I got a Wii Fit!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ironspine, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. ironspine

    ironspine New Member

    I bought a Wii Fit and boy does it help me feel better!! I've had fibro for at least 9 years with it gradually getting to the point where I don't work. I do take pain meds. I also have rod in my spine which makes me hurt too. I was getting overweight and stiff, so my husband and I got a Wii and let me tell you what a difference it makes.
    It gives you a "personal trainer" which is with you every step. You choose from many different exercises or activities, and they are all easy and slow, you go at your own pace.
    You get exercise without realizing it. I am moving better and feel better.
    I know it's hard to move for a lot of us, but with this thing, it's fun and easy.
    Just thought I'd let you guys know about something that could be very helpful to us!
  2. kellyann

    kellyann New Member

    Is it like a video excisercise program? Very expensive? Complicated? It sounds kind of nice! I thought of getting some belly dancing dvd excersising workout disks, belly dancing is supposed to be such good excersise, I don't know about for FM sufferers or not though. Belly dancing always looked so neat to me, not that I'd ever in a million years let anybody see me trying to bellydance....hahahaha, my kids would think I'd done lost my mind!

    Have fun!
  3. MIssAutumn

    MIssAutumn New Member

    I got one for my dil, I should have kept it LOL. She loves it but I thought it might be too much with Fibro. I might look into getting one myself. thanks for posting

  4. ironspine

    ironspine New Member

    A Wii fit is kinda pricey. You have to have a Wii thingy to put your DVD in, then you have to buy the Wii Fit board separately. We found our Wii basic at Walmart, then the Wii Fit at ToysRUs. They are both hard to get, at least around here, because they're so popular.
    It is a DVD you work out to, but it's nothing like you've probably experienced before. There are no people. It's all computerize-you pick a Mii (a cartoon of yourself), your choice of trainer. It does a body-scan to get your weight and BMI. Then it gives you different programs to try-Yoga, STrenght, Balance, Aerobics, etc. You go at your own pace and it keeps track of your daily progress. It talks to you-it keeps track of what you're doing while you're "playing". Each activity is FUN, and kinda funny. There is music. Maybe there's a better explanation on their web site.
    If you can, it's a fantastic little investment to give yourself. I hate exercise with a passion, and I can't wait to try it the next day. I only do 30 mins. a day and it goes by like nothin!!!
    The Wii fit board comes with the DVD that has all the exercises on it.
    Believe me, if I didn't think it would help someone here I wouldn't tell you guys about it!!
    Good luck!
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  5. nixon

    nixon New Member

    Wow that's great!! I've heard that they can be very beneficial for us suffering w/ FMS.......I would like to get one eventually.

    Have fun with your WII.....just don't over do it!! (smiles) Andrea
  6. lynncats

    lynncats New Member

    Wow, I was just telling my hubbie the other day that a Wii would probably do me some good, as to excercise is pure "heck" to even think about. Fortunately, my nephew has one, and really doesn't use it anymore, so he is going to let me borrow it. This darn FM just makes every little task a nightmare. Glad to hear it is helping you, hopefully it will do the same for me. Take care and keep enjoying your Wii.

  7. Shananegans

    Shananegans New Member

    I have one too! I love it. I can finally exercise at home with the "help of a trainer" without the embarrassment of being overweight and unable to move as well as I "should" be able to.

    I would recommend getting one to anybody. For those wondering The Nintendo Wii is around $250 and the Wii Fit (separate) is another $99 or so. I got mine online from Best Buy (well actually it was a late birthday present from my boyfriend). There are balance games, yoga, aerobic, strength, and it also monitors your weight and BMI along with your fitness level and "age". You don't have to do anything you don't feel you can and you don't really have anyone but yourself pushing you to do more.

    I can't even begin to express how excited I was when I finally got it! And the Wii itself with all the other games is also fantastic because you have to be active to play, it's a fun reason to get moving without needing a gym.

    YAY to the Wii!

  8. RENA0808

    RENA0808 Member

    When I read about you getting a wii fit on here Donna I thought..........hey ......maybe it will help me to feel a bit better !
    So I got hubby to go out and buy one.

    I got my neice to set it up for me and I went on it the next morning.I did ok and thought if I can do this every day I am sure to lose weight and feel fitter.

    I missed the next 2 days cos I was sssooo tired and in some pain.Not from the wii...just from the fibro.I went back on it and because I had been in pain I did not do as well as I had on the 1st day.

    But I will keep on with it because I feel that it because I cannot get out to walk etc at least I can get SOME exercise and stop if I want to.

    I know here in UK they are putting them in retirement homes to help them stay mobile.

    I will just use it when I feel ok but I do think they are a great thing to keep us motivated !!


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