I got lost today!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bratqb, Jun 26, 2003.

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    I hope eveyone is having a good day, i just wanted to tell someone about my horrible experience today..

    Im off sick from work and am geting really bored. I decided to go out for a walk around the shops to stretch my legs. Anyway, after shopping, i waited at the bus stop for the bus, it arrived and i got on.

    From then on, i dont have a clue what happened.. i must have gone into some sort of daze. When i looked out the window, i didnt have a clue where i was. I realised i must have got on the wrong bus and i got myself into a real panic. I was totally lost and didnt recognise anything, the area i was in looked horrendous.

    Thank god i had my mobile phone with me. I rang my partner, who was at work. He was yeliing at me "where the hell are you"? and i was crying down the phone "i dont know, please come and get me" I named some of the roads and he worked out where i was. He had to leave work to pick me up. All night ive got "how can you get lost at your age"?? LOL... im 34..

    Why didnt i look at the bus before i got on? Why did it take me so long to realise i was on the wrong bus? Im worried im losing my marbles, please tell me youve had experiences like that?? This evening, im sitting here wondering if im safe to leave the house again.

  2. Mikie

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    At the expense of sounding judgemental (I used to be a boss), I can't help wondering what someone who is too sick to come into work is doing out riding busses and shopping. Hope no one from work saw you.

    BTW, it is not unusual for things like this to happen to us. I've gotten lost driving.

    Love, Mikie
  3. bratqb

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    I guess that did sound a bit naughty! LOL.

    I was following doctors orders!! Honestly!!

    He told me im to get out and about and to get a bit of exercise and not to sit around moping all day like i have been. He said if the works see me about, he will tell them its part of my rehabilitation!! hehe

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    Read your post and I couldnt help but think of when I did that recently...I was @ work and I too just sorta went in a daze. When I left for lunch, I got in my car and started driving. I ended up somehow taking a wrong turn and spending the enire lunch hour trying to get back to the office. I was in a "fog" mode...I'm 28, so I hope I'm not losing my marbles either...I think its normal. I have yet to recieve an official DX but...Hang in there!!!
    Luv, Roxanne PS My husband thinks I'm crazy half the time. I put Windex in the fridgee the othe day!
  5. Mikie

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    That you are acting on doc's orders and that he is good to be willing to write a note. Actually, getting out is good for us; I think a lot of our problems stem from having to stay inside so much of the time. I am champing at the bit to get back to work, but I have to get this Herpes virus infection under some kind of control first.

    As someone once said, "Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most."

    Love, Mikie
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    I get the "which way do I go's... I was suppose to get what?? S--T! I forgot the miracle whip!" I live out in the country and my honey (Ron) doesn't want me driving. But, ya' know, how many days do we actually feel like doing something?? I carry my trusty Nextel with me just in case..
    But speaking of your honey, Is there literature or books out there just for them on what we are going through?? I said something to him once (don't ask me what) and he looked at me like I was nuts. He is a truck driver and I thought about going a day with him, but then I would want to play with the CB...
  7. Kathryn

