I get so sleepy after eating

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by karenq, Jun 28, 2003.

  1. karenq

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    Sometimes after eating, I get so drowsy that I just have to lay down for an hour or two. I don't get a restful sleep, but kind of doze in and out and feel like I could just lay there forever. I finally do force myself to go ahead and get up but usually don't feel good the rest of the day.

    I used to think this was because of hypoglycemia, but I have been watching my diet, and it seems to happen after a high-protein, low-carb meal sometimes.

    Could it be food allergies? Leaky gut? My inability to properly digest? (And is that what leaky gut is?--I've never been clear on that.)

    I wish I could figure this out because it happened two weekends ago and is happening again this weekend but didn't happen the weekend in between. Also, it usually doesn't happen when I'm at work.

    Thanks for any help.

  2. Jen F

    Jen F New Member

    I think it's definitely related to digestion, but I also don't know whether it's a food sensitivity or leaky gut or whether they are related.

    I have started to look into celiac disease, but I still know little about that.

    I also wonder if the reason I'm not overweight even tho my activity level is low is because I am not absorbing much of what i eat?

    I do notice I don't get as sleepy when I eat steamed veggies.

    but, sometimes they just don't hit the spot, eh?
  3. Peace7

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    inefficient digestion, lack of, or insufficent stomach acid and your body not having enough energy to both digest your food and stay awake.

    Try taking 2 - 5 tablets of Betaine HCL with meals that have protein in them. Take 2 or 3 tablets for a meal with a moderate amount of protein. Take 4 or 5 tablets with a meal with a generous (large) serving of protein such as a steak, rack of ribs, 1/2 chicken or similar meal.

    Do not take Betaine HCL if you have an ulcer or stomach ache. Take it with your meal, not afterwards.

    Consider taking digestive enzymes as well.

    Hope you're doing better soon. This symptom can be quite aggravating. For a time, I was falling asleep after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  4. ssMarilyn

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    This happens when you eat a meal high in carbs. That's why everybody gets so darned tired after eating Thanksgiving dinner. Too many carbs.

  5. abme75

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    I'm a diabetic, and this used to happen to me before I was diagnosed. You may want to be tested for diabetes by your PCP, just to rule things out.
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  6. karenq

    karenq New Member

    thanks so much for your replies. I am definitely going to try the Betaine HCl as that was just recommended as a result of my hair analysis.

    I do have neurally mediated hypotension. But if this is the reason I get so sleepy after eating, why does it happen only sometimes instead of every time I eat? Maybe I need to do some more research on that.

  7. teach6

    teach6 New Member

    My first thought was diabetes, but since you mentioned that this was after a low carb meal my guess would be that isn't it. Doesn't hurt to have yourself checked for that though.

  8. karenq

    karenq New Member

    HI again, i don't think it is diabetes. I have been checked for that several times, though I guess it could have developed since then.

    If it is related to the NMH, could it be because I am not drinking enough water right now? Earlier this month I posted that my job makes it hard to drink water. I am teaching summer school until July 2, and I don't get a lot of bathroom breaks, so I have cut back on my water intake. Maybe that's why I am having such a problem with this now. If I can just make it for a few more days, I'll start drinking lots of water again and see if that helps.

  9. karenq

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    Yes, I have tried the sea salt but it makes my legs and my stomach feel bloaty and cramped. So I stopped taking it.
    I am trying the licorice right now. I think it helps some, but I guess not enough.

    I'm just so glad you guys are so helpful and supportive on this board. I've never felt so comfortable on a message board before. : )

  10. IntuneJune

    IntuneJune New Member

    Years ago I was tested for food allergies. When I eliminated the foods, I immediately stopped falling asleep after I ate. Fondly, June
  11. elaine_p

    elaine_p New Member

    It could also be that you're *sensitive* to whatever you're eating, instead of allergic. (In my layperson's mind, I figure a sensitivity is just a very mild form of allergy, but I could be wrong.) The other suggestions are all good, too.

    Maybe you should read up on food allergies/elimination diets. You could also keep a diary of what you eat, and try to find the offending food that way (if this is the cause).
  12. lone-wolf

    lone-wolf New Member

    use to happen to me. Especially with my morning meal. It was like sort of 'passing out' but of course not being able to as you said get a restful sleep. I would be so fatigued after eating, sometimes I thought it might be better just to not eat in the morning, but then that made me sick too.

    I tried MSM and digestive enzymes almost a year now and it went away soon after starting them, still taking them today.

    The digestive enzymes are usually under five dollars a bottle. Mine has in a tablet Papaya, Papain, Vegetable Multi-Enzyme Complex, Amylase, Protease and Bromelain.

    The MSM helps cells to better accept and use the food and supplements we take.

    Smiles, Karen