I got practically 'laughed at' in ER last nite :(

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  1. Wolverine

    Wolverine Member

    I simply cannot believe the arrogance of so many people in the medical field.

    I fell asleep last nite feeling very weak and unwell as i have been for the last month. I woke up 2 hours later with shaking, chills to the core, extreme weakness, and so on. got up to try get some salt water etc, and almost passed out from the weakness. Had to call ambulance and go to ER *again* which i didnt look forward to in the first place after only 2 hours sleep.

    Anyway as ER was full, i was stuck in the hallway for many hours. When a dr was talking / asking me questions, this young guy walks past, stopped and says "hey your the guy with chronic fatigue right?" (as this was my 4th ER trip in one month), and i said yes.. then in a pretty much mocking way he was like "Yeah you you really don't need to be here, you need a carer". I was rather confused at first, as he walked off after saying that. He walked past again a minute later and i stopped him and said 'what did you mean by what you said?' and he said something about 'well you've been in here a few times already, and we feel you're overusing the system, when you're condition really isnt life threatening. you really dont need to be here'.

    I was like.. 'sorry but that is really hurtful, and rude. You have no idea about my condition. I don't come up here for a picnic you know, I only call if i have a big crash. If I am so weak and shaking that I lose control of my body, with my heart racing and BP dropping, who else am i sposed to call?' this is when he was walking off saying 'sorry i dont want to get into it i have to go help someone else'.

    I was UTTERLY FURIOUS! I was extremely stressed already from the crash, and then i have to get treated like that in ER?? I feel like i now can't even depend on my own medical community, it was very hurtful. I HATE the way the proffession treats CFS. I cannot stand it. i wish they would be more educated on it.

    I already feel so alone since the last month of being in bed nearly 24 hours a day, alone alot of the time, and I get treated like s**t by the medical community too. Its a cruel, isolating disease.

  2. lgp

    lgp Well-Known Member

    There must be some administrative body that you can report this dispicable(sp?) medical behavior to. To be treated poorly in an emergency room is the lowest depths of medical bulls***.

    Last January, I went to the ER because I got up to go to the bathroom during the night, and collapsed and passed out from the pain. My husband had to smack my face (gently) to wake me up. When we got to the ER, at first they thought it might be my appendix, but when they saw that it wasn't, some snotty resident came behind the curtain and said, "How about I just write you a prescription for Viacadin, okay?" implying that's why I was there in the first place. I shot back, "How about you do a more thorough job and find out WHY I'm in pain?"
    This snide resident went further, saying, "So you're telling me you don't want the Viacadin?" I replied, "I'm telling you I DON'T WANT THE VIACADIN!!!"

    After a few more tests, it was discovered that I had two cysts on my ovary that were pressing on each other, in the process of bursting, which was the source of the pain. When I told my ob/gyn later in the week what had happened, she was furious and requested that I seek out a different ER next time something occurs.

    I am sorry for the way you were treated. BTW,I never mention in the ER that I have been diagnosed with fibro. Never.

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  3. Empower

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    Sorry Wolverine that you were treated like that

    I had a similar experience too at the ER

    I had started an A/B for a UTI and I went to bed and awoke with a heart racing 150 bpm.

    I went to the ER and they told me it was anxiety. I told them, no, I have been anxious b4 and this never happened. I think I woke them all up as it was 2:00 am - I asked them, "could it be the A/B' and they said "no way" and released me

    Well, 2 days later, same thing happened and I had to call an ambulance - at the same time, I was developing the flu with the UTI, so I was MISERABLE.

    They did the same thing, you are anxious, blah blah blah!!!

    Turns out it WAS a reaction to the A/B's (not confirmed by the ER, but by my pharmacist)

    I hate the ER
  4. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    After the first few times, I used to go because I felt like everything was about to quit and I knew they could keep me alive. I knew they thought I was nuts. That just goes to show you they don't know nearly as much about the body as we think they do. And they don't even realize this.

    Look, they're even willing to insult you rather than believe you. They honestly believe they know everything about health and that there's nothing wrong with you based on their narrow range of tests. What they don't realize, and what most people don't, is that these tests are designed to look for drugs they can give to you. They are not accurately depicting what's happening or not happening in the body.

