i give up

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  1. mariac2000

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    was in somuch pain today went to er and was told theres nothing wrong with me. i give up. i will now flush all of my pills and cancell all drs appts. after all they have all told me, including one on good docs list, that they don't know what is wrong with me. even after every blood test in the book, nothing is wrong with me. life has just played the ultimate fuck you on me and left me unable to care for my family, yet there is nothing wrong with me, so now i give up. hope you all have better luck
  2. mariac2000

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    was in somuch pain today went to er and was told theres nothing wrong with me. i give up. i will now flush all of my pills and cancell all drs appts. after all they have all told me, including one on good docs list, that they don't know what is wrong with me. even after every blood test in the book, nothing is wrong with me. life has just played the ultimate fuck you on me and left me unable to care for my family, yet there is nothing wrong with me, so now i give up. hope you all have better luck
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    I have been a nurse for 32 years and I can tell you from experience that most docs are on such a head trip and when the answers don't come easy, it's the patient's problem. They want to treat symptoms and not find answers. Please don't give up on yourself just because they are ignorant. We understand here. We know what you're going through is real. When I worked in psychiatry many years ago, schizophrenia was supposedly caused by inept parents not knowing how to interact with their children. We now know it a progressive neurological disease verifiable by brain scan. Hang in there. You know yourself and you have our support.
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    When I went to my doc appt I told her about my face hurting and my ear being real sore and also mentioned to her that I had mucus in my stools. I did say that I have heard some people get IBS and Myfacial pain with fm and her comeback was....I still havent figured out whats wrong with you yet. Well she has the DX from the rhuemy doc that I have fm so I just dont know whay the problem is. Its like she doesnt want to admit thats what I have. They confuse me..She said the mucus in my stool is probably because of stress...yesss stress from her....I go to a FM doc who has FM and I'm hoping he can shine some light on the subject for me. Hang in there, this is such a stressful DD anyways. We just have to rely on each other and get thru it somehow.
    Take Care
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    Have you had a Lyme Western Blot test? If not, there are some labs that just deal primarily with tick-borne illnesses........and Lyme mimics both CFS and FM. Just a thought.
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    I'm glad you are able to control your pain with warm water, massage, and ibuprofen. Unfortunately many of us cannot do that. Over a year ago when I didn't know what was wrong with me I was still trying to do it that way and it wasn't anywhere near to touching my pain.

    Now I take a variety of meds to help with pain, sleep, Neurally Mediated Hypotension, depression, restless legs, etc. I also use supplements. In addition I have weekly massage therapy. The only time ibuprofen does me any good is when I have a headache in addition to my regular pain.

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    i know how you feel... i had to go through so many tests- an entire year's worth... i was diagnosed with fibro but a diagnosis isn't a solution it just is a name. most doctors are such idiots. i was lucky to find a good set of doctors after so long that listened and were willing to find out exactly what was wrong.

    i agree with leann_sweeney that doctors only want to treat symptoms. my grandma is dying because the of stupid docs like that. have you tried any alternative docs? my grandpa has cfs as well as arthritis and he was fed up with the va hospitals and docs and now sees a nutritionist, an acupuncturist, a chiropractor, and a shaman. 3 years ago he was on his deathbed due to doctors giving him medications that weren't supposed to be mixed and now, taking only ibuprofen and naural supplements, he is healthy and although not pain free, it is under control. i dont know if it would do the same for you, but alternative doctors are definately a nice change from traditional doctors. good luck. :)
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    I've been through half a dozen doctors before I found someone able to diagnose me (and admit that something *was* wrong with me), but someone finally did. If you're in pain, there's a cause - of course. But tests that show what's wrong are often expensive and special tests, and your doctors may not even know they exist. (Happened so several times in my case.)

    I've got mainly CFIDS, little FM, but perhaps if you found someone on the board who has roughly your profile of symptoms (we all seem to have different but overlapping sets of symptoms), and had some specialist tests done with significant results, this could give you some idea what sort of doctor to go to and what tests to suggest?

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    Now it's time to fight, don't give up. I understand the pain, we all do. I had a doctor just sit there and tell me that sometimes things just have a way of working out. I was so dumbfounded I couldn't believe he actually said that. In my mind the only way things would work out is if I would die. So I understand your frustration. I am still trying to find someone who knows about FMS. Or at least wants to try. I will keep trying if you do.
    Seriously if you want to talk my email is on my bio.

