And the SAMe helps with depression, the nervous system, detoxing the liver and our moods in general. It really calms you down. Thats one supplement Im so grateful for. Plus B12 the doc said helps too. Im anemic and have been on B12 sublingual drops under the tongue for 6 years. It gives me some energy and helps with mood stability. On a good day I'll take 400 mg of SAMe if Im having a very bad day and feel stressed I'll take 800 mg - 1000 mg a day.
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  5. Leaknits

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    jjoys, I get "flare ups" of irritation, anger, rage, call it what you will...seemingly out of nowhere.

    Did some experimenting and found that large-dosing myself with vitamin B12 & B6, AND doing some deeeep breathing while staring at a white-painted wall while the vitamins melt down and kick in really helps a lot.

    There are several good online vitamin companies; I use Puritan.com which has terrific sales.