I got a shock today!

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    Yesterday I was really happy because the therapudic yoga that I had started was helping my Fibro so much. I even slept for 6 hours one night! Well, my chiropractor just phoned me and told me that she just found out that she cannot bill medicare or any other insurance when she treats anyone in anyplace other than her main office.(She does therapudic yoga at her home). I just about crumbled. I don't know how I am going to afford this, and I so hate to stop just when I am beginning to improve. She has been teaching me how to use my body correctly and I was hoping she could
    teach me how to get up off the floor. I discovered that , because I can't use my knees, and because the fibro is so bad, I can't get up when I fall down. You remember the ad "I've fallen and I can;'t get up"? Well, it's funny, and it's not. I live alone in the mountains and need to be independent. I even had hopes of joining a yoga class in a year. (It would take me about that much time to be able to move that much.)Oh well. I guess things could be worse. At least I had a few lessons.. Maybe I can find something I can give up, to afford a few more. I wonder if anyone reading this knows about insurance and this type of thing? I don't even know where to look. It seems strange to me that an experienced chiropractor is just now finding this out. - or am I getting paranoid? Thank you for letting me vent. I appreciate it a lot. Terry
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    Hi Terry
    What a shame that your therapeutic yoga is going to be too expensive. I went to some yoga classes and some tai chi classes for a short while. I learnt the basics and then went and got a couple of books on how to do yoga and tai chi and then made up my own programe at home. I really enjoyed doing my own routine to music. Where there is a will, there is a way.
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    Medicare only reimburses for spinal manipulation and not Yoga classes regardless of where they are taught, unless there has been a recent change. This means that a doc either has to do some spinal manipulation or file a false claim.

    It's true that Medicare must approve every site where patients are treated. This is nothing new.

    I hope you learned enough to be able to help you with your movements. If your doc orders physical therapy, Medicare will pick up a limited number of sessions. Physical therapy can be wonderful.

    Love, Mikie
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    You surely know a lot. I wouldn't want to be part of a fraudulent claim. I guess I am glad she found out. My doctor sent me to a physical therapist here in town, and he more or less said " You're getting older, live with it". (I'm only 67). When I told him I wanted to get stong enough to get up off the floor, he asked for a demo, and then stood there watching me struggle and injure myself. He offered no help or suggestions.. I am going to have to do whatever I need by myself. I chose to live in a small town and I guess I have to learn to live with its limitations.
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    you couls ask your Chiropractor to suggest a Yoga video for you to do at home. They cost maybe $20.00 or so. Much more inexpensive than the classes and just as effective,

    Yoga really helpd me, it got me to weight lifting and i am so much better now.

    Jean Ann
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    I just learned (from this board) that most of my pain problems, if not all, relate to stressed out iliopsoas muscles, and the treatment for that is theraputic massage. I don't even have to ask if my insurance will cover that! I know it won't, and the sessions are $45/hr. I'm going to ask my dr. for a referral to a physical therapy fascility instead. I've had pt covered before.

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    Thank you all for your great input. Upon reflection, I realize that I will have to stop the lessons immediately. I am going to continue practicing what I was taught and then use the parts of a video that I can do. I just have to let it go, especially the spiritual side of it, and that atmosphere. I have missed that so much, and there is NOTHING up here like that.
    I guess a lot of this sadness is homesickness, too. I miss a lot of the things I have left. But I have no choice but to live in a high and dry place like where I am, and in a place I can affod.
    HUGE thanks to you all for your generosity and patience, and for letting me vent. I am really grateful to you. Big Hugs, Terry
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    Just looked at your bio and you are in a big meto area so get out your phone book and start calling senior centere, communitity centers, social services, or anyone else you can think of. You should be able to find yoga or tai chi that is very cheap for a series of classes. Tai Chi can be just as helpful as yoga.

    Sorry, I see you were born in a big metro area. I live in a small community and the senior centers around her offer therapeutic tai chi and it darn near impossible to find a class elsewhere and the senion center classes are really cheap. Call around and I bet you can find something that will fit your need for the social healing aspect of a class, even if its just stretching. You can still do the tape at home.

    Let us know if you find something
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    Hi, I also lived for a long time in the mountains, about 25 miles east of Jackson, CA. I looked at your profile, even though I am now in Sacramento, we are not so far apart.

    I got some Tai Chi tapes for my Mom, she is 85 and needs to exercise gently, we trade off with them, we have two, and they help me now, also. I am 53. Please consider getting a tape or two, you can order them on the internet from the website that has the name of the "South American Woman Warrior".com. (hope I don't get into trouble for this hint)

    There is one for people with arthritis that has been particulary helpful, the maker is a woman.

    Take care and keep warm...