    If the industry was health-driven, the first thing to look at in chronic diseases is digestion. And that warrants a comprehensive stool analysis. They'd probably laugh at you if you brought it up because most of them have probably never even heard of it, much less are capable of interpreting it. There is a certain amount of brainwashing that goes on in medical school. I believe they are taught to approach diseases in a certain way and told that anything outside those parameters is not important or relevant. That's why they can't understand things like gut dysbiosis or digestive system malfunction.

    That moron who made the wisecracks, what a Richard BTW, believes your condition is not life threatening. But it feels like it is, I've been like that. So that's why we go. So he's got to be doubly stupid in that he doesn't realize you're coming because you feel life-threatened, and he obviously doesn't believe in the severity of cfs. He's a typical brainwashed employee in the medical profession.

    Until the laws are changed, they are going to stick with their profitable ways of doing things and we will continue to be left out in the cold and have to seek other health experts. They exist, but they are few and far between and not easy to find. Just like there are quack doctors out there, there are alternative docs who don't have enough experience and who don't do the right tests. And these health experts outside the medical community seem to be held to higher standards. In a way, I get this because they are not held back by having to use drugs as treatments and they are able to treat our diseases. But people don't seem to mind going to a medical doctor, not getting help, and having to pay them, anyway.

    I think we should have "results" as part of that doctor bill and pay accordingly. Other people get fired for not doing their jobs. Why do docs get a free ride? If they would just stick to what they do best, crisis management, then they would be limited in their power and income like most industries.

    I think our disease, (especially, since there is so much suffering involved) will rip their industry wide open eventually. They can't go on "pretending" they don't know what's wrong with us. If I can find out what's wrong with me by using google, then their ignorance is "on purpose" and can only be allowed to exist because of the greediness of their profession.

    I got told by an ER doc once to not come back unless I had a temperature of over 102 because he couldn't do anything for me. But the IV helped me feel better, that should have been a clue for them, but it wasn't for me at the time since I was totally clueless back then.
  5. FMsaddenedspirit

    FMsaddenedspirit New Member

    Hello Wolverine,

    I am so so Sorry you where treated so very rudely, there is no call for someone, specially in the medical field to treat you that way. how inconsiderate of him,, what comes around , one day it will come back on him.

    I personally would file a complaint with the hospital regarding how rudely I was treated.
    there is no call for this kind of treatment .

    I am sorry you have been feeling so bad and having such a hard time.

    you will be in my prayers , hang in there ... don't give up .. keep fighting

    soft hugs

    Prayers for a better day

  6. monicaz49

    monicaz49 New Member

    i am sorry this b@stard had the nerve to talk to you like that. Its bad enough there are so many docs that "think" this way but to say it was just plain rude. Thats what you have insurance for. And I bet if you were to call their advice line and told them your symptoms they would tell you to go to ER just in case.
    Yes, medical professionals are still judgemental. The stress of having someone who is there to help you just make things worse doesn't help. I hope you stayed and got seen. And IF you have the energy....file a complaint.
    Did they even check your vitals before they said you shouldn't be there????????????! B@stard. Sorry.... I was a cusser before I was a cfser
  7. steach

    steach Member

    If it weren't for us, the patients, the employees wouldn't have jobs and the hospital would be in a crisis.

    I have been treated badly when I've gone to the ER for migraines. I have written letters to the physician in charge of the ER, the director of the hospital, and the board of directors. It works!!

    We, as patients, have an active part in our treatment. If we feel that we are being mistreated or being shipped out of the ER like cattle, we can insist on more comprehensive care and testing. Ask the attending physician to contact your primary care physician to find out how he/she wants to treat the issue and if he/she wants particular tests initiated.

    I now REFUSE to have a nurse practioner, physician assistant, or resident treat my children or me! If my children or I have to go to the ER, I want a d**n experienced, licences physician to attend to the situation!

    The medical staff is to treat all patients with dignity and respect -and- to provide comfort from pain when necessary.

    A recent experience to the ER was with my 17 year-old daughter. We saw a nurse practioner for a rash that my daughter had developed. The nurse practioner treated my daughter as though it were a contact dermatitis. A few days later, I had her twin sister at the pediatrician's office- she was diagnosed with chicken pox! Both daughters had the same looking rash and symptoms.

