I got better after 20 yrs of CFS

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    Hi, I just wanted to share my story (a summarized version). I got sick in Nov 92. I was bedridden for $5+ yrs and thereafter only did things when I had a 'good day'. It was a miserable existence. Before I got sick I had terrible IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and had a yeast infection that wouldn't go away. I guess at the time of my first symptoms I was under a lot of stress as well; my job, planning my wedding etc.
    I went to countless Dr.s -for MS, Lyme Disease, Neurologists; Nutritionalist who put me on a daily vitamins (72) a day. All my tests came back negative except for when my neurologist said " good news is you don't have MS; bad news is I don't know what you have".

    For a total of 20 years I was unwell. I cried every single day. Thankfully I had great support from my husband, Mom, family & good friends.

    Fast forward to 2011. I researched and wrote to a half dozen of Dr.s from all over the country who specialize in CFS/ME. Not one Dr. replied!! So....I decided to visit yet another Dr. in my area that specializes in Chronic illness and nutrition. After much testing, I was told that my Thyroid was all over the place, I had zero estrogen and I was deficient in my Adrenal function. After these 3 hormones were stabilized, I got 100% well. Please be sure to tell your Dr. to check for Thyroid, Estrogen & Adrenal function. Men, make sure your Dr. checks your manly hormones too :). 2 years later as I write this, I am completely back to my old self. I still take my antidepressant which I'm sure I'll be on forever. I take trazadone to sleep. The ONLY difference between my young self and my current (old!) self is that IF I don't get 8 hrs of sound sleep, I will feel tired the whole day next day. Not CFS tired, but normal tired. Back in the day, I'd get 4 hrs. of sleep after going to happy hour, and I'd feel great the next day! Actually........maybe it's just youth that I had back then!

    I know exactly what you all are going thru. Please follow my advice- ya never know - this could be your problem too! Thanks for reading! And pls know that you will get better someway or another! Be strong!
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