    God Bless you,

  10. latracy

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    Many of us have been in your shoes. Keep looking for a doctor that treats FM. I read somewhere that you need to become the captain of your medical team. So After and extremely bad month for which I am now home on sick leave from work. I have been searching the web, sending out emails, finding boards like this one to keep me going. I have gotten all of my medical records from all of the doctors that I have been seeing over the years. You know what is depressing, the comments doctors make in their notes about you. I have four appointments next weeks. Many to recheck some past findings. I have requested changes in doctors, and I tell them it is because I feel that they were not listening. I know something is wrong. I not looking for a instant cure, but I would like to be able to do some of things I enjoyed in the past. I don't think that's asking too much.
  11. fibolady

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    keep reading posts, there is always something new to learn here even if you take a break from the doctors. sometimes it is good to take a break and step back and regroup your own plan as to what YOU want to try NEXT to have a better quality of life.

    when i first came to this board i was at the bottom of my ladder. i do have a good doctor that i work with, but as we all know there is no CURE and we ALL have bad days, weeks, or months. but what i did finally realize is that i wanted a better quality of life so i would try some new weapons and found these through the support of the board.

    don't flush your pills! you didn't say what meds you were on but some may need to be tappered off. and of course, don't flush the pain meds. do you "play around with your meds" meaning when you are feeling better, stop taking certain ones.

    my doctor drilled into me to take my meds as rx's but i would always "not take them" according to how i was feeling. when i finally, after years of not heading his advise, i found i have done better over a longer period of time by sticking to my meds. i take ultram everyday, ambien at night to sleep and also klonopin for anxiety. when i get into a terrible flare i have flexeril to take that helps with the muscle tightness. i could take flexeril everyday and not tell i was taking it (a lot of board members cannot take it, turns them to rubber!) while the ultram does not get rid of all the pain, it helps me function at a human level! during flares, i just rest like everyone else and basically wait for my body to recover.

    i know this sounds like a lot of rx's, i hope my point to you is that there might be a combination that you haven't found with your doctor that will help you lead a quality of life where life doesn't suck every minute! believe me, this was trail and error because i tried many that i could not tolerate, everyone is different.

    also, i starting walking this summer and although it hasn't eased up the number of flares, it do think it has helped with my overall pain. plus, i feel healthier and enjoyed loosing a few pounds. it is nice to just be able to walk a distance. i started out literally walking to the mailbox and back. i can now walk for 30 minutes. of course, if i am in a flare, i don't walk, the fatique is just too overwhelming for me. but i have resumed afterwards and all is ok.

    i also started counseling which may or may not be helping. i don't know which i would rather give up the board or the counselor, probably the counselor, hehe.

    i hope you find another doctor that you can work with, start from scratch if you have too. the new "thing" i am trying now is the grapefruit seed extract that i learned about here and it is helping with the yeast and ibs, so i am hoping this will help down the road with the fms. i could list pages of things i have tried over the last few years, you just keep on trying and then sometimes you have to take a break.

    hang in there,
    warm regards, fibolady
  12. karen2002

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    Oh, I know exactly how you feel. Everything you have described---is exactly what happened to me. It is imperative that you take a deep breath, pause, and regroup. Take a few days, or a few weeks off-- from worrying about trying to find a Doc, or someone, just anyone to validate how you are feeling. It is so hard to wage war against the medical profession, when you feel so bad, I know--
    It seems like an endless dashing of all your hopes, it frustrating, and depressing. Don't flush your meds, just put them up in the cabinet, you may want or need them later. Try not to let these unsympathetic Doctors and their staff, stress you out. Consider that all in the past and leave it there. Just rest--soon enough you will be able to remuster some strength and determination to tackle finding a dx and a good doc. He or she is out there somewhere, just waiting to be found. Just take a much needed break right now--We all know, and you know what you are experiencing is very real...and there IS something wrong
    Please let us know how you are doing...
    Best Wishes,
  13. SleepyWillow25

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    Just wanted to say that I think ALL of us have felt this way at some stage during our illness/s. It is a sad fact to know that most doctors know as much as we do maybe even little then we do.

    I understand totally where you are at right now. May I ask what country you live in? Maybe you can get to see a CFS specialist. I know i have a bookmark in my files about the most recommended docs, specialist in different countries.

    I was 12 years old when i started having time off school... i was so ill. It wasn't untill i was 19 some seven years later I was finally dignosed. I certainly have had a run around when it comes to tests, doctors the medical field in general. I understand fully.

    Keep posting to the list... talking about things with others that understand does help trust me. You may find someone that lives near you, that has some great ideas for you or contacts and you won't feel so alone.

    I am now 25 nearly 26 and still am bed and house bound with this illness. Countless times I felt like giving up but I am still here. Don't give up instead share your pain and experience on here with people that really care. It is a healing process in itself.

    I feel for you!!! All the best... hope to see you posting whenever you can.

    Love Belle