    On our last visit to the ER was when one of the girls had to go for x-rays for a possible broken hand; I requested/mandated that we would be seen by a licensed, certified physician. The physician assistant wasn't happy, to say the least! The nurse whispered to me, "I don't blame you for asking to see the doctor."

    Anyway, for those of you who have to go to the ER, make sure that you explain to those who are caring for you that YOU are the reason THEY have a paycheck!!! Demand dignity and respect- tell them this. Make sure to get their name(s) from their ID and even their ID number(s).

  8. lrning2cope

    lrning2cope New Member

    You shouldn't have to go through this . The way some people in the medical field act , you would think that we are THEIR servants. The reality is that they are PAID TO SERVE US ! ! !

    I can believe you were treated like this , because I recently was in the ER and I won't go through the story , but I complained to every doctor and nurse that came into my room ( politely ) . Within minutes , the head nurse came in , wanted all the details , apologized many times and was very receptive . I mention this because I used to just let things go and it eats at you. When you don't feel well , the extra stress is just overwhelming .

    It sapped alot of energy out of me to complain , but later , I felt glad that I did it.

    I guess what I am saying is , it is time we as patients take back our empowerment . Any person that comes into your cublicle in that ER is at YOUR service , not the other way around.Both sides deserve respect , but YOU are the vulnerable , sick , weak feeling one and you deserve an extra measure of respect and caring . That is what they are paid for !

    It is NOT their job to judge you ! Why they think it is after a couple more years of schooling and training tells me what everyone already knows. There is something wrong with our medical teaching system

    There are those in the medical field who are turning and have turned around. My doctor is one. I fought for 4 years before I got her, and I am so blessed with her. I did fight , though. I feel that if we keep complaining , speaking up , not give permission for people to talk to us disrespectfully , gradually the system will change.

    Any way , I am so sorry that you were treated like this. It doesn't matter what the diagnosis is. They were wrong. They were unprofessional and uncaring and you deserve all the apologies from all who were involved.

    Also , I have found that if you ask them to repeat thier names and then ask the name of thier supervisor , some people turn right around.

    Sorry , blabbing on - new med - I almost feel too great - i hope this stuff isn't speed ; )

  9. lurkernomore

    lurkernomore New Member

    First off Wolverine, was the person who made this comment to you a doctor, nurse or....an E.R. Tech? Not that it matters that much, because no one has the right to make such a judgemental, rude remark to a patient, period.

    I realize that you were probably far too sick and weak (that is why you were there to begin with, huh?) to make any waves. But every hospital has an administrator. And the very last thing they want is bad P.R. So if I were you, I would call and request a meeting/consult with said administrator regarding treatment you received while a patient there.

    If they tried to blow it off, I'd tell them that it was up to them. Either I get my meeting and an apology or I'd be contacting the local papers regarding the way I had been treated. There is this "new thing" now, called a Patient's Bill of Rights. It's not widely advertised, but basically, it guarentees us the right to be seen and treated in a humane and compassionate manner. What happened to you was neither.

    You have a HUGE apology coming to you and I hope you are physically up to seeking it out and advocating for your rights. This is the big problem that I have with the name of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome anyway. People love to believe that it is nothing more than being tired all the time, but those of us who have it know that it is life altering-no, make that "life halting." I'm pulling for you buddy. I hope you are up to making a few phone calls and being the squeaky wheel who gets the grease! This is totally unacceptable.
  10. shelbo

    shelbo New Member

    I really hope you feel better soon!
    It's at times like that that I really wish a person could suffer what we have to....just for a day! (((HUGS)))
  11. Jayna

    Jayna New Member

    and I hope you get past it soon. Whatever you do about it is going to cost you energy.

    I can identify with feeling sick enough to go to ER. I did it a few times myself in the early years.

    But really, by the time I had put myself through the stress of getting there, and sitting in a waiting room surrounded by sick people for many hours, only to be told there was nothing they could do for me, I was much worse off, sicker and more tired and suffering from loss of dignity as well as taking days or weeks to get the germs and odors out of my system.

    I eventually realized I'd be better off staying at home and treating myself like I was going through a severe case of flu that would be better in a day or two, instead of going to a hospital waiting room - one of the germiest places on the planet - for help they weren't likely to give me.

