I goofed ( the story )

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    Hi to all ,
    I wrote eariler that at my new job that I had really goofed up by being overly emotional and crying. But what I did not tell was that when I was interviewed for the job at TJ MAXX I was asked if I had any questions I said hoe do you take of of employees that have minor disabilities to which she answered like what I told her that I had Fibro and bad knees that had arthritis and I had a bad back with dics that were buldging. I thought that I was not going to get the job becasue I opened my mouth and said too much. But then I got the call You have the job. So when I talked with my boss about my back problems she said that she did not remember me telling her this and I was upset at the time because I was not in pain but my face was flushed When ever I am working and it is hot my face is flushed and my head and neck sweat really bad I have been that was since my hysterectomy 13 yrs ago but I did not tell her that. When I was at home I looked in my journal from the day I was interviewed and read what I had said I would be ever so impressed if she could have remembered everthing I said after all she interviewed 200 people in two days so I don't expect her to remember what I said so I will get a note from the doctor and have him tell her my restrictions no heavy lifting more than 15 lbs don't push heavy carts and I need to sit down a few minutes every hour . I hope that I will be able to keep the job because I need it so bad. Thanks Rose marie
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