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    I am a retired city bus driver, so you can safely follow my advice on this subject. First, before getting on, look at the sign. There will be at the very least on on the front, usually above the windshield. Most buses will also have one just to the rear of the entrance door. Sometimes when the sun is shining in the wrong direction, one or the other can be difficult to read. If the bus is crowded, tell the driver that you are disabled and ask for help getting a seat. We have no way of knowing you require a seat if we are not told. Your disabled pass means nothing to the driver beyond the amount of fare you pay, because the ADA makes every transit district in the country pass them out like candy. ASK THE DRIVER WHEN YOU GET ON THE BUS. That way, if you should be on the wrong bus, we can still fix it. By the way, the correct question is "Does this bus go to -----?", not "Where does this bus go?" After being asked this 200+ times in an 8 - 12 hour shift, some drivers tend to seem slightly irritible and will recite their route turn by turn. If you get confused after you are already on, the best thing to do is still to quietly explain to the driver that you think you might have boarded the wrong bus. Then tell him/her where you want to go. Possibly there is a bus returning along the route that you can transfer to. That driver can be radioed to expect you and will offer assistance if needed. If you really don't know which bus to take to get to a certain destination, DO NOT ASK A PASSENGER!!!!!! Ask the driver of the first bus you see "Which bus will take me to -----?" Finally, when you get off the bus, thank the nice bus driver and wish him/her a pleasant day.
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    Check my story out on the chit-chat message board entitled,"Do you want to hear a funny story?" by KCD
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    Hi there Sweetheart,
    I am so sorry you got lost. That had to have been very frightening regardless of your age. I have become very disoriented myself when out and about and it is very frustrating and I have heard from plenty of fellow FMers the same kinds of stories about being lost and confused. And if your doctor is covering your absence from work it is no ones business what you are doing out and about. Many people who are on disability, for example, are not capable of holding down a job but are quite capable of doing the things that need to be done, like shopping, running errands, getting themselves to doctors appointments, etc. Are you on the Family Medical Leave Act? That is the law that was passed to protect the jobs of people like you and I who have chronic or other illnesses that require us to sometimes miss work and if your doctor says you are not to go to work that day it really isn't any ones concern what you do with your time off. Of course if you were riding your ten speed bicycle on your way to town and keeping up with the flow of traffick, I, too, might have some questions as to the extent of your illness but if I saw you riding a bus or walking somewhere, I would not assume you were malingering. I, for one, get so tired of people assuming that because we do not look ill that we must be fakers.
    Don't be afraid to leave the house again, Sweety. You need to get out and about and get sunshine on your face and get the pain off your mind. Sometimes we are just too sick and tired to even do that so if you feel good enough to get out occasionally, DO IT! Just make sure you always take your phone with you.

    E-mail me you little brat!!!
    Love, POOPED
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    I am really getting fuzzy brain, my doctor says that I should not be concerned right now, I am 56 years old, and I'm scared I'm losing my mind. He says I am just noticing things more since I have been diagnosed, but even my children are noticing. I've heard to senior moments, but this is ridiculous! Is this something that gets worse, or can it be controlled with drugs? Does anybody know a good Fibromyaligia doctor in Virgina??
  11. nje

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    i could go on and on about the times i`ve gotten in my car and got lost,drove around for hours till my foggy brain cleared up. once i went to the wrong doctor. i was suppose to go to one on the west side of town,which i had always did,because he`s my regular doc. what was so stupid about this,is i went to a doctors office where i had a root canal done a year back. i pulled up, parked the car,looked at my waTCH, started to get out of my car to go in,and wham,my brain cleared,i looked around and said,this isn`t my doctors office. there was no one around to hear me,but now that experience really got me. i do not even drive anymore unless its the only alternative. i`m a menace to society in my car,my husband agrees,so he tries to take me everywhere i go,which is only to the doctors offices,i don`t feel like going there either,but you gotta go there. cheer up,you`re not crazy,just fibro foggy like the rest of us. nje ((hugs))
  12. pooped

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    Just bumping. Our little brat needs to know she is not alone.

    Love ya Brat!!
  13. bratqb

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    to all of you... I do feel a lot better now knowing im not alone. I can almost laugh about it tonight, what causes the fog?? Does anyone know?

    Btw. im going away with my partner at the end of july to the sea-side, i cant wait. Hes driving and i was to be navigator!! hahah.. ive lost the job after yesterdays little adventure..

    Take care and thanks again

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    Hey Brat,
    I don't know which is the worse of 2 evils, taking a wrong bus or driving to never, never land. If I am in a fog I try not to drive and if I do the radio is off and I have to fully pay attention to what I am doing and where I am going. I've got one for you my Dr. changed offices in the same building about a year ago. I was driven to the appointment. I went up stairs to 322, walked in and looked around and they had changed everthing. I went to check in said I had an appointment with my dr. they looked at me like I was crazy and said he moved a year ago to room 22. I just said I am sorry looked down and left! Stuff happens and it happens to us often. Just laugh about it, you have to learn to deal with it.