    It helps that I now have a sympathetic house-mate to help me out, bring me tea, and keep some perspective on teh situation when I feel my absolute worst and fear I'm dying. I can doze off feeling assured that, if I don't wake up or do seem to be getting much worse, he'll call an ambulance. And he'll be my advocate to the health care system.

    But no ER visit for CFS/FM concerns ever did me anything but harm.
  12. tansy

    tansy New Member

    I am sorry you have been put through this; similar experiences have been reported in the UK.

    A few years ago I had several issues triggered by a virus that would send anyone to ER, or calling the emergency ambulance service. I thought about it but was afraid that they would not understand my illness enough to help me; I was concerned they would make things worse.

    I researched on line so I could help myself and just waited it out. When I told my GP what had happened he was shocked and insisted next time I should call the emergency number.

    Many of my post surgery problems could have been avoided if the medical profession had accurate information on ME. Due to attitudes to ME and CFS here I found myself playing things down during my stay in the post operative ward; anyone else would have been making a real fuss. This is not how it should be.

    Having ME, CFS, or FM does not exclude us from other serious illnesses; but it can be difficult getting them investigated and treated because doctors have been bombarded with the psychobabblers' unproven theories so too many assume all patients with these DDs are time wasters.

    I agree that you should ask for copies of your ER records; many of us have found accessing our medical records illuminating. Knowing what has been written may help should you need to visit the ER again; and it will offer you the opportunity to request any inaccuracies be amended.

    Yes it is a cruel isolating disease and I sincerely hope this current bad patch eases up soon.

    tc, Tansy
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  13. Engel

    Engel New Member

    what a jerk! They get well paid for seeing sick people and we are sick whether they think so or not. I hope you are feeling better.
  14. deb_46

    deb_46 New Member

    Your symptoms are exactly what happens to me when I go into "adrenal crisis". Many many people with CFS have adrenal fatigue. I've been in the hospital overnight twice and was told the first time that I almost made a fatal mistake by waiting so long to get to the ER. I had no idea what was going on and laid at the house so very sick for about 12 hrs before going. The next time I went within an hour or two.

    Next time ask the idiot that said that crap to you to google "adrenal crisis" and see if he still thinks you should stay at the house instead of coming in.

    I'm on daily cortisone for my adrenals but have still went into the two episodes of crisis and let me tell you both times were terrifying. They keep me overnight and pump me up with steroids through my IV.

    You listen to your gut and if it says to go to the ER you go! Good luck.

  15. luvdogs

    luvdogs New Member

    That was very inappropriate and unacceptable. You need to talk to whoever is above him at the hospital.
  16. Elisa

    Elisa Member

    Hi Wolverine,

    I have been treated so badly at the ERs that I had to go to therapy and I still have nightmares. I don't go as much now even when i should because of the inhuman treatment I rec'd.

    Some of the worst human behavior I have ever known has been demonstrated by ER docs and paramedics. When one is so ill they are in great need of help - fear and pain can cripple - and hard-hearted medical professionals can really effect a patients trust and cripple them further in how and when they ask for help in the future.

    No one - NO ONE should feel afraid of a doctor, nurse or paramedic. It is not their job to hurt or belittle.

    I am more scarred from ER visits than from criminal acts that I have experienced - and that is an understatement.

    I know that I am not in charge - but I do know who is - God - and He will not let these acts go unpunished. Doctors have taken an oath - and they have caused tremdous suffering in their unkindness and ignornance and belief that they are God.

    I am so sorry that this has happened to you. Think of the thousands suffering from this all over the world - its sickening. The tide is turning on the doctors that behave poorly - time will tell.

    God Bless You and know that you are not alone in your experience.

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  17. quanked

    quanked Member

    the hospital employee on his bad behavior. Your experience sounds horrific. I have not had such an experience but I have dealt with more than one arrogant, know-it-all MD. And I have friends who have had nightmare experiences at the hospital.

    If you are able, I would encourage you to follow through with filing a complaint against this employee with his supervisor and right up the line to the top. Carboning a letter to a number of staff members can be very effective and is simple to do. You will be doing a great service to yourself and to those who come after you.

    I hope you are feeling better.
  18. Wolverine

    Wolverine Member

    Wow so many replies so fast! Thank you all so much for this.. it's very encouraging.

    He was a young male nurse btw, not even a dr.

    I definitely will file a complaint, i think to multiple corporations / authorities in the industry. The hospital itself, the board of nursing in my state, etc. There are proper places ive found for formal complaints against the medical system so will def be doing it. Tommorrow, when ive gotten over yesterday more, as yes, its very stressful even writing about it. Makes me tense thinking of the situation!

    And Kathy.. LOL i could tell him that, but i wouldnt do that without a bit of strength behind me. I dont want the rest of the ER against me either. :)

    Also as for this comment:

    "For example, you might ask him how old he is. He'll say 28. You can then say that you've been a patient longer than he's been alive"

    I'm actually only 30 myself, so that one wouldnt work for me, hehe. He did look about 25 or so himself still. And obviously absolutely CLUELESS about this condition.

    He didn't give me a chance to explain this.. but he also said "you probably don't need the IV, you have a working gastrointestinal system and drinking a litre of water is the same as the IV" (which it completely isnt in many cases, even drs say nothing will increase BP like a saline IV). Then when i was trying to explain that i actually dont have a fully functional gastro system, he was repeditively talking over the top of me saying 'i dont want to get into it, i have to go sorry'. What i was trying to tell him while he talked over me, was that i actually have a letter from one of the best gastroenterologists in the country, who said when i get weak and have low BP, that i need to come into hospital for IV fluids, and possibly even naso gastric tube feeding! As at one stage i couldnt even eat. But no, he didnt let me explain that, he 'had' to go after his rude comments.

    Well my opinion on that is - DONT MOUTH OFF in a smart@ss way about something you have NO clue about, if you dont want a conversation / explaination!

    Thanks again all.. and i will let you know how the complaint goes.

  19. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    Just like somebody posted about the comedian, we are wide open to insults because of this ridiculous name. Somebody must have been in a hurry to get on the books with "chronic
    FATIGUE syndrome". I admit, when I first heard the term, I thought it sounded ridiculous. I'm sure this guy is just going with the name and has no clue how bad it can be. At least, I hope that's the case - I don't think anyone is that heartless. Not that he should slide on it, he should have tried to find out a little more about something before he made fun of it publicly - especially a disease.

    fatigue implies:

    I might need a chair
    I can't run up the stairs
    I am experiencing a "minor inconvenience" in my life

    Maybe, in the beginning. But this name doesn't allow for the other end of the spectrum with the extreme symptoms:

    I couldn't run if I was on fire (shouldn't do this anyway! Just fans the flames!)

    I can't sit up because it feels like my heart is on it's last beat - I at least need a pillow next to my head and I slouch miserably and that's on a good day! (drooling only happens when I'm REALLY tired)

    I only blurb out one word commands because I can barely breathe, and I got out of the habit of saying please and thank you - examples: "food" "water" "bathroom" "chapstick" "rollmeover", in my cases (try to explain anything in the ER when you're like this, they might as well be asking an unconscious person which I wished I was because unconscious people don't have feelings)

    I can't pinpoint the extreme agony I'm feeling where my body is broken and I can't explain how it feels - it just simply feels like I'm dying - so I go to the ER so they can buy me more time if everything does quit which is what it feels like is going to happen at any second, but by this time I'm way too out of it to even give this explanation

    I'm praying for death finally, because this terrible feeling has gone on for days, then weeks, then finally years and I'm really scared I could go on like this for decades - I'd much rather be dead than have a life of agony 24/7 for 30 years - and if I charge up my credit cards first, then I came out ahead! That's right, you can't take it with you, not even debt!

    I'd love to get the moron who came up "chronic fatigue syndrome" in a room together with all of us. He set us up for ridicule and humiliation. If we had him in front of us, we could all . . . well, I guess about all we could do is drool on him and give him dirty looks. We certainly couldn't give him the profound a** kicking he properly deserves.

  20. Wolverine

    Wolverine Member

    Very good explainations there indeed.

    Hehe yes. Actually.. give me a 50-100mg injection of cortisol, and i bet you once it kicked in i could give him the @ss kicking of his life ;)

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